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 ARCHIVED TOPIC: Miles Krassens Jack Gillie TAB

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Jaimito30 - Posted - 04/29/2012:  05:45:14

hello to all,, I have recently started working through this Clawhammer book. For the old jack gillie tab there are parts; A,,B,,B1,,and A1,,In the text before the tab he explains that part A1 is a variation of the original A part. So my question is what about the part labeled  B1?

Is this part to be played after the B part? I don't think its a variation of the normal B part. Forgive me if this sounds a basic question but ive not been playing long and would assume that it would be labeled part C if it was a different part..If any of you could help un-confuse me i would be grateful.

Cheers and all the best..

chip arnold - Posted - 04/29/2012:  06:08:09

from a quick glance at the tab (without playing it) it looks like b 1 is the same tune an octave higher. you can play either or both a & b parts but the sequence stays 2 a's and 2 b's.
this is a wonderful book.

Jaimito30 - Posted - 04/29/2012:  06:23:05

cheers chip,,makes sense now  ,guess that just shows my inexperience ,yeah this book is great only learnt west fork girls and jack gillie until now but cant wait to get to the modal section. I learnt to play with Dan levensons book but had trouble learning his kitchen sink versions as i couldn't feel the rhythm in the tabs,,but was great to learn from..thanks again.

trapdoor2 - Posted - 04/29/2012:  09:31:10

Just an "amen", this is a great book, which I bought early on (1980's) and didn't have the intelligence to learn from until much later. I now teach out of it...

I tend to play the parts of "Old Jack Gillie" somewhat randomly. I start playing A,B,A1,B1... but after a few times thru I forget which is which and just stick to "one of the A parts" followed by "one of the B parts".

The low B part took forever to learn for me. I had a lot of trouble (enough that I still remember it) playing those "inside string" parts...but patience and time and a lot of quality practice taught my RH to do it.

Chapter 2 is so much fun (modal tunes). I can easily fill an evening just playing thru all the tunes in that chapter alone. 

majikgator - Posted - 04/29/2012:  13:16:20

You got your answer and you got a great book. Here at BHO Blanham has recorded and posted every tune in that book and did a great job of it, so if you ever wonder how it's supposed to sound check those out, a wonderful contribution from Bob can't thank him enough. i bought my first copy in the 70's so that book has been around. Like Trapdoor2 i didn't have what it took at the time to make heads or tails of it.

RWJones1970 - Posted - 04/29/2012:  17:03:12

Here it is Majikgator !

' , 'mediawindow','resizable=yes,WIDTH=415,HEIGHT=530');window_MEDIA.focus();return false;" title="Listen">' , 'mediawindow','resizable=yes,WIDTH=415,HEIGHT=530');window_MEDIA.focus();return false;" title="Listen"> - Old Jake Gillie

Posted by blanham


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Play count: 1058

Size: 2,447kb, uploaded 10/7/2010 9:10 PM

Genre: Old Time


Part of a series of recordings based on the tablature from the book "Clawhammer Banjo" by Miles Krassen. The order played is part A, part B, part A1, part B1, repeat. (Instrument: Bart Reiter Bacophone Plus.) For a classic recording, listen to Oscar Wright playing Jake Gillie on the CD "Clawhammer Banjo, Volume Two."






Edited by - RWJones1970 on 04/29/2012 17:18:52

vandergus - Posted - 04/30/2012:  09:20:48

I really love this song but I can't find any other versions of it anywhere. There are exactly zero songs labeled as "Old Jack Gillie" on youtube, which seems strange. Does anyone know if this song has an alternate name? I'd love to hear some other versions of it for some creative inspiration.

rendesvous1840 - Posted - 04/30/2012:  11:54:37

Try under "Old Jake Gillie."

vandergus - Posted - 04/30/2012:  18:00:15


Originally posted by rendesvous1840

Try under "Old Jake Gillie."


Excellent. Thank you!

Didn't even notice that blanham posted his version as Jake instead of Jack. Lot's of good stuff to explore now.

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