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 ARCHIVED TOPIC: Linda Bean lobster article/Port Clyde footage

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steve davis - Posted - 11/16/2011:  19:35:46

Little ad in the beginning.

That's Hupper's Island in the ancestral home.

I love Linda's vision.Very good for the Maine fishermen.

Edited by - steve davis on 11/16/2011 19:42:33

xplainer - Posted - 11/17/2011:  07:15:26

Steve, what is a lobster wharf? Is it like a market on the docks?

Just reading the article made me hungry.

BConk - Posted - 11/17/2011:  07:28:00


Originally posted by xplainer

Steve, what is a lobster wharf?.

It's the sound lobsters make when they cough up hairballs.

BConk - Posted - 11/17/2011:  07:29:26

Must be the site's too busy - it won't let me watch the video disapprove

John Allison - Posted - 11/17/2011:  08:31:03

Enjoyed the video and was fascinated by Linda's ideas. She is a real visionary and knows what she is doing.

steve davis - Posted - 11/17/2011:  09:55:14

A lobster wharf has a team of lobstermen that supply that wharf/buyer with lobsters.
The lobster wharf supplies each boat/fisherman with bait,fuel,a railway to haul the stricken vessel out of the water(no matter the tide,within reason) for repairs and usually a line of credit if necessary for business related items.
The buyer sets up the market for the lobsters(unless the buyer is also the market,such as Linda) and sets the price.

Wharves are often in communication with each other as to the price d'jour.

pstroud1 - Posted - 11/17/2011:  10:13:50

Now I AM hungry! Lobster rolls tongue approve tongue approve tongue blush



mainejohn - Posted - 11/17/2011:  10:18:20


Originally posted by BConk


Originally posted by xplainer

Steve, what is a lobster wharf?.

It's the sound lobsters make when they cough up hairballs. should be on the stage. It leaves in about 10 minutes.


mainejohn - Posted - 11/17/2011:  10:42:13

Steve...with the increased demand that Linda's enterprise has provided in Port Clyde, does that mean you'll be going back into lobstering?

KE - Posted - 11/17/2011:  10:52:05

She seems to be a brilliant lady with a plan.  I wish her the best of luck, because Maine needs it, and mostly because I like lobster and don't get enough of it.

pstroud1 - Posted - 11/17/2011:  11:04:36

Interesting article. That would be nice to provide more jobs for folks in ME.


MrNatch3L - Posted - 11/17/2011:  11:44:05

Interesting. I am still wearing an L.L. Bean winter coat I bought so long ago I can't remember how long.

I wish I could still eat seafood but I can't.

We need more business people with a strong social conscience who aren't in it solely to exploit others and make a killing for themselves.

steve davis - Posted - 11/17/2011:  11:57:08

I'm very happy to not be going lobstering any more,John.
Basically,I can't stand the claustrophobic feeling of one ear in the fog.
The constant not knowing where sounds are coming from which set up a very
close call with a 1,000 foot tanker in '09.

I'm proud to say I swallowed the anchor,that day.

trapdoor2 - Posted - 11/17/2011:  13:30:18

Our local Episcopal Church has a "Lobsterfest" every year around this time (it was last week). They started it to help keep the church solvent and it has grown to where the funds are now going right out into the community charities, etc.

My mother-in-law is a native of Gloucester, MA. Grew up eating lobster, cooked a gazillion of 'em, etc.

The day they had the big feed, I had to take my M-I-L to the doctor. She complained the whole way...

She was upset because she had accidently scheduled an appointment for when she was supposed to go PROTEST the Lobsterfest. After eating lobster for 70+yrs, she now feels that they are being cooked/killed "inhumanely". shock

She is a member of PETA (of course). She is a great M-I-L...but a total nutcase. big


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