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 ARCHIVED TOPIC: Matchbox 20-Unwell

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Braszell - Posted - 10/19/2011:  23:16:26

Heard this song on the radio today for the first time in ages, never realized it had banjo in it though! Anyway, if anybody can play or tab it, some help would be great. 

Cheers Guys!

heres the link

Chade - Posted - 10/20/2011:  09:10:24  choose banjo from the instument tab. 

jbaker7 - Posted - 10/20/2011:  09:25:31

Is this still the Banjo Hangout site dedicated to Old Time and Bluegrass?. It's turning into a pop rock banjo site--I love it. cooltongue...Jack Baker




Originally posted by Chade  choose banjo from the instument tab. 


Edited by - jbaker7 on 10/20/2011 09:29:54

Chade - Posted - 10/20/2011:  16:23:01

The end will be nigh when Miley Cyrus starts playing the banjo and a flood of teeny boppers takes over the forum :P

banjotom2 - Posted - 10/21/2011:  06:41:46


Originally posted by Chade

The end will be nigh when Miley Cyrus starts playing the banjo and a flood of teeny boppers takes over the forum :P

The wiley, smiley Miley... eeeee gad!

Perhaps Miley may will challenge Taylor Swift's  'Salaciously-Sexy-Six-String-Strummer' Status...

However unlikely...


Braszell - Posted - 10/21/2011:  16:34:45

Cheers guys, well played haha

banjotom2 - Posted - 10/21/2011:  20:42:23

I should say that I haven't listened to this tune yet...

I've heard of the group from students in music stores I've taught at... but never listened to the tune...

I guess, partly due to my own age... I quit listening to the radio years ago... I never could stand commercials, but I also equally disdain the repetition, DJs and the 'we know what you like to listen to' format of most radio stations...

I learn of new groups and new tunes from my students and especially from the suggestions here on the BHO... so I can say, without poking fun at someone else's choice of groups and tunes, that I will not turn my own nose up at suggestions outside of the bluegrass, folk and clawhammer genres... everything is a potential new arrangement for the banjo... I grew up listening to many types of music... My next youngest brother Matt... studied classical piano and played the entire piano repertoire, all styles... and that gave me exposure to all kinds of music and tunes that I never would have listened to on my own... so... I know from experience that a great tune or an idea for an arrangement can come from anywhere...

There's a lot of good music and great new groups on the scene... in all genres... and I feel personally, that the lack of interest in producing books on all genres of music for bluegrass banjo (Scruggs and other styles) from the commercial book producers, will keep many of the top arrangers and tab producers on sites such as this, busy for the rest of our lives... producing useable, fun arrangements and transcriptions for the masses of aspiring banjo pickers, who haven't gotten to the point of being able to figure their own arrangements out by ear...

The folks who have traditional tastes in music for the banjo are always gong to have issues or take issue (even if it's just teasing us) with folks such as myself who look outside the usual 'banjo box' for new material and new ideas for our banjo arrangements.

The Banjo Hangout makes no mention anywhere of being limited to any genre or style (as defined by our banjo heroes and the numerous players who have risen to the top of their respective fields of music performance)... they even let us post occasional guitar arrangements... so the BHO creator, it's set of rules and guidelines for this great site, and the folks who enforce those rules and guidelines, help create an open environment for creavity and personal choice where our tastes in music are concerned...

And all in support of our chosen favorite music instrument... the banjo!

Tony Trischka, Bela Fleck, Pat Cloud, John Hartford and numerous others who have been around for many years... have been pushing the limits of the banjo for many, many years... and setting examples for the rest of us to follow... 

I'm working on 2 arrangements simultaneously at this very moment... I don't want to dive into anything else, until I finish what I already have on my virtual arranging workbench...

But I will give a listen to this arrangement when I get closer to finishing what I'm working on... no guarantees or promises...


Edited by - banjotom2 on 10/21/2011 20:50:52

Braszell - Posted - 10/23/2011:  01:37:33

Good post Tom. Music, no matter what instrument, shouldn't be limited to any particular kind of genre, its always good to learn diffrent styles

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