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 ARCHIVED TOPIC: Tru Oil at Woodcraft

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dickinnorwich - Posted - 10/17/2011:  11:38:11

My Woodcraft catalog arrived and I noticed they are now listing Tru Oil as a "New"  product. This is good for you folks who use that product for finishing because it gives you yet another good source. I've always found Woodcraft be a very reliable supplier of quality materials. They are obviously expanding their product line to meet customer demand..

Earls 5 - Posted - 10/17/2011:  11:41:25

Cool deal - thanks Dick!

Old Hickory - Posted - 10/17/2011:  12:21:34

I bought my Tru-Oil at the Woodcraft-affiliated Woodworker's Club in Rockville, Maryland months ago.  Retail store in the front, fully equipped membership workshop in the back.  My wife belongs.  She's the actual woodworker in our family.

bob gregory - Posted - 10/17/2011:  13:30:48

G'day Mate, What do you use Tru -Oil for ??

Oldpiper - Posted - 10/17/2011:  14:50:44

 Bob: Try-oil can be used to finish the entire banjo. It is easy to use but requires several coats (the more the better). Wayne Sagmoen, for one, uses it on his banjos. Great finish - not shiny but durable. If you have a wear mark, just put some more on. I've used it on some woodworking projects.



rudy - Posted - 10/17/2011:  14:53:07

Dick's Sporting Goods carrys the whole Birchwood-Casey line, including Tru-oil.  It can probably be found at other large sports super-stores that have a gun department.


brewerpaul - Posted - 10/17/2011:  15:23:15

I used it to finish a kit built mandolin with great results, and I just finished a Bartley Collection end table using it too. Easy as pie.

TLG - Posted - 10/18/2011:  04:29:54

I get Tru-Oil from Brownells in Iowa, larger bottles & comes in a spray can too.


dickinnorwich - Posted - 10/18/2011:  05:05:55


Originally posted by TLG

I get Tru-Oil from Brownells in Iowa, larger bottles & comes in a spray can too.



Yes, thanks for mentioning that. I noticed that Woodcraft is also offering Tru Oil in a spray can....although I can't imagine why one would need to apply it that way when it's otherwise so easy to apply out of the container.

Thanks, Rudy, for the Dick's Sporting Goods tip. They're just now opening a new store in our local mall and I will check it out .

DantheBanjoMan - Posted - 10/18/2011:  06:08:33

I have found that Tru Oil is usually a little less expensive through gun shops than through Woodcraft.  That said, I love Woodcraft.  I teach classes and do demos locally, and that's something you might look into if there is a Woodcraft store in your area.

banjoez - Posted - 10/18/2011:  09:32:43

Another place to get it from is Amazon. Just got the 8 oz bottle for $11.50 shipped.

decorah818 - Posted - 10/20/2011:  14:15:59

I live in Iowa where is Brownells??

Edited by - decorah818 on 10/20/2011 14:16:25

RBuddy - Posted - 10/20/2011:  16:44:06

And of course you can always order direct from Birchwood Casey. That's what I do.

Their Tru Oil products - Here

Their main page - Here

They carry a lot of cool metal coloring and finishing stuff to if you are trying to do something with raw brass hardware or something like that.


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