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 ARCHIVED TOPIC: John Hartford tabs...

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banjotom2 - Posted - 07/09/2011:  21:06:02

I'm in the process of re-entering my Hartford tabs...

As always, they're not transcriptions per se, but 'characterizations' of the tunes. I've always been a 'melody' guy... and finding easier ways to play John's music has been a goal of mine for many years... and It's what I do with darned near every arrangement I come up with... merely suggestions on how certain tunes can be played on the banjo... and effort put in to making them accessible to the average picker... as opposed to transcriptions that only an experienced player could handle... no offense intended to the transcribers here on the BHO...

I've gone through a number of the arrangements already, replacing the guitar parts with banjo... meaning I convert the guitar staff accompaniment to a banjo staff and re-do the banjo accompaniment to be closer to the boom-chuck rhythm that a guitar player normally does in an effort to give the aspiring picker and possible singer a way to accompany themselves with their banjo...

At any rate and without further ado (a-due, sp.?)...

The arrangements will be added as I can get them into the BHO tab archive...


All In My Love For You - John Hartford

Boogie – John Hartford

Cuckoos Nest – Simpler Arrangement – John Hartford

Cuckoos Nest – More Triplets – John Hartford

Don’t Leave Your Records In The Sun – John Hartford

First Girl I Loved – John Hartford  

Gentle On My Mind -  in C – John Hartford

Gentle On My Mind – Fakebook (with lyrics) in C – John Hartford

Gentle On My Mind – in G – John Hartford

Goin’ Back To Dixie – John Hartford

Good Old Electric Washing Machine – Circa 1943 – John Hartford

Gum Tree Canoe – John Hartford

I’m Still Here – John Hartford

In Tall Buildngs – John Hartford

Julia Belle Swain – John Hartford

Let Him Go On Mama – John Hartford

Lorena – John Hartford

Love Grown Cold – John Hartford

M.I.S.I.P. – John Hartford

Old Time River Man – John Hartford



Edited by - banjotom2 on 07/13/2011 10:15:49

All In My Love - With am7


josephefortner - Posted - 07/10/2011:  02:42:08

muchoooooooossssssssss gracias tom

Banjowen - Posted - 07/10/2011:  03:26:33

Nice tabs Tom, my favourite John Hartford tune is "All In My Love For You" but for some reason it's a tune that you never hear played even though it's not very hard to work out :- 

Jim Yates - Posted - 07/10/2011:  05:59:55

Excellent!  You have great taste Tom.  A lot of work, but I assume it's a work of love.

banjotom2 - Posted - 07/10/2011:  16:44:51

A lot more is yet to upload...

I wore myself out yesterday...

I'll upload more tonight... and...


I'll listen to that one... might be the next one on the Hartford list!

Thanks guys...


banjotom2 - Posted - 07/10/2011:  16:49:52


That is another one of John's great melodies!

And lyrics, of course!

I have a pre-paid Johnny Cash arrangement I have to work on tonight...

But I should be able to have Hartford's tune done by tomorrow night...

Thanks for the great suggestion...


banjotom2 - Posted - 07/11/2011:  15:46:38


Originally posted by Banjowen

Nice tabs Tom, my favourite John Hartford tune is "All In My Love For You" but for some reason it's a tune that you never hear played even though it's not very hard to work out :- 


I've got the whole thing worked out... I just need to write down the lyrics and add 'em...

Should be done by tomorrow morning sometime...

Great suggestion....

I keep discovering and re-discovering John Hartford...


josephefortner - Posted - 07/12/2011:  09:31:31

Miss ferris????? thats an awesome solo banjo song

banjotom2 - Posted - 07/12/2011:  12:59:16

Miss Ferris...

She was a dead shot with a little piece of chalk....

josephefortner - Posted - 07/12/2011:  17:31:50

Right on

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