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 ARCHIVED TOPIC: Many "free" tabs returned to BHO by Jack Baker

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jbaker7 - Posted - 04/14/2011:  05:37:49

Howdy Banjo Lovers,

I've returned many of my tabs to the "newest additions" for those who can use them. One of my reasons is to show many of the "newbies" to banjo that are "first timers" here what traditional Bluegrass even sounds like.

Many of them have never really heard bluegrass banjo or any of the great bluegrass players who started the entire bluegrass tradition. There is never any charge for my tabs--never will be smiley...Jack Baker

Edited by - jbaker7 on 04/14/2011 05:55:03

Texasbanjo - Posted - 04/14/2011:  05:54:44

Thanks, Jack, I'm sure many people will download and learn your tabs.  Some good ones there!

jbaker7 - Posted - 04/14/2011:  06:13:27

Hi Sherry,

Thanks for the kind words. Many of the vetrans here have probably downloaded tabs from many contributing tabbing members of this site, including mine.

My main goal is to educate some of the people new to this site and bluegrass banjo, what traditional bluegrass banjo playing even sounds like...Jack

Edited by - jbaker7 on 04/14/2011 06:15:20

greenhorn - Posted - 04/14/2011:  06:24:46

Thanks, Jack. I've learned a lot from your transcriptions. They're top notch.

seanray - Posted - 04/14/2011:  06:32:49


You're a gentleman and a scholar.

Head's up on that East Bound and Down tab transcribed by Moustafa Merabet that you posted. It's been floating around the web for years and is clearly missing the F chord in measures 6, 14 & 38. You're playing a C chord for those measures which is fine if you like it that way but it's not what Bobby Thompson and the band are playing on the original soundtrack recording.

Keep up the good work.

jbaker7 - Posted - 04/14/2011:  06:39:39


Hi Sean,

I'll check out those measures. That tab was sent to me several years ago and I cleaned it up and posted it. I'm not sure that Moustafa intended it to be an exact duplicate of the sound track of the movie.

It's really not a song I would have ever bothered with but it does seem to be very popular here smiley.

Thanks again for the kind words Sean...Jack   p.s. first time I've ever been called a gentleman and a scholar but thanks anyway--so funny...j.



Edited by - jbaker7 on 04/14/2011 06:53:48

dpetervan - Posted - 04/14/2011:  06:39:55

Thanks from me as well, Jack. I meant to private message you yesterday to say the I have told you before, your tabs are incredibly good;  obviously the product of very hard, careful work.  You have offered a lifetime of banjo work for us to master (if ever).


Peter Van

Nick Danger - Posted - 04/14/2011:  06:42:43

Jack is from the 'old guard' of banjo pickers, those who would readily share their picking secrets with another banjoist without expectation of payment in return.  I'm not putting down those who sell banjo tabs, mind you, because a well-written tab represents a huge amount of time and effort on the part of the tabber.  It's just that in the old days (excluding private lessons) it was almost unheard of for one picker to charge another for info on a particular song or a certain lick. 

Tip o' the hat to you, Jack.

jbaker7 - Posted - 04/14/2011:  06:53:15

Hi Sean,

I just checked out the F chord measures you're talking about. I just watched the youtube you attached--no big deal really as it's not intended to be that important to the movie.

I'll let Moustafa change that if he wants. The banjo would have to be changed and I don't think it's of major importance to the tab arrangement really.

I think that Moustafa merely wanted to capture the feel of the background music in the movie and not duplicate it as I personally would with a traditional bluegrass song...

But you can certainly post what you feel is correct on your own site Sean... be well,  Jack

Edited by - jbaker7 on 04/14/2011 06:59:58

jethrobodine - Posted - 04/14/2011:  07:19:18

Speaking for myself, not as a newbie but as a block head, thank you very much Jack!!    You are an asset to the banjo community and us traditional scurggs stylists.  Thank you!

jbaker7 - Posted - 04/14/2011:  07:21:56

Hi Nick,

"Tab Free Or Die" I always say cool. Hey, I love your avatar--neat...Jack

brunomathilda - Posted - 04/14/2011:  08:20:55

Thank you Jack.

I'm a newby and I can use what ever comes my way.

Thanks again

youdog - Posted - 04/14/2011:  08:26:50


I look to your work as the standard for traditional songs, many of which you have posted. I feel like I have the real thing when working through one of your arrangements. Thank you very much.


must fret - Posted - 04/14/2011:  08:50:19

What's the best way to find a list of your tabs?

And thanks in advance!


jbaker7 - Posted - 04/14/2011:  09:09:27


Originally posted by must fret

Hi Paul,

Just go to the "newest additions" and you'll see a few of them there.

Also, be sure to check out Hans Holzherr's website. Hans has done some brilliant arranging as well as transcribing traditional b,grass music. He has many "free" tabs to have fun with and is worth anything he asks for his other "non gratis" tabs..Jack Baker


Edited by - jbaker7 on 04/14/2011 09:24:49

CAPT Steve - Posted - 04/14/2011:  09:31:58

Hey Jack,


Always looking for new and interesting arrangements for music; wanted to take a look at what you've added.  Have searched BHO for 'newest additions' and just can't seem to find it.  Certainly appreciate your help in directing me to the right place and I join the others in thanking you for providing these to us.  Best regards,



jbaker7 - Posted - 04/14/2011:  09:45:16

Hi Steve,

Try this link....

Another way to access my tabs on this site is to click on my Avatar (Picture) and then click on the "tabs" button. It should take you to what tabs I've contributed to BHO....Jack

Edited by - jbaker7 on 04/14/2011 09:57:22

CAPT Steve - Posted - 04/14/2011:  14:25:48

Terrific, thanks Jack

stanleytone - Posted - 04/14/2011:  17:32:22

wasnt nick danger an old firesign theater character???


Originally posted by jbaker7

Hi Nick,

"Tab Free Or Die" I always say cool. Hey, I love your avatar--neat...Jack

jbaker7 - Posted - 04/14/2011:  20:28:06

Hi Peter,

Just got home and what long day it has been. The NYU Music Dept. is getting ready for finals and the students are extremely nervous. Music Composition is very demanding and busy for students who keep a full load of credit hours.

I'll try to keep more tabs coming and I see that new people are now contributing to the BHO archive as well--good to see them in there helping out with different versions of songs already posted on there.

This exactly how this site should work. Thank you for the post Peter...Jack 


Edited by - jbaker7 on 04/14/2011 20:29:51

Don Borchelt - Posted - 04/15/2011:  03:21:34

It's good to see that your tabs are now available again, Jack. 

jbaker7 - Posted - 04/15/2011:  04:32:01

Hi Don,

Thanks a bunch and I'll see you in the chatroom...Jack  

jbaker7 - Posted - 04/15/2011:  06:13:01

Hi Sean,

Some one sent me your mp3 of East Bound and Down. Now I see what you were talking about in your earlier post here with regards to the F chord measures. I don't think Moustafa was trying to imitate Bobby Thompson's double banjo arrangement at all...

Maybe I should change the info page in the tab on my site.

The version posted on my site is an arrangement by Moustafa and not meant to be Bobby Thompson's arrangement at all...I've never given the banjo arrangement much thought but loved the Smokey movie and Jerry Reed smiley

Very nice arrangement Sean...Jack 

Edited by - jbaker7 on 04/15/2011 06:16:45

JoeDownes - Posted - 04/15/2011:  08:51:39

Thanks, Jack. I'm learning Keith's Cherokee Shuffle now and thinking what will be the next to try. Probably one of Sonny's breaks, This is an amazing resource for intermediate players.

RB-1 - Posted - 04/17/2011:  04:14:55


Originally posted by JoeDownes

I'm learning Keith's Cherokee Shuffle now

Where's that one?

I should write down my version, but I'm too busy now with the upcoming SC 40 & EWOB festivals & Banjoree.....

Edited by - RB-1 on 04/17/2011 04:16:26

jbaker7 - Posted - 04/17/2011:  04:43:28


Hello Bruno,

It's in the "newest additions" section of BHO...have fun...Jack Baker   Originally posted by RB-1


Edited by - jbaker7 on 04/17/2011 04:44:23

RB-1 - Posted - 04/17/2011:  04:51:48

Can't find it there, no Cherokee Shuffle...sad

But I've seen many interesting additions tongue, that I will look into tonight, when I'm home....

jbaker7 - Posted - 04/17/2011:  04:57:40

Hi Bruno,

It's there now. It somehow got deleted. It has been on my actual website for years and now it is in the "newest additions" section of BHO..have fun with it...Jack 

RB-1 - Posted - 04/19/2011:  18:03:03

Well done, Jack! yes

Although I never heard Bill play Cherokee Shuffle, it's interesting how much my playing was influenced by him.

My version is definitely different, but there are clearly spots where similarities pop up....

aletheia - Posted - 04/19/2011:  18:44:05

I wanted to say thanks too, Jack.  I have learned a lot from your arrangements.

jim109b - Posted - 05/31/2011:  17:05:17

Great contribution, Jack, thanks! 

Working away at Cherokee Shuffle, good arrangement smiley

wilbanjo - Posted - 06/03/2011:  08:01:49

I check the BHO newest additions  every time I get near my computer and listen to the new ones , Thank ya'll so much for the tabs , I download everything jbaker7 post ,I like traditional , but I listen to every thing posted and down load what catches my ear.

bluegrass 22 - Posted - 06/04/2011:  21:42:53

yes thankyou for your help  bluegrass 22

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