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 ARCHIVED TOPIC: I survived the 300 post game Part 40

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Mr. Quimby - Posted - 08/31/2011:  11:12:23


Originally posted by dat

think about it this way, it's a little over 11 hours to Chicago and it's a little over 11 hours to the beach, if you had the time and gas money to drive 11 hours which one would you do? I would say load up and go, but then again I'm not the one spending the money for the trip

 Actually if you went to Chicago, you could also go a little further and go tot eh beach, too.  The Indiana beaches on Lake Michigan aren't quite as nice, IMO, as the ones in Michigan, but they're decent.

And if you're scientifically inclined, that side of Lake Michigan is the only place in the world where you can see dune succession--basically all of the stages of succession within about five miles of the lake.  Each dune you cross over takes you further down (up?) the chain.

Mr. Quimby - Posted - 08/31/2011:  11:21:45

I am certain that your dogs always behave. The question is probably more would they behave well?

dat - Posted - 08/31/2011:  11:56:48

or will you behave?

1four5 - Posted - 08/31/2011:  13:36:47

Sand dunes sound like a blast with the dogs! However, they are in trouble today... rabbit nest in the back yard, oh man what a icky mess.

Mr. Quimby - Posted - 08/31/2011:  22:52:59

Ew. Bad.

I found a dead rat in my yard but I don't think my dogs were responsible. I think someone put down poison and the rat just crawled into my yard to die.

I'm a little concerned that there are rat tunnels under my yard. Or that rats sneak through the back area or something. The dogs often go nuts trying to get at something over in one corner. The rat I found was pretty big. I'd rather not discover the things are getting into my house!

1four5 - Posted - 09/01/2011:  00:28:15

Between three dogs and two cats, things that get into our house usually last nano seconds. Sometimes that's not good... like when a fly is inside a lampshade... with two cats after it...

dat - Posted - 09/01/2011:  06:11:06

a lazer pointer could add to the excitment

1four5 - Posted - 09/01/2011:  10:22:52

We have one... they should be outlawed...

dat - Posted - 09/01/2011:  11:05:14

and when they are, only outlaws will have them

Mr. Quimby - Posted - 09/01/2011:  13:09:19

What about in-laws?

dat - Posted - 09/01/2011:  13:20:02

in laws are a whole different breed

1four5 - Posted - 09/01/2011:  16:14:00

I love my M-I-L, we snuk out on the front porch and smoked ciggys, and she's in our Nascar pool. 80something and cooler than most teenagers...

dat - Posted - 09/02/2011:  06:29:32

my bride told me that if we ever got a divorce that I would still be the one at Thanksgiving and Christmas with her parents and she would have to find some where else to go. I have nice inlaws too

Mr. Quimby - Posted - 09/02/2011:  06:43:28

When my buddy Marc got married I told him the only regret I had was that I'd never have his mother as a mother-in-law. Of course, to have her as a mother-in-law, I would have had to marry Marc and that really wasn't a good idea. The woman he married makes a much better wife for him.

1four5 - Posted - 09/02/2011:  07:24:28

Now there's an interesting approach. Go out and meet nice older ladies that you think would make nice M-I-L's and then ask them if they have any single sons.

dat - Posted - 09/02/2011:  07:38:57

I knew a guy on a deer lease that had a single sister, that guy ended up being my brother in law

1four5 - Posted - 09/02/2011:  13:28:49

I worked with my future B-I-L in the military for years, before he met my sister through e-mail. I set them up. I had no idea it would actually work. They had a cyber relationship forever. When they got married, they had only been together in person for a few days. They are very happy and have three kids now.

Mr. Quimby - Posted - 09/02/2011:  15:05:11


Originally posted by dat

I knew a guy on a deer lease that had a single sister, that guy ended up being my brother in law

I love that story.

dat - Posted - 09/06/2011:  10:31:38

Turned out to be a pretty good day, and she has put up with me for a long time since with me doing some pretty stupid stuff. like one weekend hunting trip we headed out on a friday afternoon and she as I left to one of the guys we were hunting with to not bring me home drunk, I didn't get home 'till the next wednesday

1four5 - Posted - 09/06/2011:  10:54:33

Either you got lost in the woods, or that's a lot of beer!

dat - Posted - 09/06/2011:  11:24:31

duck hunting trip, the last weekend of the season we usually had a big get to geather at out duck camp, lots of beer, even more whiskey, that was a great weekend, whew, I'm glad I lived through it, and glad I don't drink like that anymore, it was tuesday evening before we ran out of anything to drink and wednesday before I was able to drive anywhere.

Mr. Quimby - Posted - 09/06/2011:  11:30:33

Hey, Dat, where are you in relation to this big fire I'm hearing about? It sounds pretty scary!

dat - Posted - 09/06/2011:  12:04:22

the big one is probably 150 to 175 miles, there are several small ones 200 to 700 acres ones within 20 miles of the house, they all are far enough away that we don't have to worry

this one went by less than half a mile from my bro in laws house

Edited by - dat on 09/06/2011 12:12:45

Mr. Quimby - Posted - 09/06/2011:  12:13:38

Did you get any rain from Lee? It sounded like at least a little was falling in Texas. But I know Texas is a really big state.

dat - Posted - 09/06/2011:  12:33:00

we got 4 /10 ths saturday, first time it has rained enough to measure here since feburary, it was a slow rain that lasted most of the afternoon, I went out and played in the rain like a kid, I replaced some siding on the back of the house saturday morning and got done just in time

dat - Posted - 09/06/2011:  12:53:52

fires are bad all over, you can see from the drought map that it is dry all over, the lakes and rivers are lower than I have ever seen them in my 42 years

Mr. Quimby - Posted - 09/06/2011:  13:01:56

If I could load up some buckets and ship them out to you, I would. We're getting more than we need in the next couple of days.

I'm betting there's some folks up in Vermont who feel the same way.

I saw this and thought it was funny:,21280/

Edited by - Mr. Quimby on 09/06/2011 13:02:20

dat - Posted - 09/06/2011:  13:07:34

I sure wish we had a few extra buckets of water, I don't even want to mow the yard 'cause of a chance of sparks, well, there isn't enough grass left to mow anyway, so it all works out good

1four5 - Posted - 09/06/2011:  16:14:55

Same here... I think I've mowed 3 times this year. Sure wish we had a pipeline from the flood zones to the drought zones.

Mr. Quimby - Posted - 09/06/2011:  17:00:46

I said something to my dad once about creating a pipeline across the country and he freaked out. Guess you can tell he comes from a Great Lake state. "All the other states would just drain the Great Lakes dry!!!!!"

I said, "Um, Dad, I thought it would help when there's floods and droughts to get the water from the floods to the droughts. I wasn't planning on draining the Great Lakes."

"But you know as soon as they made a pipeline that would be what would happen!"

Yeah, I never had that conversation with him again.

dat - Posted - 09/07/2011:  09:13:34

get him tanked up on some wild turkey then ask him again

1four5 - Posted - 09/07/2011:  10:23:16

Hey, if they drained lake Michigan... it would sure make it easier to get from Michigan to Chicago...

Mr. Quimby - Posted - 09/08/2011:  06:02:00

This morning the news was all about which roads are closed because of flooding, downed power lines, etc.

1four5 - Posted - 09/08/2011:  07:09:54

As long as you are ok

dat - Posted - 09/08/2011:  09:01:07

are you gonna kayak to work?

Mr. Quimby - Posted - 09/08/2011:  09:04:03

I'm lucky I live in a relatively flood free area. But one of my friends had a lot of trouble getting home from work last night--and she works second shift, so she was out at midnight or so trying to find roads that were open so she could drive 50 miles to get home.

(She bought a house a few months ago that's like five minutes from both her jobs, but it needed to be gutted and fixed up first. So she's living with her mom until then.)

dat - Posted - 09/08/2011:  09:21:20

floods / fires both are bad we have fires scattered all around now, I wish we had a good flood right now, the Angelina river bottom is blazing right now between Nacogdoches and Cherokee counties, a good ol flood would put most of it out

dat - Posted - 09/09/2011:  10:02:48

I kinda liked this one

Mr. Quimby - Posted - 09/10/2011:  13:52:16

Went to a concert last night with a friend. It was fun.

1four5 - Posted - 09/10/2011:  15:16:33

Does friend= Cute guy?

Mr. Quimby - Posted - 09/11/2011:  18:47:52

No. One of the girls I work with at the store. She's cute, but not really my type.

dat - Posted - 09/12/2011:  08:38:35

any pictures?

Mr. Quimby - Posted - 09/12/2011:  13:32:36

dat - Posted - 09/12/2011:  13:44:38

she kinda looks like one of my sisters 20 something years ago

Mr. Quimby - Posted - 09/12/2011:  13:47:11

I don't know why it's taken me so long to develop friendships with the girls that work at the store but I'm super excited that I've found one or two who have started coming to some concerts with me. It's so nice to share the music.

dat - Posted - 09/12/2011:  14:10:33

have you taken yer banjer to the shop yet?

1four5 - Posted - 09/12/2011:  16:15:07

She looks like stand up bass material. And I'm thinking you have guys stopping by the shop... making up reasons for being there that don't make any sense?

Mr. Quimby - Posted - 09/12/2011:  17:58:08

Not many guys make it to the shop. And most of them look lost and confused and have to spend most of their time texting/calling their wife/girlfriend to get more detail about what they're supposed to be buying.

I keep telling the guys I know that a barn is a good place to pick up girls. Half the girls who work at the store are very cute and very single.

1four5 - Posted - 09/12/2011:  18:48:28

And the other half?

dat - Posted - 09/13/2011:  07:56:47

the other half are probably cute and not single

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