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 ARCHIVED TOPIC: Tone ring installation.

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kingbill733 - Posted - 07/30/2010:  20:15:54

I am a newbie so I could be wrong about all of this, but I am curious anyway. I am starting out playing on a Epiphone MB-200 Banjo. From my observations it doesn't have a tone ring. I really don't need one right now as I am just working on technique, but would it be possible to install one in the future?(once again this is only if I don't have one) Also could someone tell me if I do in fact have one? Thanks!

gmo - Posted - 07/30/2010:  20:56:02

No, you don't have one . That banjo has an aluminum rim which serves as the "tone ring " and rim . It would not be possible to install a tone ring in it . When you reach the point where you want a banjo with "more", you will want one with a mastertone type ring and there are many to choose from with a wide price range . You can keep your Epiphone for a knock-a-round banjo then and get something more suited to your abilities and taste . Learn on this one and then move on .

5strings3picks1banjo - Posted - 07/31/2010:  09:43:24

Any thing is possible but it becomes a question of is it worth doing and is it worth wasting money on.
i modified an aluminum banjo. I cut it in half, pressed a wood layer on top then added tonering.
I only cost me $30 of wood plus a tonering.
I like to try ideas and have tools so it was easy to do.
If you have no tools then sometimes paying someone is not worth it.
I do banjo modifications, custom builds and repairs but I am in Australia so I am no help for US pickers.
Save about $500 when your ready and look at cheap banjos with wood rims and tonerings.
Recording king songster, goldtone cripple creek, oakridge, some of the cheaper brands but still cool and can be modified in the future.
I suggest something with a good neck so in the future you can build around it.
Most people do not have $3000+ to buy the banjo they want so spending $800 is ok to them.
Good luck

Modified cheap alloy banjo

ronwalker49 - Posted - 07/31/2010:  10:25:51

kingbill......You are in luck for with an aluminum pot you "already" have a light banjo ....Take a look at xnavyguy home page and you will find a lot of help in experimenting with the sound of your banjo....He is very helpful and always answers my questions....He is very knowledgeable about these things....

Edited by - ronwalker49 on 07/31/2010 10:28:01

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