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 ARCHIVED TOPIC: Gas grill w/ceramic or lava briquettes

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Budedm - Posted - 05/04/2010:  09:43:57

Doesn't anyone make a gas grill anymore that has a lower grate under the cooking grate that holds ceramic briquettes or lava rock? My Coleman Gas Grill is 15 years old and I put new burners in it about every 3 years or so. I have put new grates in it once (both the cooking grate and the briquette grate). Well, now it's time again and I can not find the right size grates anymore, even online...anywhere. I can find ones that are close that I could make work but the two of them would cost $89 and then I still need the burners for $30. So, I've decided it's time for a new grill. I do NOT want a charcoal grill even though I know they cook better and the argument will continue. I need gas because I use it almost everyday and don't want to spend 20 minutes heating the charcoal up everyday just to cook a burger for 5 minutes. So, gas it is. And gas is ok IF you use the lava or ceramic briquettes. But I can't find a grill comparable to mine that has a briquette grate. AHHHHH. What the heck?? I figure I'd find one and put a briquette grate in it but I can't even find how that would be possible after looking closely at about 40 grills. Anyone have any ideas? Maybe I should spend the $120 and rebuild mine anyway? I mean there's nothing else wrong with it, right? But even then I will have to rig a little bit to get the grates to fit. This is frustrating.

rinemb - Posted - 05/04/2010:  10:00:11

How about a friendly welder that could built a grate, Or how about a piece of heavy duty screen cut to size, not the mesh but more like stucco screen? My old natural gas grill is 30 yo old now and the grate is also starting to thin in places. I like the one level of ceramics with jsut a touch of spacing to spread the heat evenly, and they are easy to balance on the old grate. Do you have a salvage joint where you could go dig around for an adaptive use item? I keep the old thing around for accesory cooking when using my BGE for the good stuff.


Budedm - Posted - 05/04/2010:  10:09:40

A screen type of something might work for the rock grate but I'd want a food grade steel for the food grate.

dat - Posted - 05/04/2010:  10:44:42

I'll bet you could find a stainless grate at a reasonable price from a metal supply

dat - Posted - 05/04/2010:  10:51:18

You might even look into making your own

Budedm - Posted - 05/04/2010:  10:57:32

Holy cow, dat, that stuff is $$$$. I'd need the one that's 12 x 36 and it's $73 ! See what I mean??? This is nuts !

dat - Posted - 05/04/2010:  11:01:00

lots of money either way, we'll keep an eye out for something cheaper though

Brian T - Posted - 05/04/2010:  11:17:16

budedm: I cut up old oven racks that I scrounge in the appliance dump. Hacksaw & bolt cutters.
Had to cut and then wire two of them together in one refit. So what if they criss-cross?
Ran a few 3/16" x 2" bolts thru the sides for new (and improved!) rack rests.
I flatly refuse to pay the asking prices for new stuff.
But you're absolutely right: hundreds of BBQ makes and all the racks are different sizes.
I use flat (3/4"?) ceramic bricks that are maybe 3" x 5". When they get crappy, I turn them over and it all cooks off..

Budedm - Posted - 05/04/2010:  11:24:09

Brian, are these the kind of briquettes you are talking about? They look great.

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