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 ARCHIVED TOPIC: Deering Resonator Retro Kit

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lucydog - Posted - 03/30/2010:  06:59:12

I was perusing the Deering catalog when I came across this:

It seems a bit expensive. Has anyone done this to their Goodtime?

1four5 - Posted - 03/30/2010:  07:34:15

I wouldn't spend that much for it, but then again, it's cheaper than buying a whole nother banjo, and the final product is the exact same thing. I do own a Goodtime Special and remove and reinstall the flange and resonator occasionally depending on what configuration I want to play it in (open back or resonator). I took it one step further and cut the flange apart into 16 pieces, that way I can remove/install them one at a time, without ever even slacking the strings or loosing head tension. I can do the switchover in about 10 minutes.

Edited by - 1four5 on 03/30/2010 07:50:18


lucydog - Posted - 03/30/2010:  09:02:59

If they charged close to $100 or even $150, I'd consider it. It would be great to have a cheap, easy to take on/off resonator, but it's hard to justify at the current price. I'm hoping that the retail market starts to sell them since they usually charge less than the MSRP.

1four5 - Posted - 03/30/2010:  11:23:34

As many Goodtimes there are out there (over 30,000 and growing every day), I'm suprised someone hasn't jumped on an after market budget version. Hint hint. Using the seperate flange plates makes it a cinch, and different shapes could be appealing, and add some style and change the looks considerably.

Edited by - 1four5 on 03/30/2010 11:29:43

lucydog - Posted - 03/30/2010:  11:45:22

1four5 - is it safe to say that the "real" resonator on your Goodtime has more clarity/volume than one of those "EZ Resonators"?

1four5 - Posted - 03/30/2010:  12:21:41

Yes and no. Acousticaly at a jam, or into my plate glass window, the real resonator wins. However, when I turn away from the window, especially outside, and there is nothing for the sound to bounce off of, to my ears (the player) the EZ-resonator comes close and may even have the edge. Even more amazing to me, and I'm still not sure why, the EZ-resonator mics better, and there is absolutely no dead spots. Mic'ing my resonator banjos can be real hit or miss, real strong one place, but a couple inches one way or the other and ther can be real poor or even dead spots. For personal playing, and mic'ed playing, I like the EZ-resonator. For jams, and our occasional non-mic'ed acoustic gigs, I prefer the real resonator.

asandwho - Posted - 03/30/2010:  20:16:23

I have one of the EZ Resonators. I kept it on my Goodtime for a long time and then decided to take it off. I thought the banjo sounded better when I took it off and haven't put it back on. Whenever I pick up one of the Goodtime 2s (basically the non-tone ring Goodtime with the resonator kit) it sounds hollow to me. I think it needs a tone ring personally for the resonator to be of value. At that price, it's not of value whatever your preference. I agree with 1four5, the concept is good. The flange could use a style upgrade and an easier on/off would be nice.

Edited by - asandwho on 03/30/2010 20:17:29

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