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 ARCHIVED TOPIC: adjusting truss rod and so forth

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amurphy96822 - Posted - 03/05/2010:  16:32:59

I have a fairly new gold tone banjo and would like to learn how to adjust the rods. I live in Hawaii which is not idea as far as wood and moisture goes, so I think I will need to become an expert. I have absorbed all the warnings about not over doing it; did try to adjust it once but was not entirely clear what I should be looking for as I sight down the fingerboard. I'm looking for a good description or picture

. Also,In adjusting the action by adjusting the 2 rods, I note I first have to loosen the nuts on the inside of the rim and the one closer to the head is impossible or difficult to get to and I'm looking for suggestions how to loosen it. Hope these questions are not to dumb. Thanks and advice for the help.

grm405 - Posted - 03/05/2010:  17:05:04

Those are the coordinator rods, not the truss rod. The truss rod is in the neck and accessed by removing the cover on the peghead. I have no idea why you would want to adjust the coordinator rods routinely, I merely set them neutral and leave them alone. I have never had a problem reaching the top nut with an open end wrench.

The truss rod may be adjusted seasonally, but probably not in Hawaii. The adjustment is to compensate for changes in humidity. Based on my experience (BA, U. of Hawaii), you don't really get that there.

Full info on adjustment of both types of rods is contained in the "Lessons" section of this site.


rudy - Posted - 03/05/2010:  17:35:33

Hi amurphy,
Welcome aboard.
You might find my setup page informative:

There is also other info out there on the web if you look around a bit. do check the links available in the lessons section.

thimblerig - Posted - 03/05/2010:  19:22:18

amurphy, welcome. go to they have the best truss rod and coordinator
rod explanation that i`ve found, and with lots of pictures. but, as others here have
said , i wouldn`t mess with them unless they really need it.


tklassen - Posted - 03/05/2010:  19:57:56

I would be more than happy to come over and walk you thru the entire process, and take as much time as you need. Just require air fare and room and board. tk

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