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 ARCHIVED TOPIC: .357 Rifle, Lever Action or Single Shot

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ambpicker - Posted - 01/29/2010:  17:03:24

I've been wanting a .357 rifle for hunting and plinking. My eyes are not as good as they used to be, and they were never very good to start, so I'll have to use a scope.
Any suggestions ?
Thanks in Advance !

dfwest - Posted - 01/29/2010:  17:07:40

Sorry I don't know much about scopes. Do you mean a .357 magnum pistol round? That ain't much of a rifle - if your eyes aren't good I recommend a shotgun. Bigger = better!


ambpicker - Posted - 01/29/2010:  17:11:22

I have a shotgun, and it's fun. And a slug will definetly put a big hole in something.
I was referring to a .357 magnum pistol round.

Poppy - Posted - 01/29/2010:  17:29:38

If you are thinking about that route, single shots are more accurate, but you only have the one shot. You might concider a 30-30 also, fun little gun, great in brush, and I used to shoot the dickins out cans,paper, even wooden targets. Ammos not to bad price wise. I wish I had my old model 94 back!
As far as scopes, like your banjo get all you can afford. I like Nikon Pro staff series myself, but theres alot of great scopes out there for alot less money.

Bubbapicks2 - Posted - 01/29/2010:  17:29:59

Lever action works good with a 357 mag ! Plus you can mount a scope!

Banjoitus - Posted - 01/29/2010:  18:59:50

I have a .357 lever action Marlin repeater. I certainly don't know why anyone would say it "ain't much of a rifle." Each is entitled to his opinion, but we have rifles ranging from a .300 Weatherby down to .17 mag, and I would say each of them has a purpose or we probably wouldn't have it in our safe. By, our, I mean my oldest son and I. We mounted a Nikon scope on it, and it is very accurate, and it's sufficient for medium sized game out to about 75 yards. In heavily wooded areas we often take my .357 and his .44 magnum on hunts as you are not likely to shoot more than 50 yards and either will perform very well at those distances.

The nice thing about the .357 magnum is that I also have a performance center 8 shot .357 magnum revolver, with 9 in the rifle, and 8 in the revolver, I'm not likely to encounter anything in our neck of the woods I couldn't manage.

figmo59 - Posted - 01/29/2010:  20:04:34

if you want a 357 then go for it. but imo the 30-30 was a good sugestion.

Banjoitus - Posted - 01/29/2010:  20:23:51

Nothing wrong with the .30-.30 we have one or two of those too! We like 'em all.

gdoc - Posted - 01/29/2010:  23:51:26

I have a lever action 45, to match the 45 pistol in amo... My house hasn't been attacked by a paper plate since. If I had it to do over again, I would have gone with the 38/357 because the amo is cheaper. The paper plate would be just as dead. Love the lever action.

oly - Posted - 01/30/2010:  05:43:55

IMO 357 is to big for small game, and it's not legal (in Wyoming) for big game. I think it would make a good home defense gun plus it sounds like it would be fun just for plinking.

AndyM - Posted - 01/30/2010:  06:17:49

The Marlin Model 94, .357 is a good option if you need to mount a scope. Being in the retail firearms business nearly 40 years and sold and mounted thousands of scopes to this day I still advise a peep sight if you can still pick up the front sight clear enough for decent shooting. Remember, with a scope the target must be almost stationary but with a rear peep a moving target is usually workable. You can see horns better with a scope but the .357 isn't a long range cartridge anyway so that shouldn't be a big issue. A nice little Marlin carbine in .357 would be a quick pointing, easy to carry, brush buster with enough punch for whitetail deer, as long as you can shoot it accurately. My daughter and I have used .32-20 for many years, hand loaded to .357 specs and continuously harvest some nice bucks every year. Took one of the largest body size mule deer since WWII in Montana a few years ago! It'll do the job if the person behind the butt plate knows what they're doing. You just gotta be a good hunter and get a little closer.

Banjoitus - Posted - 01/30/2010:  07:39:34

My daughter and I have used .32-20 for many years, hand loaded to .357 specs year.

My point exactly, the .357 is in general about the same as a the .32-20 and that was the rifle of choice for many a cowboy. The round calls for stealth, and accuracy and you are rewarded with meat you can eat, rather than the splintered bones left when taken with bottle mags. I put a scope on mine because from shooting a handgun, and shotgun a lot, tend to keep both eyes open and have no problem with a moving target.

Gold Star GF-85 - Posted - 01/30/2010:  08:23:27

I think having a rifle to match your pistol is a good idea, whatever caliber it is.
A, .357 mag has lots to offer for a variety of things, plinking with a .38 spl or .357 round, to hunting white tail or whatever, and let's not forget home defense. I have been thinking of getting a level action myself and was tossing around top what caliber I wanted, Good Luck in whatever you get.

Big John

gshall - Posted - 01/30/2010:  12:44:15

An old mountain man who stopped in Wisdom, Montana at the bar once in a while carried a lever action .357. If he was comfortable with it in the mountains of Montana, it was probably a good gun to have.

Bubbapicks2 - Posted - 01/30/2010:  17:33:37

I shot and killed a Deer at 35 yards with a 357 mag pistol ! A 357 mag can take down anything on two or four legs! It's a great calibre !

Edited by - Bubbapicks2 on 01/30/2010 17:36:55

Nosferatu - Posted - 01/30/2010:  17:50:15

The only reason one should want a .357 rifle is if you carry a .357 pistol and you want to carry only one kind of ammo. If you want a rifle and don't need to carry the same cal for rifle& if it were 1878, get a rifle cal. for your rifle...Get something good...Pass-up the .30-30. It was a "good" cal for it's day but now, there's a lot better's 2010, not 1930.

cardinbanjo - Posted - 01/30/2010:  18:43:53

It may not be 1930 but in 2010 Indiana only allows pistol rounds if you want to carry a rifle during deer season, so .44 and .357 are popular.

Nosferatu - Posted - 01/30/2010:  18:56:11

Originally posted by cardinbanjo

It may not be 1930 but in 2010 Indiana only allows pistol rounds if you want to carry a rifle during deer season, so .44 and .357 are popular.

Come on, are you telling me that you can only hunt deer in IN with pistol rounds in rifles? I find that very hard to believe. I'm going to send off for the IN proclamation.

Nosferatu - Posted - 01/30/2010:  19:11:54

I checked on line and:

Handguns, other than muzzleloading, must have a barrel at least 4 inches long and must fire a bullet of .243-inch diameter or larger. The handgun cartridge case, without the bullet, must be at least 1.16 inches long.

Full metal-jacketed bullets are not permitted.
Handguns are not permitted on any military areas.

Some types of handgun cartridges legal for deer hunting include:
.357 Magnum
.41 Magnum
.44 Magnum
.44 Special
.45 Colt
.45 Long Colt
.45 Winchester Magnum
.35 Remington
.357 Herrett.
Some illegal handgun cartridges for deer hunting are 38 Special, 38 Smith and Wesson, 38 Colt New Police, 38/200, 38 Long Colt, 38 Super, 38 ACP, 38 Colt Auto, 45 ACP, 45 Automatic and 45 Auto Rim. All 25/20, 32/20 and 30 carbine ammunition is prohibited also.

Rifles with pistol cartridges
Rifles must fire a cartridge with a bullet of .357-inch diameter or larger; have a minimum case length of 1.16 inches; and have a maximum case length of 1.625 inches.

These rifle cartridges can be used only during the deer firearms season.
Some cartridges that are legal include the following:
.357 Magnum
.38-40 Winchester
.41 Magnum
.41 Special
.44 Magnum
.44 Special
.44-40 Winchester
.45 Colt
.454 Casull
.458 SOCOM
.480 Ruger
.475 Linebaugh
.50 Action Express
.500 S&W

Some illegal rifle cartridges for deer hunting are the .30-30 Winchester, .444 Marlin and .45-70 Govt.

It dosen't mean that you can only hunt with hand gun rounds in IN...It's states which hand guns rounds you may use and which rifles cals you can't

Edited by - Nosferatu on 01/30/2010 19:30:01

Bubbapicks2 - Posted - 01/30/2010:  19:37:06

I think the guy that started this thread was asking about a lever action versus a single shot rifle! He likes the 357 mag which is good for plinking and hunting! I believe we got a little off the main topic here!

cardinbanjo - Posted - 01/30/2010:  19:56:17

I should not have said only, but by looking at the list and I have many times you can see why someone might choose a .357 or .44 for a rifle.

Nosferatu - Posted - 01/30/2010:  19:57:13

Everthing posted is still valid to the topic as he wants to use a .357 for hunting and something may have been written that the poster hasn't though of.

fisher - Posted - 01/30/2010:  20:10:43

its always been one of my favorites

sawyer 12 - Posted - 01/30/2010:  20:17:46

Ambpicker, I see you are from texas, so make sure what cal. you are allowed to hunt with first.
If I wanted a gun to hunt deer and plink targets with i,d get something that shoots cheap ammo. Unless you reload your own bullets none of the high powered shells are cheap. With the 357 your distance will be limited, so remember that.

Most large cal. lever actions are good for brush hunting due to the larger bullets hitting twigs and such.
There are lots of better options in single shots however in my opinion.

Edited by - sawyer 12 on 01/30/2010 20:23:28

Kenneth Logsdon - Posted - 01/31/2010:  09:14:42

I'm with you Sawyer, every since this thread came up, I've been trying to think of a reason supporting a .357 rifle,??? Came up with none.. In the old days, the.44 was used so the ammo would be interchangeable... But.. The practical range limitation for a .357 would be about fifty yards.. Sooo???

banjoplyr. - Posted - 01/31/2010:  09:31:09

I believe Henry still makes a lever action 357,they are made by rossi now in think.

dat - Posted - 02/01/2010:  07:01:06

can't go wrong with the Marlin

troy_nov1965 - Posted - 02/01/2010:  08:37:58

id get a lever action , Marlin or Puma

i got a Puma 16 inch 357 with a large loop lever and I LOVE IT , its a blast to shoot.

Check out the new "Bounty Hunter" its based off the Mares Laig from the TV show "Wanted Dead Or Alive " starring Steve Mcqueen. It comes in 45L,44mag,44/40

( My favorite Tv western off all time )

ambpicker - Posted - 02/01/2010:  12:47:15

I have followed the use of the .357 mag, used in a rifle on a couple of hunting forums. In ranges of up 125 yds, it's effectiveness on deer and wild hogs is not in question.
I know there are more powerfull rounds, certainly.
I have a S&W that is also a .357, so I would have a rifle and a pistol chambered for the same round.
I have several rifles more powerful.
It would be kind of a novel thing to do, something fun and challenging to work at.
And if it ain't fun, why bother.

dat - Posted - 02/01/2010:  12:52:44

The Marlin in 357 is a great little deer gun, fun to shoot too

bdavidoff - Posted - 02/01/2010:  20:09:10

Just something that I noticed - I have a .44 mag lever action Marlin and have fired .44 specials and .44 mags on the range. The mags are far more accurate. I'm not sure why, but it is definitely true. I wonder if the same would be true with .38's out of a .357 mag. Probably.

Kenneth Logsdon - Posted - 02/01/2010:  20:22:03

General rule of thumb for whitetails... 1000 lbs of knockdown force requred at 100 yds...

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