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 ARCHIVED TOPIC: How do you replace the battery (car clicker) ?

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1four5 - Posted - 07/21/2009:  12:44:30

Anyone know anything about the little door lock horn clicker for your car?

My Ford wagon is 11 years old, and the clicker thing is barely working and you have to hold it just right and roll your tongue and pucker up and pray... and it sort of works. So... I figure i'll just put a new battery in it. Before I break the sucker (and I only have one, and no maueul)... how in the heck is this done, and where do you get batteries? (I'm assuming something like a hearing aid battery?)


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RevSteve58 - Posted - 07/21/2009:  12:55:18

Contact your Ford dealer. They'll have the answers.

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backtothefuture - Posted - 07/21/2009:  12:57:22

I don't have a Ford, but I looked at my Saturn (GM) clicker. I looked on the edge (all around the sides) and found a slot where you can put a flat blade screwdriver and open it up. I used my thumbnail.



clawfootcurt - Posted - 07/21/2009:  13:13:00

Autoparts store can help. Easy to replace, fairly cheap.

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dmiller - Posted - 07/21/2009:  13:14:01

The "clicker" for my Subaru has two small phillips head screws on the back of it making it very easy to get apart.
Mine will be needing a new battery soon also, and the last time I got one I bought it at a local Walgreens Drug Store.

If you don't see a slot like Dennis suggests, visit the dealer like RevSteve says.

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Brian T - Posted - 07/21/2009:  15:58:59

Look around the rim of the clicker for a wider slot in the groove where the two body pieces fit together. Mine is like Dennis's.

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banjo_brad - Posted - 07/21/2009:  16:44:32

Probably uses the same battery as your electronic tuner, Dean. One of them CR2032's (at least the ones for my Saturn do).

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AndBanjoWasHisNameO - Posted - 07/21/2009:  16:47:58

I've replace 4 in the last 6 months. You probably need a #2032 (it's round like a watch battery). Mine is a butter knife in the groove length wise and work it apart. After that it's a piece of cake!


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1four5 - Posted - 07/21/2009:  18:10:03

Thanks for the answers! Mine has no slot or small screws, so i'm assuming that it just a pop-a-part. Now I have one more concern! I researched this on the net after this post. There is actually suprisingly little about this! However, I also read that some clickers had to be "reset" after replacing the battery, so that your car would recognise it. I actually have some spare 2032's I bought for my Inttlletouch! If I knew I wouldn't have to do a "reset" I could change the battery right now. Has anyone encountered this reset thing or do you think I should go for it?


Edited by - 1four5 on 07/21/2009 18:12:59

Kandy-Kisses - Posted - 07/21/2009:  18:44:04

Sadly yes I have encountered the reset thing BUT I could still use the manual door lock.... It didn't take long or cost much for the dealer to reset it. Also my Ford didn't use the 2032 but some midget version of a AAA if you clicker is not smooth but has a hump in one end then that is the battery you may well need.
Good luck...dang technology...

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1four5 - Posted - 07/22/2009:  13:05:29

Thanks! It's a no-humper. I'm still chicken...haven't done it yet... I also read something about a fuel pump transponder that won't let your car start when the battery goes dead. What in the heck is THAT all about??? Using the key maneuly is one thing... but my car not running? Sounds like voodoo or something to me.


AndBanjoWasHisNameO - Posted - 07/22/2009:  14:15:48

Don't be scared! My Ford is a '01, and all went well. I don't know anything about fuel pump transponders, flux capacitors or the like, but when mine wouldn't start because of the battery, I called my Ford dealer, who explained to me about the little red light on/under your dash that flashes (it's actually a button, who knew)...put the key in the ignition while pushing that button, and it should start (I think that'll stop the alarm from going off if it resets the system).

Of coarse, if none of this works, it very well may be voodoo.


"Well, it''s a joke son! Don''t you get it?"

Kandy-Kisses - Posted - 07/22/2009:  16:55:04

My daughter has one of those fuel lock out thingys . They are real bad to have and the battery goes dead LOL. It's not like just unlocking your doors. You either get a battery or you go NO WHERE.
Go ahead change the battery you should be fine.

There''s nothing I like better than the sound of a banjo, unless of course it''s the sound of a chicken caught in a vacuum cleaner.

HarleyQ - Posted - 07/22/2009:  20:06:06

Go for it Dean!!, heck, if it don't start, I'll come pick you up. Shouldn't take me a couple day's to get there!

1four5 - Posted - 07/23/2009:  03:16:02

I have a gig tomorrow (Friday)... when I get home, I'm going for it


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