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 ARCHIVED TOPIC: the price of freedom

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airborne - Posted - 06/20/2009:  03:12:15

They were fine and selfless men, Soldiers through and through, who died couragously fighting for freedom while doing a job they loved and were deeply committed to. on a drizzly grey afternoon, the wiltshire market town of Wootton Bassett came to a silent and a respectful standstill as the bodies of three soldiers were borne though the high street, in a homecoming that nobody ever wonts to see but one that has become tragically familiar. some 2000 people honoured the fallen heroes, one of the Soldiers was from my old regiment, the Parachute regiment, it was an emotionally charged afternoon. it began in apil 2007 when the UKs war dead started being flown in to RAF Lyneham in Wiltshire from Afghanistan and Iraq. all those who have since fallen in action have been borne through the town georgian high street in gleaming glass topped hearses. next week is the uk's veterans day so
remember our armed forces and get behind our Soldiers, if you cant get behind them try standing in front of them. i wrote a song called heroes, its on my music page, have a listen and just think for a minute or two of our young men and women that are fighting for our freedom. God bless them all.


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rtyrie - Posted - 06/20/2009:  03:27:06

These brave young soldiers aren't just standing up for the UK, they have taken a place alongside our own defending our collective freedom and way of life. God bless the soldiers.



fisher - Posted - 06/20/2009:  04:14:25

Well said John

airborne - Posted - 06/20/2009:  04:19:40

thanks Jerry, you guy's and the brits will alway's stand on the front line together for freedom.

Edited by - airborne on 06/20/2009 04:22:48

pilgrim1 - Posted - 06/20/2009:  04:44:00

Folkestone's Veteran's Day ceremony is being held on the 4th July and I've been invited to join my old mob (the RGR - or Brigade of Gurkhas as it's now called) who, along with the Princess of Wales' Royal Regiment (my Stepson's Regiment) will form part of the festivities.
I'm looking forward to it immensely, (especially 'Drinkies in the Mess' afterwards!)
Speaking of veterans - Henry Allingham, the last surviving combatant from WWI, has just become the world's oldest man! Congratulations to him and to Harry Patch, the only other survivor, who celebrated his 111th birthday on 17th June.
Come on Gordon, how about an OBE for both of them?

''After he heard me play, Tom Nechville came over
& personally scratched his name off my banjo!''

Roger the Dodger

airborne - Posted - 06/20/2009:  04:59:07

my grand dad fought at the battle of the Somme, just think that guy's like Harry Patch have had to carry the memories of the trenches for over 90 years, i take my hat off to Henry and Harry.

MiG-19 - Posted - 06/20/2009:  05:40:08

Mine was at Chateau Thiery. Blinded for a few months by gas and shot in the ankle, but he made it back. Here's to those who didn't.

Semper fi,
"I don''t mind a reasonable amount of trouble." Sam Spade, the Maltese Falcon by Dachiell Hammett

fisher - Posted - 06/20/2009:  05:41:12

Originally posted by airborne

thanks Jerry, you guy's and the brits will alway's stand on the front line together for freedom.

Just an odd example of how we are in this together.
Old Git had two sons fighting in Falluja with the Royal Army in 06,alongside my own son,a US Marine.
Its a small world,but I wouldnt want to paint it

airborne - Posted - 06/20/2009:  07:25:09

I was chating to a freand of mine, a young lad who's been serving out there with the para's, and he siad that the American supermarket on camp is amazing you can get anything from play station game's to a mountain bike, we didn't have that in my day in the jungle's of borneo back in the 60s, good luck to them,we sould give them everything they need to get the job done.

john. (airborne)

pandjlocke - Posted - 06/20/2009:  07:31:45

Thank you to all who have served and God bless those continuing to serve. We owe you a debt that cano not be repaid.

Beware of the urgent crowding out the important - C.E. Hummel


Dr. Jug - Posted - 06/20/2009:  15:19:39

Most of you have said it better than I can.
It's up to each of us to find a way to give thanks or pay tribute.

"...mmm, it sounds so sweet..."

pstroud1 - Posted - 06/20/2009:  17:11:41

I'm reading a book about WWII. "A Bridge Too Far" by Cornelius Ryan.

Wow what those Airborne troops went through. It boggles my mind to see the courage they had.

God Bless all of them from any area of time.


Edited by - pstroud1 on 06/20/2009 17:13:23

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