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 ARCHIVED TOPIC: Earl Scruggs - five string banjo CD

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dilon42 - Posted - 05/06/2009:  16:11:58

I just received a new copy of the Earl Scruggs and the Five String Banjo instructional book, but I am finding myself very disappointed because there is no CD with it. I thought that it was supposed to come with the CD....

My question here is that I was wondering if anyone could be so kind as to share that cd by posting it on or If you aren't sure what that is, then I can explain further.

I think a lot of people would have interest in that download link.... just an idea

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Johnny Lackluster - Posted - 05/06/2009:  16:52:06

LOL. You are opening up quite a can of worms asking for that here.


"Don''t you know there ain''t no devil, that''s just god when he''s drunk"

banjoball - Posted - 05/06/2009:  16:59:44

If you are interested in purchasing the cd by itself, then you can go to where he sells it separately. - You can buy the book either with or without the cd and it sounds like you just bought the one without. Hope this helps.


Ukeridge - Posted - 05/06/2009:  17:06:05

I'll just point out that when you get the CD you might be disappointed too. Though it's fun to hear Earl's voice the examples aren't that illuminating.

"That''s how I roll."

dilon42 - Posted - 05/06/2009:  17:15:22

well what can I say.... I'm a poor college student...

In this day of file sharing, is it really such a ridiculous thing to think I could get an instructional cd for free?

Perhaps you might disagree, but again, I'm just throwing the idea out there

Johnny Lackluster - Posted - 05/06/2009:  17:17:59

Let me clarify by saying I have absolutely no problem with file sharing. If I had the cd , I would send you a copy and not feel the least bit guilty about it. Just be careful about talking about that stuff on here because someone always seems to catch feelings when it comes to that and threads often get locked.


"Don''t you know there ain''t no devil, that''s just god when he''s drunk"

rtyrie - Posted - 05/06/2009:  19:38:18

I know you are a poor college student and just see this as file sharing but by purchasing the CD from Earl, you can help support the man who gave us so much. You also can try requesting your CD be signed making your book and CD just that much more special.

My 2 cents worth


beeliner - Posted - 05/06/2009:  20:20:40

dilon42, send me email.

beeliner- Revis Martin
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Brian T - Posted - 05/06/2009:  21:02:46

I've never met anybody on this planet that was able to buy the ES book complete with CD. and wait 6 weeks to the very day.

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bbeoj - Posted - 05/07/2009:  06:47:27

I picked up the book with CD just the other day off the shelf at Ye Olde Music Shop in Hanahan,SC

inspector710 - Posted - 05/07/2009:  09:11:28

I got mine on

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