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 ARCHIVED TOPIC: Question / Rolls on a four string

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ibgrimme - Posted - 02/26/2009:  15:20:24

Where on the site is the place to go about learning to do rolls on a four string?


Ygor feels the Blues

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Bizdoc - Posted - 02/26/2009:  15:39:10

Try Other styles, in fact they may move this, this section is for 5 string and the oyher styles have 4 string tenors and plectrums in it.

Good Luck & Best wishes

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minstrelmike - Posted - 02/26/2009:  15:57:40

Rolls are done in 3-finger picking style and were developed for bluegrass 5-string banjo. Most tenor is played with a flatpick. There are pseudo-rolls you can do with a flatpick called cross-picking and you may also find info about it on guitar or mandolin sites (may be called mcreynolds-picking on mano sites).

Mike Moxcey
Fort Collins, Colorado, USA

steve davis - Posted - 02/26/2009:  16:06:04

I had a friend that collected tenor guitars.He had a National that I used to play with 3 fingers.
It was very punchy and once I found a couple of chord shapes I found it easy to play.


Tim-mater - Posted - 02/26/2009:  18:02:27

If playing a tenor I like to play a reverse roll M-I-T-M-I-T-M-T kinda like cross picking a mandolin. Plectrums are harder to explain, but it's more like finger picking a guitar with some reverse rolls thrown in when needed. In fact I like the sound of my Irish tenor being finger picked.

Mirek Patek - Posted - 02/26/2009:  19:44:55

Steve and Tim,

could you please post more details about your fingerpicking the four string? Maybe to another thread to keep this one for crosspicking flatpickers.


I like

steve davis - Posted - 02/27/2009:  05:54:42

This is for "other banjo styles".Last time I checked,playing a 4 string tenor with 3 picks qualifies as "other".


Compass56 - Posted - 02/27/2009:  05:57:49

From everything I've read, Mirek Patek has devoted his musical life to the kind of thing your are talking about. I would get in touch with him.

teebee - Posted - 02/27/2009:  07:23:28

An interesting book is "Bluegrass Banjo Simplified!!" by Wayne Erbsen.

The key is this quote, "Remember that the melody is played on the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th string........."

Start by tuning your tenor like the 1st four strings on a 5-string. Whatever
you learn here will transfer to your new 5-string if you get one.

Wayne pretty much picks the 1st string drone after each melody note.
He includes 20 songs without a 5th string pluck.

You could also play these 20 tunes on your guitar if you retune the 1st string like a 5-string banjo

happy just to tinker

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