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 ARCHIVED TOPIC: Cynthia Sayer, Eddy Davis, et al...

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mainejohn - Posted - 02/09/2009:  17:23:42

...I just had to share this:

John Coleman
Scarborough, Maine

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Bill Rogers - Posted - 02/09/2009:  18:14:48

Great stuff. Traditional jazz is alive and well. Thanks John.


Compass56 - Posted - 02/09/2009:  18:19:39

I was there that night!

It was June 18th, and it was a great time. I had a lesson with Cynthia that day. Andy Bean (one of Cynthia's students and a great player), Cynthia, and I agreed to meet at that bar at 9:00 when the music started. When I got there at 8:00, I was literally the only person in the bar. John Gill played cowboy songs on solo guitar from 8:00-9:00. At 9:00, all of the musicians came in together. They went straight for the stage and started playing. Cynthia came in about fifteen minutes later and sat in for most of the first set. Eddy Davis was completely gracious to me. The two of us talked on one of the breaks about our favorite tunes. The playing was off the cuff and loose but at the same time strong and professional. That was a truly memorable and great night. There are quite a few YouTube videos from that night. Check them out.

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NYCJazz - Posted - 02/09/2009:  18:51:14

I'm sorry I was out of town that night!

"First you find the logical way, and when you find it, avoid it, and let your inner self break through and guide you. Don''t try to be anybody else but yourself."

- Will Marion Cook to Duke Ellington

Greg Connor - Posted - 02/10/2009:  05:02:21

That's some good music John.

Ottawa - Posted - 02/12/2009:  19:28:29

Eddy Davis is awesome.


Compass56 - Posted - 02/23/2009:  02:33:37

If you like Eddy Davis' playing (and who doesn't), here's a resource for buying his CD's:

banjopocolypse - Posted - 02/23/2009:  09:23:31

Dang, 20 bucks! Those CDs better come with a guarantee that I can play like Eddy after I listen to them.

Compass56 - Posted - 02/23/2009:  09:35:06

Hey NYC is expensive. Help the Manhattan Minstrel out and buy some of his music!

banjopocolypse - Posted - 02/23/2009:  09:42:59

Thats why all the minstrels are moving to Tucson....

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