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 ARCHIVED TOPIC: a question for the 4-stringers who do chord diagra

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banjopocolypse - Posted - 02/09/2009:  14:42:44

chord diagrams?

Specifically I'm looking for something free that can do this:

If I have to draw in my own little circles then thats OK too I guess.

The reason is, I have a lot of fake books, and some of these jazz chords are hard as hell to figure out and so sometimes I have to write down the chord fingering, but then I have to find somewhere to fit it on the music that i have and I don't write very small so it gets sloppy really quick.

I want something where I can copy the lead line and chords really quick (like your average fake book) and then add in my own chord diagram so that the end result is legible and looks super awesome like that example.

Any tips?

(I figure this will probably get moved to the "tab" section or something, but I DO NOT WANT TABS! just chord diagrams! which I know the 4-stringers have seen which is why I posted it here. Also I don't think moderaters ever come in this section so it might be safe for now.)

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gjt1028 - Posted - 02/09/2009:  15:53:11

I use Tab|Edit. You can input as standard notation, then make your own chord diagrams to print above the notation.


NYCJazz - Posted - 02/09/2009:  18:49:23

If you want to just put chord diagrams on existing sheets, get a rubber stamp:

If you're doing a chord up the neck, write down the fret that the diagram starts at.

Believe me, after a while it gets to be second nature.

"First you find the logical way, and when you find it, avoid it, and let your inner self break through and guide you. Don''t try to be anybody else but yourself."

- Will Marion Cook to Duke Ellington

billmill22 - Posted - 02/09/2009:  20:38:24

The program used to make that lead sheet is musicease at and is a free to try download with the only restriction being a watermark on any printed sheets. The learning curve isn't too bad, but will take working with the program before you get it all.
Another way to go is a free template of a lead sheet with blank staff and chord boxes.
Or, a rubber stamp from
"Where there is a Tub-A-Phone banjo,
there you will find Musical Happiness"

banjopocolypse - Posted - 02/10/2009:  14:01:46

Bill! Banjoseen is such a great website. It helped me get started in July when I got my tenor banjo. There aren't many resources out there to learn how to play tenor, so your website really helped!

You are awesome, sir.

minstrelmike - Posted - 02/10/2009:  15:15:15

If you're looking for a music program, try musedit. It does tab and sheet music and chord diagrams and everything you'd ever want to do musically. Alternatively, if you don't want to mess around with something on the computer, then draw up your own sheet of blank staff and chord charts and then make a bunch of copies and write on them. Having the chart already written in would clean up your writing.
I could probably write one up and send it as a pdf if you want.

Mike Moxcey
Fort Collins, Colorado, USA

billmill22 - Posted - 02/13/2009:  08:51:45

Thanks very much for your positive comments! Hearing that my site has helped you and others look deeper into the 4 string banjo make everything I've done worth while.
"Where there is a Tub-A-Phone banjo,
there you will find Musical Happiness"

tenorbanjoguy - Posted - 02/16/2009:  07:19:24


Thanks for posting that blank chord sheet! It was very timely. Yesterday I gave a lesson to a gal on how to do her own chord melodies and that sheet was very handy obviosly! Taught her ever thing she needs to know about chord melody in an hour!! :) Good kid. She is sounding great on that uke banjo and she plays a mean accordian!

Thanks again,

Ken Olmstead
Anchorage, AK

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