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hamilton51 - Posted - 01/24/2009:  14:08:06

Anyone have any tabs for songs by O.C.M.S.? I love old crow and am seeing them this thursday the 29th. id like to learn some of their songs like "james river blues", "wagon wheel", "methapmhatemine" would be awesome. but if u have any at all, plz post them or links to them. thanx.


bakerratliff - Posted - 01/24/2009:  15:22:10

The only one I have figured out so far is Wagon Wheel. Its basically just rolls on G, D, Em, C and then G, D, C. If you listen to the song you will hear the chord changes. Let me know if you get any others.

minstrelmike - Posted - 01/24/2009:  15:46:08

We play Wagon Wheel at our jam. If you can play G,C D and Em chords various places on the neck, you will find the melody.

Note that the chord progression is almost identical to the Beatle's Let It Be so you can do that song, too.

[G]Rock me mama like a [D]Wagon Wheel
[Em]Rock me mama any [C]way you feel
[G] Hey [D] ..Mama [C] Rock me ......

G / D / Em / C / G / D / C / / /

Let It Be goes back to the G at the end and the chorus starts on an Em
Let it [Em] Let it [D]be lit it [C] oh let it [G]be
[G]There will be an [D]answer Let it [C] be dum dum [G]dum

Mike Moxcey
Fort Collins, Colorado, USA

ocms doms - Posted - 01/25/2009:  17:21:37

what roll do you use for those chords in wagon wheel?

Banjoman - Posted - 01/25/2009:  17:23:55


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SPLogDog - Posted - 01/25/2009:  17:58:58

They're great in concert. I have some chords for some of their songs. "Raise a Ruckus", is G C G D for the chorus, and G D G for the verse. It's not banjo tab, but the chords for some of their songs are at ultimate guitar.

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ocms doms - Posted - 01/26/2009:  18:28:30

so does anyone know the rolls now that i have the chord positions.

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hamilton51 - Posted - 01/27/2009:  10:01:27

thanx for the replies everyone. i think i can definatelt learn wagon wheel. raise a ruckus doesnt seem that difficult either. i appreciate everyones input on this topic and im sure itll help. 2 more days and im seein them live in columbus!!!!!!


skeeter099 - Posted - 01/29/2009:  08:44:31

hi hamilton or anyone really i'm a new member and a huge fan of ocms if anyone could send me the tabs for wagon wheel i would really appreciate it. thanks

claymaster253 - Posted - 04/20/2009:  13:35:45

yea, i would like the tabs too because i don't really know the roll for Em.

JesseP - Posted - 05/01/2009:  08:44:10

You can find the guitar tabs for all of their songs at

There are a bunch of banjo tabs post in the forum too.


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