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 ARCHIVED TOPIC: Faoi Lán Cheoil (with Gerry O'Connor)

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diarmaid - Posted - 12/09/2008:  14:03:06

There was a pretty cool programme on TG4 recently where Gerry O'Connor teaches the famous footballer Andy Reid how to play the banjo...theres a few cool wee bits of Gerry playing too

tho watch it click here:

then click "Ceol - Cartlann" ( on the left of the screen)

then click on " Faoi Lán Cheoi" and it'll start

theres a lot of other excellent irish music programmes available from this list too

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chrisblack - Posted - 12/09/2008:  14:59:56

Nice one....

I missed most of programme - just caught the end of it, I knew it would be online somewhere.


"There''s always one listening" - Gerry O''Gorman, Bacup (RIP)

pernicketylad - Posted - 12/09/2008:  16:23:30

I've been watching the series.It's a nice half hour of light entertainment.Fair play to TG4 for promoting the music in such a viewer-friendly way.It's interesting to see how different people react to the struggles involved in taking up a new instrument.
Andy Reid got stuck in. Pardon the terrible football clique but if he can get away with it so can I.
Gerry O' Connor came across as a proper gentleman.
That Tom Cussens banjo sounded good.

There are three types of people in the world.....those who can count and those who can''t!

"King Kong Kitchie Kitchie Ki-Me-O
Ki-Mo-Ke-Mo-Ki-Mo-Ke, Way down yonder in the hollow tree....."

cgrotewohl - Posted - 12/09/2008:  16:29:14

Vary Cool, Loved it and thanks CLG

chris Grotewohl

mikeyes - Posted - 12/10/2008:  10:27:53

What I liked about the program was that it not only shows what a nice person GO'C is, but that he is really quite traditional in the trad setting like his local session. Did you catch that he was playing fiddle in Dublin? His father and uncle (who were shown in the Garrykennedy session) are well known trad fiddlers and Gerry learned from them.

When GO'C is in concert, he is much more progressive but that is how he makes his money. I liked Andy Reid's playing too. It took a lot of courage to get up and play like that.

Mike Keyes

diarmaid - Posted - 12/10/2008:  22:39:29

Cheers lads, i seen it by chance, as cant pick up tg4 through the tv here (in london) so i watch it online.

Mike, Gerry is a brilliant fiddle player al well, i think he plays the fiddle live with four men and a dog now, along with Cathal Hayden.

cgrotewohl - Posted - 12/11/2008:  17:22:21

Cheers Folks,

And congrats to folks who love ITM on the instruments they are used too. It will always be a challenge, Music is a challenge and mankind will never master it.

MOO Merry Xmas...CG

chris Grotewohl

diarmaid - Posted - 12/11/2008:  22:21:03

Happy Christmas to you too Chris...keep up the lovely playin!

diarmaid - Posted - 12/15/2008:  14:40:45

thought i'd add this so yous can see another great series of irish music programmes online in case yous missed my last thread that was moved to other banjo related topics

heres a great irish music programme from bb2 northern ireland thats available online (channel 992 on sky in the uk...sorry, im not sure what channel it is on in the republic)

theres some deadly stuff on it!
Mark Mohan, Cathal Hayden and loads of others
Damien O'Kane and Shona Kipling
The Charm Inn (Co. Tyrone)
THe Cellar Bar Draperstown ( Co Derry)

theres plenty more episodes that are worth taking a look and listen through, the menu is on the left

(edited to fix broken links)

Edited by - diarmaid on 12/17/2008 07:22:49

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