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 ARCHIVED TOPIC: XM /Ned Luberecki

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Woolpersteve - Posted - 11/13/2008:  12:57:13

Great news ! One of the best banjo players I ever heard / saw, Ned Luberecki , is on Bluegrass Junction on XM Radio.
Very happy to hear that after the merger of XM and Sirius Ned can still be heard on XM . I am sure he will sneak in some great banjo picking recordings as well as good Bluegrass as well.
Tear it up Nedski!
It gets cold up in this cabin of death ...

"The Dude abides"

Brian T - Posted - 11/13/2008:  13:00:03

He's had a show on Sirius 65 for a long time. The best part? He'll tell you some of the inside points about the tunes that he picks out to play.

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Nor do most of us care.
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Mimspicker - Posted - 11/13/2008:  13:04:51

Looks as if he is still listed as a DJ on the Sirius website. I have had Sirius for about a year and have always enjoyed his show. I'm still wondering how many more changes are in the works for "Bluegrass 65/Bluegrass Junction." I would have rather seen an additional channel allowing each to continue on. But I'm just a subscriber, what do I know!


1981 Stelling Whitestar
Martin D-1R
Palatino Upright Bass

"Music washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life"
Berthold Auerbach, 1812-1882

richmondgeorge - Posted - 11/13/2008:  13:06:21

Well in the process of merging. They wrecked sirius bluegrass 65. They changed up the playlist and the dj's. Ned has not been on the last two mornings and Joey black is gone. Man I hate change.
I feel better now that i've vented a bit

Woolpersteve - Posted - 11/13/2008:  13:08:25

Hey Mims,
I just got my updated XM line-up , which Is after the merger dust settled. Ned and Chris Jones are listed as DJs. In fact Chris is on XM right now( Thursday after 4:00 where I sit)
I hope the info is correct.

"The Dude abides"

summerva - Posted - 11/13/2008:  14:44:51

I knew something sounded different about channel 65! I didn't realize they had changed it. As long as Ned stays all will be well.
I had to have an MRI done recently and got to choose what I listened to. I requested bluegrass and they had XM instead of Sirius and I'm sorry to say it was the worst of bluegrass!!
I don't like change very much either!

P7183 - Posted - 11/13/2008:  14:53:09

You would company car which I took to the shop on Monday was my main link to Sirius 65.....haven't heard of all the changes.....have had Sirius for 4 years and I don't like change either. Where did Joey Black go? I just heard that "65" had a new studio.....

Steve Phelps

Adk Rebel - Posted - 11/13/2008:  15:07:33

According to Chris tonight on the way home, they merged the playlists so they have a lot more of a selection to choose from. I noticed they are playing more of the older stuff with a mix of newer stuff I haven't heard too much of.

I liked Joey, I hope he's not gone for good.

I also would have liked to see two bluegrass channels available to both XM and Sirius subscribers instead of combining them into one.


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Adk Rebel - Posted - 11/13/2008:  15:09:59

The other changes I noticed is that Chris Cantrel (spelling?) is on in the morning instead of Ned, I haven't heard Ned since they updated the programming early yesterday morning, Chris is on from 3pm to 6pm now and according to Chris, if I heard him right, they will be doing Gospel from 9pm to Midnight each weeknight.

I'll probably be firing off an email to Sirius before too long.


Kateyz Banjo Bridges
Custom Scrimshaw by Ed Weber
Price Banjo Cases
My Fawley Retrotones

richmondgeorge - Posted - 11/13/2008:  15:54:42

I've already fired off an email for what good it will do. You can't fight "The Corporate machine"

banjoken - Posted - 11/13/2008:  19:29:04

Originally posted by Adk Rebel

According to Chris tonight on the way home, they merged the playlists so they have a lot more of a selection to choose from.

Why do they need a playlist? I know this sounds really dumb, but why can't they play what they want? Do they really need to play only a few "songs" from each artist over and over and over again? Did I say over and over? Is this something that the radio stations restrict or is it somethat that the artists/record companies demand?

Beardog - Posted - 11/14/2008:  05:33:21

I have only had XM Radio in my cars. I like Bluegrass Junction better since the merger!


oldplayer - Posted - 11/14/2008:  05:38:14

Thank goodness for Del McCoury's show on Sirius, or is it falling by the wayside as well? It's too
bad Bluegrass has a playlist like the top 40 formats most musicians despise. What narrow thought
process came to the conclusion that we love to hear the same songs over and over and over? I
suppose that's what the selector button is for on the radio, but it sure would be nice to stay tuned
in and hear "what else" is on that cd they keep playing the same cut from over and over and over
and over...

Nedski - Posted - 11/14/2008:  06:51:28

Hey gang,

As you may have noticed, the merger between the Sirius and XM Bluegrass channels is underway. As with any change, there's good and bad. The good news, as mentioned above is that we have a much less restrictive playlist, so there will be more variety on the channel (at least I think this is a good thing... and yes, the instruction for the "Top 40" style playlist did come from above). The bittersweet news is that I am no longer the morning host but now will only be on weekends. (For the past 2 1/2 years I've been on 7 days a week). On the plus side, it'll give me more time to practice

As I've been listening, I'm liking the music mix and am looking forward to getting back on the air Saturday. I'll be on this Saturday from 6:00 pm until midnight (EST) and Sunday from noon until 6:00 pm. If you're a subscriber to either service now (Sirius or XM) I hope you'll listen in. The channel numbers will stay the same for whichever radio you have (Sirius 65 and XM 14).

Joey Black is no longer on the Bluegrass channel, but is not completely gone. He is now the morning host of Prime Country (Sirius 61 and XM 17).

I hope that you'll give the new format a try. And that you'll keep emailing your comments. I've been told by the new program director (Kyle Cantrell) that the channel is a work in progress and we do hope to continue to fine tune it.

I also want to thank those of you who have emailed me out of concern when they didn't hear me in the morning anymore. I did receive your emails and you can expect a reply soon. (from me... I'm not talking about the automated one that Sirius/XM sent you). After trying the new lineup for a while, if you really miss me being there on a daily basis... you can always email Kyle... not that I'm suggesting anything

I'll let y'all know more when I know it.

As Bartles and Jaymes used to say: "Thanks for your support!"


Ned Luberecki
Banjo Player,
Nashville, TN

Edited by - Nedski on 11/14/2008 07:11:44

alprice - Posted - 11/14/2008:  07:26:08

Ned, I'm pleased to finally get a chance to hear you on XM. Also pleased to see that Del's show is now a part of both systems. THere's enough good bluegrass music out there for everybody. I like using satellite to hear stuff not already in my collection.



Woolpersteve - Posted - 11/14/2008:  07:34:53

The Great and Powerful Ned has spoken.A it was said , so shall it be written
Long live Nedski.

"The Dude abides"

richmondgeorge - Posted - 11/14/2008:  08:28:31

So, it seems Kyle Cantrell is the person that needs to hear from everyone at BHO. Okay then

Shimdog - Posted - 11/14/2008:  09:35:07

What is Kyle's email address?


"And those who were seen dancing were thought to be insane by those who could not hear the music." - Friedrich Nietzsche

flake - Posted - 11/14/2008:  11:02:08

I've been digging my CD cases back out.


Where are we going, and why am I in this handbasket?

Bruce4501 - Posted - 11/14/2008:  11:56:50

If anyone is interested, this is the email address that was on Kyle Cantrell's "Bluegrass Blog".

Even on the XM site, this was the only thing I could find. I will keep on doing some digging and if I run across another one, i'll let you know.

Bruce Pierce

ryansatterfield - Posted - 11/14/2008:  12:56:23

I've emailed Kyle a couple times since he's been at XM using that address, and he's responded back... so, I'd say it's the right one to use.

-Ryan Satterfield

Bruce4501 - Posted - 11/14/2008:  14:45:44

I sent my vote/opinion in to Sirius/XM!

Ned in the mornings is like...........................??? Well, let's just say it is good!!! LOL

Support Banjo Pickers!!!!!!!

Mike Casey - Posted - 11/14/2008:  17:30:05

I have XM and the radio rarely leaves Bluegrass Track 14. Now that the new company is afoot I hope to hear some of the promised improvements. There are many very good Bluegrass bands that could use some airplay. I don't know who, how or why certain artists get on these programs, but I think the playlists should expand to include new groups and artists as much as possible. BTW I really like the In-Studio programming with the artists playing live and in color. These are a good way to sort of get acquainted with the players and their music. Kyle does a great job as host of these shows.

Mike Casey
and The False Bottom Marketeers

richmondgeorge - Posted - 11/15/2008:  06:17:08

I sent an email to Kyle so I hope I hear something.

fixdent - Posted - 11/15/2008:  06:28:00

What the heck is going to happen with "Gospel Train" from Sunday Mornings.

I am usually on the road Sundays, and look forward to listening to
Bluegrass Gospel. Especially on Sunday morning...what a better day.

I have had both Siruius and XM, (at the same time), and I would say that Sirus DJs were the best.


lestermatt - Posted - 11/15/2008:  13:25:03

Whew ,thats a relief,I thought Ned vanished like like so many on air personalities.Having been a Sirius subscriber for about five years I grew accustom to the talent ,Chris,Joey and Ned and I say if it aint broke dont fix it.But times change.One of my only gripes with Sirius is the redundant top 40 play so it 'll be nice to here other stuff.Did I hear Ned play Temperance reel live the other day? Niiice!I went home and boned up on it after I heard it.And remember,Pick Banjos not fights! (unless yer playin' Hockey!)

bnjoplr - Posted - 11/15/2008:  16:37:23

I'm really enjoying XM after the merger, although I enjoyed it before. I've always liked Kyle but Chris Jones brings another dimension into it. I'm a very happy subscriber!

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Nedski - Posted - 11/17/2008:  06:23:55

Hello all,

Just thought I'd let everyone know that I will be filling in today for Marty Fitzpatrick from noon - 3:00 (est) right after Hand Picked with Del McCoury. I may be filling in for Marty again tomorrow too. I'll let you know. Thanks again for listening!


Ned Luberecki
Banjo Player,
Nashville, TN

Edited by - Nedski on 11/17/2008 12:23:55

Woolpersteve - Posted - 11/17/2008:  08:08:37

Driving out Saturday night to a little performance I got to listen to your show on XM.
Good stuff.I'll get the online hook up running today for the noon broadcast.

"The Dude abides"

xplainer - Posted - 11/17/2008:  12:10:12

Gordon, I'm with you on the Gospel Train. Been with Sirius for three years and the Train was a fixture for me. I knew there was going to be changes, but this one and True Grass are the worst for me. And yes, Nedski and his coffee issue every morning.
I don't know, maybe I'll get used to the changes. But Sirius is not what it was two weeks ago. The product has changed.
But I'm just a subscriber. Just like Mimspicker.

Nedski - Posted - 11/17/2008:  12:37:44

The Gospel Train and Truegrass are still there. In fact Truegrass has been expanded to 3 hours and the Gospel Train is now running twice a week.

Truegrass with Chris Jones airs Fridays at 3:00 pm (est) and Sundays at 6:00 pm. The Gospel Train is on Sunday mornings from 8:00 - 11:00 and again on Wednesday evenings from 8:00 - 11:00.

I know that the new times may take a little getting used to (I still have to look at the schedule myself) but there's really a lot more going on now. XM listeners will now get to hear Truegrass, Derailed (our new name for the Newgrass show) and Del McCoury, while Sirius listeners now get the best stuff from XM's channel like Track by Track, the Studio Special and Wichita Rutherford.

I also found out that I'll be filling in on the afternoon shift for Marty again tomorrow and possibly Wednesday too. Thanks again for listening!


Ned Luberecki
Banjo Player,
Nashville, TN

Woolpersteve - Posted - 11/17/2008:  12:41:41

So Wichita was "the player to be named later"?

"The Dude abides"

banjoken - Posted - 11/17/2008:  19:36:58

Overall I like the change. I have heard many songs that I have not heard on Sirius before. Actually it seems that the XM lineup is getting more airplay than the sirius stuff that I was used to hearing. I could be wrong as I have not had a lot of time to listen since the change. I appreciate that the corny skits between songs are gone and I can handle the train whistle as I have always liked trains, though I have a feeling that it too has been toned down as I have not heard it played every five minutes.

Time will tell though as I hope that the fresh songs will last a long time. I would not say that the problem is a top 40. They do play a good handful of songs from many years ago, but with those too they only play selected ones. I have not talked to any of the DJ's, but I can tell their hands are tied as I am sure the repitition could get boring for them too. If I was a DJ I would want to play all the goodies!

Edited by - banjoken on 11/17/2008 19:38:56

Ray Soulard - Posted - 11/18/2008:  03:04:04

So far, I enjoy the increased variety of the new format. I do hope they bring Ned back full time (and keep Chris too), and keep the Gospel train.
Now can we hear Bleeker Street Rag by the ES Review?

Adk Rebel - Posted - 11/18/2008:  10:58:54


I really miss hearing you on the radio. I'll have to fire off an email to sirius. Caught part of your show today.

I like the fresh new songs and also the "new" old songs. Hopefully, the playlist won't become stale and it will continue to be infused with different material.


Kateyz Banjo Bridges
Custom Scrimshaw by Ed Weber
Price Banjo Cases
My Fawley Retrotones

blugrssmom - Posted - 11/18/2008:  21:54:53

I've been a subscriber to sirius for the last 5 yrs now and I almost never leave channel 65. Ned, I love your show and I've missed you too. Kyle is definatly going to get my e-mail. One thing I've always hoped for was for sirus to offer 2 bluegrass channels. One for a mix of bluegrass like we have now, and one that would be strictly all true grass stuff that would be the oldies. I asked you that question as a possiblity that they could do that for us a year ago at the IBMA, and was told that there wasn't enough material to have a totally true grass channel, but as I've thought about it certainly there is, with all the music that was out there. I think that sattilite radio offers rock oldies from the 50's, 60's 70's, 80's and 90's, and they offer New Country, Old country, Outlaw country, and a couple of different jazz channels, so why not give us a couple of bluegrass channels. We're a huge audience on the sattilite radio. Sometimes I get to where I want to just listen to traditional bluegrass from the first and 2nd generation greats of our music, and I wish I could turn the channel to enjoy just that.

Raynae Redman

banjoken - Posted - 11/19/2008:  04:14:45

Originally posted by blugrssmom

I asked you that question as a possiblity that they could do that for us a year ago at the IBMA, and was told that there wasn't enough material to have a totally true grass channel

Wow... perhaps the issue of limited playlists is not as far up the chain as I thought. Either that or he meant there is not a large enought audience for that.

Nedski - Posted - 11/19/2008:  07:25:59


Thanks for the kind words. Glad to have you as a listener. Concerning the idea of two Bluegrass channels though... I don't think I ever said that there was not enough material for such a channel. I believe that there is. The reason that I think it's unlikely is simply the numbers. While we love this music, there just aren't as many of us as there are people who buy Rap, Hip-Hop, Rock or Country. If you need proof of this, just compare the crowd size at a Bluegrass festival (where you can see 5 or 6 of your favorite artists on the same day) to the arenas that rappers and pop stars sell out on a regularly. Or compare the number of radio stations that play Rock, Country, Rap, etc., to the number that play Bluegrass 24 hours a day. Very few Bluegrass records sell a million copies (very few sell 10,000). Nothing for Snoop Dogg or Brittany Spears.

I'm not trying to be negative... Just pointing out that even though Bluegrass is growing, we still can't compete with the millions of people who buy other types of music. (There are other genre's of music who don't even have a channel, like Polka, Irish and Southern Gospel)

That being said, with the programming guidlines at Bluegrass Junction, I feel like I have a lot better opportunity to try to please fans of all types of Bluegrass music. I'm playing a lot more classic Bluegrass per hour than before (and have access to more to play) but I also think it's very important to support the current artists who are out there keeping this music alive and helping it grow.

Ok. I've rambled long enough here... besides, I'm filling in for Marty again this afternoon and have to get to work. Also, remember that what I have told you is all just my opinion and in no way reflects the views, opinions, beliefs or positions of Sirius/XM Radio, it's management, stock holders, family members, their pets, etc.

And before you email Kyle about my not being there everyday, don't. It's not his fault. I think Kyle is doing a great job with the channel and I'm really enjoying working with him. I am also really enjoying listening to the new channel and hope that you will too.

One more thing... Newgrass/progressive Bluegrass fans take note: "Derailed" will premier this Saturday night from 10:00 pm - midnight (est).

See you on the radio,


Ned Luberecki
Banjo Player,
Nashville, TN

Bluegrass Junction
Sirius Channel 65
XM Channel 14

pickNgrin - Posted - 11/19/2008:  08:38:59

I have been an XM subscriber for a couple of years now, and have been (and continue to be) very happy with it. I initially chose XM over Sirius because I thought it played more of the older stuff, which I love. I also liked that fact that there were large blocks of time with nothing but music, save for a few trainwhistles. The Studio Special interviews are nice for a change, but I'm really in it to hear the music. I usually listen during my commute (20 min each way), and I almost always hear at least a couple of hard driving "real" bluegrass tunes on every trip. They also play some newer stuff, some of which I like, and some of which I don't. So it goes.

I think that with the merger we are getting the best of both worlds... they are keeping XM's deeper playlist with a larger percentage of hardcore bluegrass, and they are also keeping the Sirius DJs and specialty shows, which apparently have a pretty devoted following. I am especially looking forward to hearing Ned's show, as well as Del McCoury's handpicked show.

I think there is going to be plenty of good stuff to keep all flavors of bluegrass fans happy. Any given fan can probaly think of a few things that could be changed to suit their particular tastes better, but XM/Sirius has the difficult task of trying to suit everone's taste a large percentage of the time. I for one think they are doing a terrific job. Just be thankful that there is a 24 hour a day commercial free bluegrass channel AT ALL!


blugrssmom - Posted - 11/19/2008:  15:13:35

Yes, I am happy with a 24 hr. bluegrass channel. I didn't mean to sound like I was complaining, so sorry if it came across that way,'s just that I'm so aditcted to our music that I was wishing and hoping outloud for what I'd love to have in a perfect bluegrass world. My kids gave me my radio installed into my Jeep as a birthday present and it's one of the best gifts I've ever gotten. I am enjoying the larger playlist coming in from XM also and I've noticed a larger selection of "truegrass" which is my first love also. So this merger is good for us as listeners..... But as you say Ned we need to support the new groups out there too, and I definatly am one for that also. My friends from Pine Mt. Railroad were only heard on XM before and obviously I'm on Sirus but just today due to the larger/joint playlist I heard them for the first time on my radio. So that was a real treat. Anyway I think that Sattilite radio for me is one of the best things that's come around in a long time. I love the DJ's because I'm equally interested in learning about the music and when I hear new things that I didn't know before it's a thrill everytime. So thanks for your insight Ned.

Raynae Redman

steve davis - Posted - 11/19/2008:  16:17:42

I've had Bluegrass Junction on most of the day.I heard the Cherryholmes interview with Kyle and then heard Ned for the first time.
Great job,sir.Very knowledgeable and good choices.

"If it sounds good..."

Nedski - Posted - 11/20/2008:  06:36:45

Thanks Raynae and Steve,

Sorry if I came off a bit preachy in my last post, but I get that question a lot: "Why can't we have two Bluegrass channels? One traditional and one progressive?". And while I agree, that would be a great solution, I realize that the chances of it happeing anytime soon are very slim. In the mean time, we've got to do the best we can with the one Bluegrass channel we've got! It's hard to please everybody, but as I've been listening to the new channel, I feel like at least we're on the right track.

Thanks again and listen this Saturday night as "Derailed" takes the air between 10pm and midnight (est). Unless you're offended by Newgrass/progressive Bluegrass and the occasional drum set... in that case, you might want to put in a couple of Bill Monroe CDs. You have been warned.


Ned Luberecki
Banjo Player,
Nashville, TN

Bluegrass Junction
Sirius Channel 65
XM Channel 14

ncmedic - Posted - 11/20/2008:  07:00:24

I am a long time Sirius subscriber, I liked the program before the change and I like
it now. It has taken some getting used to.
You folks do a great job! Keep up the good work.


Life is short, enjoy it, always

steve davis - Posted - 11/20/2008:  07:04:03

I grew up where the only Bluegrass music was in the bargain rack at the local music store.
Whatever you want to play will be just fine.

"If it sounds good..."

beeliner - Posted - 11/20/2008:  10:11:45

I've quit XM, too many mouth pieces and not enough music. I get my bluegrass on line.

beeliner- Revis Martin
Acts 16:31 [ KJV ]

Nedski - Posted - 11/20/2008:  10:52:57

Originally posted by beeliner

I've quit XM, too many mouth pieces and not enough music. I get my bluegrass on line.

beeliner- Revis Martin
Acts 16:31 [ KJV ]


Ouch! Sorry if 30 seconds of talk between every 4 or 5 songs is too much for you. Some folks like to hear some info about the music they just heard, but I guess we're not for everybody.


Ned Luberecki
Banjo Player,
Nashville, TN

Bluegrass Junction
Sirius Channel 65
XM Channel 14

Edited by - Nedski on 11/20/2008 10:55:11

beeliner - Posted - 11/20/2008:  13:13:01

It won't do any good to email them, you'll just get this automated response.

XM is proud to announce our exciting new lineup. You’ll still get over 170 channels including 69 commercial-free music channels covering all genres, plus the best sports, news talk and entertainment. Along with your favorites, we have added new channels, shows, legendary DJs, and celebrity hosts, giving you more of what you love about satellite radio including new commercial-free music channels like Bruce Springsteen’s E Street Radio, the Grateful Dead Channel, Elvis Radio, Jimmy Buffett’s Radio Margaritaville, Siriusly Sinatra, Metropolitan Opera Radio, Eminem’s Shade 45, Jam On, Little Steven’s Underground Garage and more. Plus, you’ll also get new personalities and exclusive shows like Barbara Walters, Chris “Mad Dog” Russo and Jeff Foxworthy. And, even more entertainment including Doctor Radio, Blue Collar Radio and the Foxxhole, produced by Jamie Foxx.

Everything you need to know about the new lineup is online at Download the new channel guide and keep it by your radio. With all of the new programming and personalities, Everything Worth Listening To is Now on XM.

beeliner- Revis Martin
Acts 16:31 [ KJV ]

summerva - Posted - 11/20/2008:  20:13:31

I've quit XM, too many mouth pieces and not enough music. I get my bluegrass on line.

I love to hear some background about the song I just heard..makes me sound smart when I pass along the knowledge to my friends....oh, and I LOVE to hear Ned's laugh!

blugrssmom - Posted - 11/20/2008:  21:45:07

I agree, I love having the DJ's give us some insight and history about our music. I have to say that I love this music so much that learning about it is a huge part of my love for it. I can always stump my friends when I come up with some cool triva or some historical things that leave them with their jaw dropped wondering how I know all this stuff. Well it's thanks to you Ned, Chris, and Joey and all of you DJ's. So for me I love it. It only deepens my love for the music I play. PS Ned, thanks for the forwarning... for me I'll have to put in the cd's for a couple of hours... I know, I know, it's just my own opinion and I respect others who enjoy the newgrass too. This world would be one boring place to live if we all were the same.... Thanks for all the good bluegrass radio all of you DJ's give to us...

Raynae Redman

bebrown - Posted - 11/21/2008:  13:10:35

I had XM a couple of years back when they played more Progressive/New Grass throughout the day. I thought they had a good mix then they went to the pretty much all traditional. I'm disappointed that it still onlly gets a couple of hours late on a Saturday with the merger.

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