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 ARCHIVED TOPIC: The Rainbow Connection....

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banjotom2 - Posted - 10/08/2008:  20:36:21

For 'Rainbow Connection' and other fun tunes for the banjo...

Visit my site at:

Edited by - banjotom2 on 09/09/2009 07:35:20

jamie_t123 - Posted - 10/08/2008:  21:07:11

I think the Kermit version is on youtube....

Never get between a Woman and her Banjo!

Lambington - Posted - 10/08/2008:  21:20:41

Can I get a pre-order on that?
Cheers, Will

owsmith - Posted - 10/11/2008:  06:10:07

Congrats on getting it finished! When you get a chance I'd love a copy.

EJBanjo - Posted - 10/21/2008:  14:45:35

Hi, Can you also send me the Rainbow Connection tab please?
Thanks so much


zeeway - Posted - 10/21/2008:  14:47:29

Please please send it to me. I am sure your version is mucho better than my meager one.

asandwho - Posted - 10/24/2008:  17:43:45

Could you possibly send a copy to Thank you very much. A

zeeway - Posted - 10/24/2008:  19:12:38

Guess I forgot my email address (duh) - please send me a copy:


ChickenPickle - Posted - 11/01/2008:  14:35:28

Go Kermit! Would love a copy -

BanjoBach - Posted - 11/04/2008:  05:31:11


I too would love to receive a copy of Rainbow Connection Tabs.


ryan.donaldson - Posted - 11/04/2008:  18:41:04

Not to be redundant, but I would super duper love a copy of Rainbow Connection Tabs

JimmyBobby - Posted - 11/07/2008:  14:57:29

hey banjotom, if i could get a copy of this too i would greatly appreciate it...

Jim Bob

recoiled - Posted - 11/14/2008:  19:15:38

I would love the Rainbow Connection - I think that it's the song that got me interested in Banjo.


Al. - Posted - 11/16/2008:  06:27:23

I would love a copy of rainbow connection please

taijiman - Posted - 12/05/2008:  07:28:45

I would love to get a copy> My daughter is expected to give birth to my first grand child in early Jan. 2009. As a child she loved this song and her mother sang it to her night at bed time.


carmelite - Posted - 12/05/2008:  21:30:58

If possable I would also Love a copy of Rainbow Connection. I ahve looked everywhere for it and can't find in!! Seems to be no tabs around. Hope you can help.

hoosier picker - Posted - 12/06/2008:  17:58:36

I also would like a copy, thanks!

lsmallwood - Posted - 12/06/2008:  20:30:42

I'd love a copy too please!

MNash1985 - Posted - 01/08/2009:  02:04:27

I would also LOVE a copy of that, i have looked everywhere. Thank You

HB_Dude - Posted - 01/17/2009:  19:13:49

It's been said before on this thread, but it's totally true for me too, The Rainbow Connection is the first song that got me wanting to learn the banjo (then I got into the real stuff!! hehe).

Please gimme a copy of it too. I really appreciate it.

minicoopermellie - Posted - 02/07/2009:  11:06:30

Can I get a copy too, please?


swampthing - Posted - 02/08/2009:  07:13:03

I got a copy of this tab, (thanks Tom) but this tabedit prog is new to me. Anyone know how to edit out the bass and rythm parts before I print it, Ive tried everything?Also, anyone know the chords to this for a vocal backup?

Cigarstache - Posted - 03/01/2009:  08:43:00

May I also get a copy of this tab? I made a promise to myself that Rainbow Connection be the first song that Iearn on the banjo and I can't seem to find it anywhere. (Smart Promise...)


momofthree - Posted - 03/01/2009:  10:51:03

I would love a copy, my husband is helping teach me to play banjo. I would like my first song to be one I loved as a kid.


Edited by - momofthree on 03/01/2009 10:51:34

banjotom2 - Posted - 03/02/2009:  12:04:05


You have to go to:

1. File
2. Options
3. General (you'll be able to 'turn off' the multi track functions here)...

In also have to hit the Multitrack tab and...

4. Un-check the tracks that you don't want. Both 3. and 4. are required to 'hide' and 'disable' the tracks (staffs) you don't want to print.


I''m gonna have to join "Banjo Players Anonymous" and get offa this thing!

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Morganj - Posted - 03/11/2009:  11:03:54

I would absolutly love a copy of the Rainbow Connection. Kermit is my idol!
thank you thank you

guy.savoie - Posted - 03/11/2009:  11:59:21

I would love a copy of Rainbow Connection for Banjo.
Thanks and Best Regards

guy.savoie - Posted - 03/11/2009:  12:01:13

I would love a copy of Rainbow Connection for Banjo.
Thanks and Best Regards

mtbe - Posted - 03/12/2009:  08:26:47

Sign me up for a copy too!

"We have met the enemy, and he is us." - Pogo

mjherrod - Posted - 03/22/2009:  15:23:34

Hi everybody,

I found this post when I searched for tab for Rainbow Connection. Could someone who has the tab send it to me, or let me know where I could find it?

thanks a lot,


twayneking - Posted - 03/22/2009:  22:46:51

Me too:

Man, are you gonna be busy sending e-mail out.

I''m just sayin''

Tom King

Check my latest blog entry, "We ain''t Irish?"
Just click on my avatar...

jpruden - Posted - 04/01/2009:  21:34:37

I'd love a copy..... It really fantastic that you are taking to time to do this.
It seems like these are good times to spread good cheer through songs like this.

emmyreardon - Posted - 04/05/2009:  13:16:04

I'd love a copy of this! Thanks so much!

sliesen - Posted - 04/05/2009:  19:39:43

I would love a copy of this as well, if anyone has it,

McHrebin - Posted - 04/06/2009:  17:58:02

Hey hey, I as well.

handsomedan1987 - Posted - 04/07/2009:  08:15:24

i would love to learn this.

Banjomer - Posted - 04/17/2009:  16:14:20

Please send me a copy


elfninja13 - Posted - 04/19/2009:  22:41:41

i would like da tabs please!

jessiethejet - Posted - 04/21/2009:  20:47:36

Me too please.


Laura Moss - Posted - 04/22/2009:  18:31:35

If you would be so kind.


imyersongbird - Posted - 04/23/2009:  09:48:41

I am excited about this tab! Sent you an email for it :)

pops54 - Posted - 04/27/2009:  09:30:23

Copy for me please ( grand kids )

JLEcru - Posted - 05/14/2009:  18:59:57

I'd greatly appreciate a copy of the tab.
Thanks in advance.

kawon - Posted - 05/14/2009:  19:07:28

can I get a copy

banjotom2 - Posted - 05/15/2009:  04:55:11

How should I get it to you?


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"Them what picks together...sticks together!"

In memory of my late mother, Rose Marie Arri (July 4th 1938 - October 27th, 2000)...she attended the same Washington University in St. Louis as John Hartford did and was in a similar fine arts program about 10 years prior to John. She was a fashion illustrator and taught me how to draw. She hung the first fiddle I ever saw on the wall at home and never did care much for my banjo playing! :)


kawon - Posted - 05/15/2009:  05:25:28

Sorry new to this forum thing didn't realize I had to put my e-mail

MrSideshow - Posted - 05/24/2009:  03:03:51

Hey Tom, I'd love a copy of this. Thanks!

goldmond - Posted - 05/25/2009:  15:27:18

Hey Tom, if you can handle sending out another email I'd love a copy of Rainbow Connection as well.

newbieonthebanjo - Posted - 05/26/2009:  07:10:27

one more request (sending out emails may be turning into a fulltime job, eh?)- I'd also love a copy if you don't mind!

Fatz the Banjo Man - Posted - 06/24/2009:  21:16:25

Could you please give some tabs to a learning banjo player? Please?


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