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jwestx4 - Posted - 09/19/2008:  12:52:56

I play the banjo and my wife wants me to get her an upright bass. I have a friend who plays bass and they have a used Cremona SB-3 for sale for $550.00 with case. The bass is in excellent shape they bought it new, and she recently upgraded to an Engleheart. Does anyone know if this bass would be a good choice for the price to start out on? Any comments and suggestions would be appreciated.

Couchie - Posted - 09/19/2008:  13:54:40

If price is an issue, then this is a good place to start.



N.E.banjo - Posted - 09/19/2008:  13:56:10

I just wanted to say welcome!

I know you asked about the Cremona - but I'd copy the friend and get an Engelhardt if you can.


frailin - Posted - 09/19/2008:  14:38:46

I bought a Palatino (same factory as Cremona) off ebay. It was a fine player. I DID have to put about $250 into the fretboard and better strings. The action when it came was lousy and the strings were worse. But after it was all done, it turned out to be a FINE player! In fact, when I sold it, I made some $$ Woo-hoo!


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Texasbanjo - Posted - 09/19/2008:  15:51:11

I have a friend who started with a Cremona. It isn't as good as an Englehart, but for an entry level bass, it's not bad. My friend changed out the bridge and strings and it sounded pretty good (still does). The price sounds okay, too, as my friend paid a little over $1M for his.

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CurtissWhite - Posted - 09/19/2008:  22:17:03

Jason, check out this site.

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Mimspicker - Posted - 09/20/2008:  07:36:31

Originally posted by CurtissWhite

Jason, check out this site.

Earl''s the man!
Frailin''s 999th friend!

That is a good resource for bass. However they really discourage any bass they describe as a "CCB" or cheap Chinese bass" If the bass is set up correctly it can certainly be a good starter bass. I have a Palatino and have no complaints.


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jwestx4 - Posted - 09/22/2008:  05:16:20

Thanks for all the input an information. This has been very helpful. Now back to my banjo!

stellingbelle - Posted - 09/22/2008:  05:34:58

Cremona is a pretty good starter bass. I played one for several years. The only complaint I really had was the neck was very clubby. A little neck work and a good set up and it should be ok.


flake - Posted - 09/22/2008:  07:38:48

My wife's playing an SB-3 right now. The tone was pretty good to start with, but improved substantially after I moved the soundpost and fiddled with the bridge. The action was great for out of the box. But I'll second the notion that they tend towards the clubby side on the necks-----a reshape isn't out of line, and attention to the fingerboard would probably be in order also (unless the precious owners have already attended to these details).

The thing about basses that I've found is, you can take three of the exact same model from the exact same manufacturer and they will all feel differently in your left hand. Just a thing.


edit: I forgot to mention....a friend of ours who has been playing for quite some time, and has found his dream bass (a late 50s Kay) offered to buy it off of her the first time he played it. The thing has good tone, but it projects like you wouldn't believe!

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stellingbelle - Posted - 09/22/2008:  11:34:50

I would reshape the bridge too. Most bridges come from the factory without being shaped to the top. I agree that all basses feel differently and it is a matter of getting it the way YOUR wants/needs it. I am a big ole corn fed gal with great big hands and lots of muscle. Someone who is tiny, with little hands and not much in the way of forearm strength will need more of a set up than us hillbilly gals.


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