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 ARCHIVED TOPIC: Banjo Loft update....

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wfawley - Posted - 09/09/2008:  07:17:50

It's been a long time since I posted anything regarding the state of things here, and I am getting plenty of inquiries, so time to update thosewho are intrested. I'll add some pictures later...but text will have to suffice for the time being.

I have finally concocted a plan to clear up my backlog of orders that is working. Grnated, it's not pleasing to everybody. Customers would prefer that I do this one at a time....and if I did, It would take me 2 years or more to clean this mess up. As it is, it's going to take me another 3- 6 months, but I am really on track. The wife keeps watching for signs of burn-out, but I feels so good about the direction that things are headed, that I don't look for that to happen. She was telling her brother yesterday that "the only time I see him is when we eat, or when he gives me a kiss before going to bed." ...and that's not far from the truth.. I have been logging the hours. The grass has been cut but 3 times this year....I forget to shave...and I'm constantly covered with dust, which I've become allergic to.

The allergy turns out to be the good news....well, the treatment for it has turned out well. I take Claritin D every day...and the sudafed in it keeps my metabolism at previous levels. A typical day get up at 6:30 and drink a cup of coffee or 2 while reading the hangout....go to work around 7:00 am and work until 2:45 pm or dinner about 3:00, nap until about 6:00 pm, and back to work when I get up. I work until 1:00 or 2:00 am....and TJ gets me back up at 6:30 to start it all over again. I have done this the entire summer, taking but 2 days off.

I have 29 neck, and a handful of resonators headed for finishing.= in the next day or 2. Fortunately for my customers, some of those are for future stock, so those will be set aside while theirs are finished.

I had made such a mess of things here that I was overwhelmed. The greatest journey begins with a single step, so I resolved myself to just keep working at it, and keep at it until it began to make sense. Well, I have arrived at that spot.

I tackled the bluegrass stuff (and 3 Seegers) first, because that was the biggest pile of work, and I have that end of things well in hand now. In a few weeks, much of what has been decorating my shop walls for a long time will be gone, and I'll start into the oldtime orders with the same fervor, the same dedication that's gotten me to this point. By Christmastime this year, I should have things well under control.

Keep the faith......things are looking up.


If your friends criticize the car you drive, or the banjo you play. Get new ones.

Frebazak - Posted - 09/09/2008:  08:42:01

Wyatt, that nap in the middle of the day is a good thing. The Japanese have been touting it for ...ever... and I started taking one about a month ago when I contracted Bronchitis. Just a couple of hours really helps as I seem to get a second wind for evening chores. That "Single step" thing is also a good idea. My goal each day is to accomplish at least one thing...and that can just be a step in the process I am working on (ie take the blades off the mower... tomorrow I will put the new ones on). . Do you have a dust fiitration system in the shop? I got one a year ago and it has stopped my constant sneezing without having to wear a dust mask? Lastly, don't forget to take some time to smell the roses my friend..... the rest of it WILL wait.


Life is one grand, sweet song, so start the music.
Ronald Reagan

wfawley - Posted - 09/09/2008:  10:36:52

I don't have an air filtration system. I make bushel baskets of dust. I would probably kill off any system in short order.


If your friends criticize the car you drive, or the banjo you play. Get new ones.

Adk Rebel - Posted - 09/09/2008:  11:31:23

Glad to hear that you're still going strong Wyatt. Sounds like you found a system that works.

I know what it's like to get overwhelmed by things that need to be done and the only way to tackle it is just the way you are - one step at a time.

I still have to make it down there one of these days for a visit, but only when you're ready.


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wfawley - Posted - 09/09/2008:  11:33:19

Just to clarify one thing.....When I say "by Chrsitmas time I should have things well in hand"....I mean all orders, those from the oldtime community, the bluegrass community and the folk community. No one customer or one group is any more important than the other. I need all of these orders filled, and am doing my level best to do just that.

Hi Rich.......You're welcome any time. I buy the big contractor packs of sandpaper


Edited by - wfawley on 09/09/2008 11:34:50

grassrootphilosopher - Posted - 09/11/2008:  05:12:14

Mr. Fawley,

it sounds good that you are on the right track. I´ve been watching - as you may be aware of - your work and your person for quite a while now. Let me say that I wish you all the best. People like you (and your wife) that keep on going when about everything seems to fall apart provide an example for others. So keep on going and watch out for your health. I enjoy your posts.


Sheldon - Posted - 09/11/2008:  09:03:03

I am happy to read your update . . . . . I almost ordered a Retrotone a few years ago. I'm glad didn't (To be honest, I didn't have the $$), it would have put an additional load on you. . . . . . However, I have been saving.


wfawley - Posted - 09/11/2008:  10:03:57

I'm grateful for the support. I just wish that this whole saga hadn't played out the way it di. Had I reallized that I had the asophageal condition much sooner, I think I'd be in a much different spot today.

On a slightly different note.....going through these necks and prepping them for finish, I have had to look closely at a couple necks that I did a lot earlier on.....and I'll be replacing those. The frets are on a bias....and even though they would play just fine....they can't leave here like that...not without a big No 2 stamped on them. The workmanship evident in the necks I have built this summer stand head and shoulders above my earlier efforts. I really mean it when I say I think my best is yet to come.....but less than my best.....I just can't deliver.


If your friends criticize the car you drive, or the banjo you play. Get new ones.

Emiel - Posted - 09/11/2008:  10:31:01

Sounds like the right spirit. Glad you're doing well!


ambpicker - Posted - 09/11/2008:  10:52:17

I've greatly enjoyed our email correspondence, and look forward to more. I wish you all the best. In addition, I hope you do take a rest on occasion.


wfawley - Posted - 09/11/2008:  11:22:07

I just can't take time off now. For years I just didn't perform anywhere close to own or my customers', and now that I am strong enough to log the hours, I really feel guilty when I'm not working. I hand-sanded so much this week, that I've nearly abraded all of the skin from my left thumb. It's really tender.

Here are a couple pictures of the senior class of 2008. Eight weeks ago 2/3rds of this stuff did not exist. All of these are final sanded and ready for stain and finish...except for a couple which already have a few coats of finish on them. The entire bottom row is necks that I have built for stock.

Leslie......I have a bunch of questions....naturally, but feel as though perhaps it's not my place. I'm just blown away by the whole thing. Nuff said for here. Thanks.


If your friends criticize the car you drive, or the banjo you play. Get new ones.

GerryH - Posted - 09/11/2008:  18:13:25


wfawley - Posted - 09/11/2008:  18:33:28

That's the seniors. There will be more graduates this year for sure. Another group roughly the size of this one. Also noteworthy....That's nowhere near the resonators that I am room to hang them all, so they're stuffed ina cupboard.


If your friends criticize the car you drive, or the banjo you play. Get new ones.

beegee - Posted - 09/11/2008:  19:10:34

Gee, Wyatt, if I lived closer, I'd come give you a hand with the grunt work.

If there are no stupid questions, then what kind of questions do stupid people ask? Do they get smart just in time to ask questions?
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mlucht - Posted - 09/11/2008:  19:59:18


Looks like you are churning out lots of things. Just make sure that you put your health first before anything. I am sure your customers would understand. Also that is a mighty fine style 11 wouldn't know whose that might be???

Fawley Retrotone

wfawley - Posted - 09/11/2008:  20:35:45

Hi Matt......Yep, that's yours....I was sure to hang that one so you could see it. I just spent the evening playing "bind the resonators"...which is something I always pay to have done. I hate it. But....the 97 Scruggs resonator needed the upper binding replaced, and I had a maple resonator that needed rings and bindings. I stained the 2 necks that are for the 97 Scruggs pot. I have both a standard neck and a 49 classic neck for that one....and since I was staining the resonator sidewall, I needed those 2 necks stained with the same stain.

Now to get my friend's style 2 Nick Lucas neck fitted up to his diamond flange MB pot. I'll have that done in a couple hours. Things are going to start clickin' here now.

I feel great. I'm going to ride this horse as long as it has legs.


If your friends criticize the car you drive, or the banjo you play. Get new ones.

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