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 ARCHIVED TOPIC: John Grey and Sons London

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ChrisKing - Posted - 08/01/2008:  21:41:56

Hey, I have a John Grey and Sons 5 string Banjo. Im looking to find an exact year, I know they where made between 1911 and 1967. but im trying to find somthing my exact. It does not have a truss rod, and its got a "dowel stick" instead of a corodanation rod. Anybody know anything?

John Grey and Sons London. Anybody know much about them?

pluckyfingers - Posted - 08/01/2008:  22:35:42

A shop in Melbourne, Australia is selling a tenor for $375.

I suffer for my addiction and now it''s your turn...

Bill Rogers - Posted - 08/01/2008:  22:39:00

Check the British Banjo Makers list.


ChrisKing - Posted - 08/01/2008:  22:40:31

Where would I find that?

John Grey and Sons London. Anybody know much about them?

Bill Rogers - Posted - 08/02/2008:  00:50:07

Here's part 1. Immediate hit with Google.


ChrisKing - Posted - 08/02/2008:  15:03:10

so that tells me that "John Grey and sons London" Where made between the years of 1928 and 1960. is there anyway i can narow it down by the Construction of it?

John Grey and Sons London. Anybody know much about them?

banjonz - Posted - 08/03/2008:  20:55:55

Apart from the link that Bil posted, there is really not much more available on John Grey banjos. Like many other makers of old, very few records were kept so it makes it almost impossible to put a date on a particular instrument.

New Zealand

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5stringJim - Posted - 08/04/2008:  02:22:57

The early John Grey banjos were high quality, often with an elegantly engraved or machine-tooled and laquered brass resonator. Check out these links.

The 1950's period was when they made horrible, basic banjos like the one pictured above. I started out on a long-neck 5 string of '60's vintage, wood shell, no tone ring, poorly constructed. Got me hooked on the old banjer, though

Jim Hyndman

Edited by - 5stringJim on 08/04/2008 02:23:47

skip sail - Posted - 12/12/2008:  02:19:22

I have your banjo! longneck john grey&sons from the 60s.ugly but interesting.

ChrisKing - Posted - 12/12/2008:  21:32:37

Yeah, Mines pretty poor quality, But it sounds nice to my ears and makes me want to play, so thats all I need. I've Dated mine back to early 60's. I bought it off this neat old lady, her husband bought It for His brothers kid but he never played it so He got It back and learnt Himself. From what she says He found in a pawn shop round the mid sixtys.

Edited by - ChrisKing on 12/12/2008 21:35:30

goldtopia - Posted - 12/13/2008:  06:08:51

John Grey died a long time ago. The chap who took over the business knows all the history of John Grey banjos and other instruments. I had a chat with him and he told me john Grey never made any banjos. They were made for him including other instruments like concertinas. Many years ago I had one or two John Greys. One of them was very good but the other which was probably earlier, maybe prewar was awful. They did progressively improve.


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