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since 2/16/17

04/21/2017 08:49:37 View FlyinEagle's Photo Albums Reply with Quote

Anyone have experience with these picks?

I have been using the Acri brass fingerpicks because they are by far the most comfortable I have found.  Problem is, they are like wearing medieval armor on your fingertips.  I’d like to find something similarly comfortable, but a bit less massive.

Ross Nickerson claims the Nick Picks sit higher and are more comfortable, but there doesn’t seem to be any reviews on here that I can refer to and verify the claim.  I’m also not clear from his website whether they are steel or nickel silver. 

Can anyone who has used the Nick picks vouch for their comfort?  


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04/21/2017 11:05:50 View virginian's Classified Ads Reply with Quote

Yes i use them and they are comfortable and produce a good tone.I have no idea what they are made of.

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dgibsonPlayers Union Member

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04/21/2017 11:26:57 Reply with Quote

I have tried lots of different picks and I like Nicks Picks the best.

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spiniPlayers Union Member

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04/21/2017 15:21:30View spini's MP3 Archive View spini's Photo Albums Reply with Quote

I agree the Acri are very comfortable, I use the Acri Nickle finger picks. I have brass as well but like the nickel better. I found them at Mass Street Music in Lawrence KS. The most comfortable picks I have ever used.

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04/27/2017 05:00:41 View FlyinEagle's Photo Albums Reply with Quote

OK, I ordered a pair of the Nick Picks yesterday. I will post a review after I have a change to use them for a bit.

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05/10/2017 12:30:43 Reply with Quote

I ran into Mr. Acri in Mendocino in the nineties and bought two sets of his fingerpicks. I used them a lot, and found them to be workable, but, as the first poster said, like wearing medieval armor. I stopped using them for that reason, going back to the Nationals I own and treasure like the Holy Grail. Only time I use the Acris now are when I'm studying a difficult run and want to use them the way baseball players use those doughnuts to make their bats seem lighter when they take them off.

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