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 Mon amie la rose - first attempt at singing in French!

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04/20/2017 21:52:25 View Daveybob's MP3 Archive View Daveybob's Photo Albums View Daveybob's Blog Reply with Quote

Hi all, this is my first post in a while, I trust all's well in banjoland :)

This is the first video I have made since I replaced the steel strings on my eraly-1900s Clifford Essex C. E. Special with Super Nylguts. I'm very happy with the lovely warm tone of these strings on this banjo, these banjos were originally strung with gut, so it feels like it can once again sound like was originally intended.

I have lately been working at combining my love of music with my love of the French language, and this is the first song in French that I've learned to sing and play from start to finish without having to look at the words!

It's a cover of a really lovely song by Françoise Hardy from 1964. As I went to upload it I noticed that the Banjo Hangout competetion for April is cover songs! Well that's a nice coincidence so I've entered this video in the competition - I hope folks don't mind that it's not in English (there's an English translation of the lyrics in the video description).

By the way, Françoise Hardy did record a version of this song in English, but the French version is far superior imo!

Apologies for the dim lighting in the video, I did this take late at night while testing the equipment, ready to do some takes the next morning in the harsh light of day; but I feel that the melancholic mood of the dim lighting quite suits the song.

All the best from Davey Bob

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FrLe23Players Union Member

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04/21/2017 05:13:46 View FrLe23's Photo Albums Reply with Quote

well done :D
your french is good although sometimes covered by the banjo that was louder,
I'm sure Francoise Hardy would be proud of this version.
Very good

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Paul Roberts

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04/21/2017 07:11:10View Paul Roberts's MP3 Archive View Paul Roberts's Photo Albums View Paul Roberts's Blog Reply with Quote

Thank you for expanding the banjo's reach into the international realm. It's good to hear heartfelt singing with the banjo. Your banjo certainly sounds quite at home with nylon strings, with a very warm and gentle tone. 

I found this info about the song on Wikipedia: "Mon amie la rose" is a poem written by Cécile Caulier and Jacques Lacome, originally performed in song by French singer Françoise Hardy in 1964. It became one of Hardy's most popular songs, and was collected on her album Mon amie la rose.

English translation from another website:

My friend the rose

Versions: #1#2

Chorus 1:
We are so few things
And my friend the rose told me so this morning
Verse 1:
I was born at dawn
Baptised in dew
I blossomed
Happy and in love
In the rays of the sun
I closed myself at night
I awoke old
Yet I was beautiful
the most beautiful
Of all the flowers in your garden
Chorus 1
Verse 2
We are so few things
And my friend the rose told me so this morning
See, the God who made me
Made my head bowed down
And I feel I'm falling
And I feel I'm falling
My heart is almost bare
I have the foot in the grave
Already I am not
You admired me only yesterday
And I shall be dust
Forever, tomorrow
We are so few things
And my friend the rose
Died this morning
The moon this night
Kept vigil over my friend
And I saw in a dream
Her soul, dancing
Dazzling and naked,
Above the heavens,
Smiling at me.
Believe who can believe
I need Hope
Or else I am nothing



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04/21/2017 07:17:59View Daveybob's MP3 Archive View Daveybob's Photo Albums View Daveybob's Blog Reply with Quote

Thanks guys, I appreciate the comments & insights :)

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04/21/2017 09:59:24View coreyowen's MP3 Archive View coreyowen's Photo Albums Reply with Quote

What a beautiful song, and very nicely done!!

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05/10/2017 11:44:51View Dr.Ken's MP3 Archive Reply with Quote

A French ballad on an American instrument by an Ozzie . . . How cool is that ! ? ! ? ! ?

F A B U L O U S   ! ! ! !

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