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 2001 Gibson Earl Scruggs H&F at Guitar Center

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04/20/2017 17:34:22 Reply with Quote


Guitar Center has a 2001 Scruggs H&F Banjo listed at a Des Moines, IA store, at $2999.00. 

They've tagged it with their "Excellent" condition rating, which in writing they define as essentially "as new" condition with no blemishes or signs of wear.  I'm not saying that is actual condition, and have nothing to do with the listing or the instrument, just passing it on for those ES lovers out there:​ 


Sorry if this is the wrong forum, just didn't think it was a Classified or Swap Shop, since it is not my listing, just passing on an alert for anyone interested.







The Old Timer

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If it's really Excellent, that's a fair price.

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and a firm one lol

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04/22/2017 15:04:19 Reply with Quote

To be honest I've been considering getting either this or the RB3 they have listed. Looking at the pictures though it looks a little dusty for "like new".

Anybody know how the ESS compares to the RB3?

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04/23/2017 00:48:46 Reply with Quote

The ESS is maple, with an ebony board. The RB3 is mahogany, with a rosewood board. There are subtle tonal differences, and only you can decide what's right for you.

They do have a very liberal return/rejection policy. You can have them ship it to a GC near you and go there and check it out, and pass.   You have to buy it.  Or, pick it up there (or have it shipped to you directly), get it whichever way, and pass within (I think) 30 days. But you do have to pay for the shipping.

I agree what the thought above---That if  the condition is true to their "Excellent" rating, the $2999 is solidly a fair price,  if you're looking for an ESS.

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Doesn't this look like this has a high crown head?

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