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 Anyone tried Schatten BJ-02M pickup / microphone combo?

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02/17/2017 07:28:42 Reply with Quote

There have been a couple folks who posted on this, just wondering if anyone else has tried it with good results? Currently, I use a Gold Tone ABS-C (condenser clip mic) with decent results but it doesn't work well in certain loud bar situations. I really want to avoid the pickup-only sound.

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I've used shatten for years and added the mini mic to the standard system about a year ago. With the blender you can get excellent acoustic tone. I also EQ the signal to dial on the frequencies I want and dodge the ones I don't.  The only issue with any pickup system that employs a condenser is feedback. They all have the microphones effect when you get too close to the monitors, amp, etc.

I happen to have a spare system I just took out of one of my banjos. Send me a message if you are interested. I'm a shatten dealer and I ca give you a great deal in this, especially since it's gently used. This one only has about 20 hours of play time on it I'm guessing,

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J WardPlayers Union Member

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Ben, I've played a banjo with the shatten pick up into a Shure 57 mic combo on a regular basis when everyone else is plugged in on loud pub gigs and I get great volume and tone.

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Joe the banjo guy

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I do a similar blend with a rig I've cobbled together from a magnetic pickup and a condenser mic.  It works well, for the most part.  I'd imagine it would work well with the piezo pickup from the Schatten too. 

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