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Playing Since: 1999

Experience Level: Expert/Professional

[Socializing] [Helping]

Occupation: musician/performer

Gender: Male

Age: 62

My Instruments:
Deering Eagle II Open Back, GoldTone Banjola, Deering Good Time Banjo with a Custon bridge and a Kevlar head. high-tuned to A. Eric Purst Tackhead banjo, fretless with nylgut strings, tuned to D.

Favorite Bands/Musicians:
Don Stover, Tony Trischka, Annie & Mac, John Hartford

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Created 2/19/2009
Last Visit 9/11/2014


Latest Blog Entry

Been Away and Busy but NOT Banjoless

Saturday, August 23, 2014 @12:17:33 AM

I make my living at music and you might think that that takes the joy out of it ... but it doesn't.

I hate booking. I hate cold calling. I hate promoting. I hate leaving my pretty wife all the time to travel - but I love playing music and I never get tired of it, even when I'm tired. But sometimes it does draw me away from keeping up with the social things about music, especially banjo music. So it's been a while since I've updated this blog.

The God's honest truth is, I'm a guitar player. I have some audiences fooled into thinking I'm a real banjo player, but I know the truth and I don't mind. When I do solo concert sort-of-shows, I play a few banjo songs. If I have another player or a band with me, I'll play as much banjo as I can. When I do some of the historical events, where I play a concert or two and then set up a display area for CD sales - I play my banjo constantly. People love the banjo. They hear it and they are drawn. If I sit there and play the guitar, they smile and walk on by. If I sit there and play the banjo they have to stop and they have to talk and ask about the banjo. I swear; it is a magic instrument. Hell, the magic captures ME! You can't sit with a banjo in your lap. You HAVE to play it.

I played at the Sons of Confederate Veterans National Convention last month ... and I swear I played three full days, 8 hours a day, non-stop in convention vendor area . I played a hundred songs I never knew I knew and made up a hundred more. I only stopped to sell a few CDs - and I sold every one that I had with me. Did I say the banjo is magic?

OK - so this brings me to my point. I finally settled on a new banjo (been thinking about it for a while) and I chose a Deering Eagle II Open Back banjo. Wow, what a beauty! I only hope I can do it justice one day. It has a sweet, LOUD bright sound, but round like an open back. I play a mix of 3 finger and an abbreviated frailing technique and this thing just rings so pretty.

I still play my banjola and I was given a nice little pony banjo that I'll fix up and use - and I have I Prust tackhead, fretless banjo too It's enough to keep me busy!.

Anyway - I'm just another guitar player, happy to be learning the banjo!


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