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Playing Since: 1975

Experience Level: Purty Good

[Jamming] [Socializing]

Occupation: Cartoonist/illustrator

Gender: Male

Age: 66

My Instruments:
An open back Gold Tone CC Old-Time banjo.
An antique fretless banjo of unknown origin. Found on the wall of a barn in West Virginia, and I bought it on eBay. It's estimated to be from the mid- to late 1800's.
An old japanes bluegrass banjo I bought in 1975. I don't remember it's name, I have painted it over, but it sounded like some japanes motorbike. The name, that is. Not the banjo :-) It was probably Yamaha or something.
A banjo mandolin and a guitjo.
And apart from that some guitars. A Blueridge BR 143, Harmony parlor 1920, Republic parlor 2008, Washburn parlor 2008, Silvertone archtop 1960, Kentucky mandolin, old Landola mandolin from FInland, and a Gold Tone GM 6 six string guitar mandolin, a Lanikai Baritone Ukulele, a MacNally Strumstick, an autoharp, fiddle, piano, mountain dulcimer etc. etc.

Favorite Bands/Musicians:
Oh, too many to mention. Maybe later.
But Doc Watson certainly is one of them.
Though I play old time, my musical tastes are not limited to genres.
I listen to different kinds of folk music, classical, jazz, blues, cajun, zydico, bluegrass, western swing, rock, etc. etc.
Somebody said: There are two kinds of music, good and bad. It's not limited to genres.
And Tony Rice one of the greatest flatpicking guitarists has said, that one ought to listen to all kinds of music, because it will all help forming your musical identity. And I think that's true.

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Created 11/24/2007
Last Visit 1/20/2016


Latest Blog Entry

Doc Watson Family Milestones.

Wednesday, February 6, 2013 @8:46:34 AM

Most of you will know that Doc Watson passed away last year and so did his wife Rosa Lee. Now Nancy Watson their daughter have been working on this project for almost 10 years. Collecting never before heard home recordings from the family's private collection. Recordings by Doc and family members. Take a look at this link and listen to some samples, read about the project and see some pictures:

It can be purchased here:

Jesper Deleuran
Admin. of the Doc Watson Rules! group on facebook:


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