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Occupation: Information professional

Gender: Male

Age: 56

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Bart Reiter Professional, IR 5-string open back
Bacon Professional FF IR banjo mandolin, 1918
Doc Huff IR 4-string cello banjo
Bob Thornburg grain measure 5-string

Various mandolins and guitars

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(In no particular order) Mike Seeger, Pete Seeger, Adam Hurt, Clarke Buehling, Cathy Fink, Abigail Washburn, Gillian Welch, Bruce Molsky, Dan Levenson, Bob Thornburg, Steve Baughman, The Carolina Chocolate Drops, Mike Marshall, Sarah Jarosz and all the others I'm forgetting right now.

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Trip to Mandolin Brothers, Part II

Sunday, October 24, 2010 @7:01:45 AM

So I went in to pick Rachel from her 90th birthday checkup. She's holding up well -- has a new bridge, smooth turning tuners, and the same great sound.  Gibson made some nice mandolins in 1920.

But the note that drew attention in part I of this report was my advertures with GPS. I live in north Jersey and Mandolin Brothers should only be a 45 minute trip, but my GPS routed me through Newark on the last trip, and over the Pulaski Skyway on the way back.  The hour and 1/2 round trip took more like two and a half -- some of it through Newark traffic..  Some of it was my fault -- I shouldn't have obeyed the GPS and taken routes I new to be stafer. But in the end I was so mad I yanked out of the car, brought to my wife and said she could either try to make sense of it or trhow if away.

Maps. I used a map this time.  Went a way I've never been -- straight there and straight back. Easy peasy. I wrote the directions down but the route was so simple I didn't even need to consult my notes on either leg of my trip. Molly says she'd lke to keep the GPS in the car in case we ever get lost, and I relented. She's usually right. About everything. But I'm back to being a map guy these days.

And Mandolin Brothers? If you live in Metro NYC you probably know about it -- if you haven't visited you should. If you haven't visited in a while you should. Two visits ago I ran into tourists from the Netherlands who were visiting NY for a week and made a special trip -- a pilgrammage perhaps -- to the shop. Acoustic stringed instruments of every sort hanging on the walls -- you can take any of them down for a trial. No pressure to by anything. The instruments speak for themselves.

And use a map to get there.

2 comments on “Trip to Mandolin Brothers, Part II”

drummerboy Says:
Tuesday, October 26, 2010 @7:40:37 AM

I went there from Pa. to buy my banjo because I'm left handed and they were the only "close" place to have one.
Frailinaway Says:
Tuesday, December 21, 2010 @12:44:01 PM

I can truly appreciate your GPS problems. We recently got rid of one (Tom Tom) that gave the verbal directions exactly 180 degrees off. Instead of the correct "Turn left in 20 yards" we got "Turn right in 20 yards".....and there was no 'turn right' available. The directions for entering and exiting the Interstate were also 180 degrees off and nearly resulted in an accident before we realized what was going on. Contacted Tom Tom and they said this was not an uncommon problem and gave me directions, involving reprogramming several functions, to correct it. My solution was to return it to the place of purchase (fortunately we still had the receipt) and buy another brand....which works just fine.

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