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Occupation: Information professional

Gender: Male

Age: 54

My Instruments:
Bart Reiter Professional, IR 5-string open back
Bacon Professional FF IR banjo mandolin, 1918
Doc Huff IR 4-string cello banjo

Doc Huff IR cello banjo
Bob Thornburg grain measure 5-string

Various mandolins and guitars

Favorite Bands/Musicians:
(In no particular order) Mike Seeger, Pete Seeger, Adam Hurt, Clarke Buehling, Cathy Fink, Abigail Washburn, Gillian Welch, Bruce Molsky, Dan Levenson, Bob Thornburg, Steve Baughman, The Carolina Chocolate Drops, Mike Marshall, Sarah Jarosz and all the others I'm forgetting right now.

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"Must hear" clawhammer artists?

Thursday, July 08, 2010 @12:47:56 PM

The question comes up every few months, and I've compled a list.  Some of the people on the list were in my collection before I started copying down others' recommendations, and some are now in my collection because I've taken others' advice.

This too will evolve.

- John Balch
- Riley Baugus
- Laura Boosinger
- Gaither Carleton
- Bob Carlin
- Fred Cockerham
- Chris Coole
- Mary Cox
- Kyle Creed
- Dwight Diller
- Dan Gellart
- Rhiannon Giddens
- Cathy Fink
- John Hartford
- Roscoe Holcombe
- David Holt

- Adam Hurt
- Tommy Jarrell
- Walt Koken
- Brad Leftwich
- Dan Leveneson
- RD Lunceford
- Reed Martin
- Bruce Molsky
- Arnie Naiman
- New Lost City Ramblers
- Ken Perlman
- Mike Seeger
- Matoktie Slaughter
- Kirk Sutphin
- Uncle Earl
- Wade Ward
- Abigail Washburn
- Gillian Welch
- Linda Williams
- Oscar Wright

Some collections:
- Clawhammer Banjo (three volumes), the County Records collection that includes Tommy Jarrell, Fred Cockerham, Oscar Wright, Matokie Slaughter, Gaither Carlton, Wade Ward, et alia.

- Old Time Banjo Festival -- with Laura Boosinger, Bob Carlin, Cathy Fink, Dan Gellert, David Holt, Adam Hurt, Reed Martin, Bruce Molsky, Arnie Naiman, Mike Seeger, Bob Smakula, et alia.

- Banjo Gathering -- Scott Ainslie, Steve Baughman, John Cohen, Alice Gerrard, Gordy Hinners, Brad Leftwich, John McCutcheon, Rafe Stefani, Bob Thornburg et alia.

- The Old Time Mountain Banjo -- Frank Jenkins, Charlie Poole, Clarence Ashley, Bascom Lamar Lumsford, Buell Kazee, Coon Creek Girls et alia.

- Close to Home: Old Time Music from Mike Seeger's Collection, 1952-1967

- Stay all night . . . and Don't Go Home (Jarrell/Cockerham/Wright)
- Down to the Cider Mill (Jarrell/Cockerham/Wright)
- The High Lonesome Sound (Roscoe Holcomb)
- An Untamed Sense of Control (Roscoe Holcomb)
- Classic Mountain Songs from Smithsonian Folkways

6 comments on “"Must hear" clawhammer artists?”

strumn1 Says:
Friday, July 09, 2010 @4:22:05 AM

Adam Hurt
Jason Romero
raharris Says:
Friday, July 09, 2010 @5:51:57 AM

How could I have forgotten Adam Hurt!! As for Romero, I love his banjos but have never heard him play. Does he have any recordings?
strumn1 Says:
Friday, July 09, 2010 @6:22:12 AM

Yes, part of the group called "The Haints". Excellent playing.
raharris Says:
Friday, July 09, 2010 @6:55:43 AM

I'll look them up. Unfortunately everything I've found on YouTube features Romero from the back. One one full on vid -- Mole in the Ground -- cut off part way through.
Bill Rogers Says:
Saturday, July 17, 2010 @12:41:03 AM

One of the most brilliant players around, far too little recorded, is Howie Bursen.
raharris Says:
Saturday, July 17, 2010 @5:30:29 AM

Never heard of him, Bill, but I'll see what I can find. Any suggestions?

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