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Occupation: Information professional

Gender: Male

Age: 56

My Instruments:
Bart Reiter Professional, IR 5-string open back
Bacon Professional FF IR banjo mandolin, 1918
Doc Huff IR 4-string cello banjo
Bob Thornburg grain measure 5-string

Various mandolins and guitars

Favorite Bands/Musicians:
(In no particular order) Mike Seeger, Pete Seeger, Adam Hurt, Clarke Buehling, Cathy Fink, Abigail Washburn, Gillian Welch, Bruce Molsky, Dan Levenson, Bob Thornburg, Steve Baughman, The Carolina Chocolate Drops, Mike Marshall, Sarah Jarosz and all the others I'm forgetting right now.

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Shoulder pain

Saturday, June 5, 2010 @10:09:26 AM

Darn shoulder.  Used to pick up my banjos with my right hand, but now I use the left.  Use the left for just about everything.  Right shoulder is wore through -- "end-stage arthtiis" is how the surgeon describes it. Interferes with sleep, exercise and, worst, my budding music career!  OK, truth be told no one would pay anything to hear me play, but I get a kick out of it.  Haven't been able to get my arm around the dreadnought for a few years now, so I took up mandolin.  That's OK.  Banjo is more difficult -- can only play about 20 minutes at a time.  Am trying to learn a tune and 20-minute practice sessions aren't very useful.

Fortuntely I'll get my new shoulder in August. Recuperation from the total hip replacement -- that is, the time it took to get me back to the office -- was about six weeks.  Was working from home in three.  But I was playing the banjo within a week of getting a new hip.  Shoulder replacement likely to be different. But when it's over I'll be able to exercise, play longer, lose weight, etc.  One hopes.

3 comments on “Shoulder pain”

Wayne in NJ Says:
Saturday, June 5, 2010 @1:27:13 PM

Robert: How long did it take to recoup from the hip replacement? And since I'm just down the Parkway, (sorta, Sayerville) what doctor did you see?
Mainechowder Says:
Saturday, June 5, 2010 @1:58:33 PM


So sorry to hear fo your suffering. Honestly, I wouldn't have responded to a post like this a hour ago. After dealing with my issues, I have a lot more empathy for conditions like yours. I cannot even imagine the level of discomfort you experience, as mine is minor compared to what you go through.

Good Luck with the procedure in Augusta. Hopefully you'll be swinging from the rafters.

By the way, I am into the fourth week of Embrel and feeling great. Like you said before, with the advancement in medicine, I may never have to exerience what your going through.

raharris Says:
Saturday, June 5, 2010 @3:52:47 PM

@ Wayne -- My operation was in the middle of December and I was back in the office at the end of January. Because I'm in tech I was able to telecommute after about three weeks. I saw Dr. Mark Pizzurro at Ridgewood Orthopedic. The surgery was done in Valley Hospital, just off of 17 in Ridgewood. Where you are I'd consider finding someone at Hackensack University. My shoulder doctor works out of Hackensack.

@ Don -- best of luck to you! The Enbrel helped me considerably.

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