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New Blog Entries

Arch top fret board height
Posted by Miziaman in Banjo Building/Setup Lessons 35 minutes ago

Plenty of heads finished and ready to mail. Check my ads in the classifieds
Posted by jbalch in Other 3 hours ago

need help buying a Banjo as a gift for my husband
Posted by erinscissorhands75 in Reviews 1 day ago

Considering doin' the banjo thing again
Posted by Phread1 in Other 2 days ago

Birthday Thanks!
Posted by Banjophobic in News 3 days ago

Banjo picks anyone?
Posted by lonedey in Other 4 days ago

Hatfield Music
Posted by drlarson in News 4 days ago

Great old non-Bluegrass tune
Posted by Paul Bock in Other 4 days ago

Rex McGee- Banjo Playing Enigma
Posted by budbennett in Interviews 4 days ago

My first Gibson BB
Posted by gstewart23 in Other 5 days ago

Fairly recent meanderings on the fretboard
Posted by Paul Bock in Commentary/Stories 6 days ago

Riverhouse Motorlodge - and the Gatlinburg fires
Posted by jbalch in Other 6 days ago

Windy Ridge/Good Road Someday
Posted by steve davis in Other 7 days ago

Goat hide with hair on - mounted flesh side up
Posted by jbalch in Other 7 days ago

Aspartame now being marketed as natural sweetener, name changed to 'AminoSweet'
Posted by garfield55 in Other 8 days ago

Curtis Eller East Coast Tour: December 8-12
Posted by curtiseller in News 8 days ago

Interested in progressive 5-string banjo?
Posted by Guy Donis in Other 8 days ago

Need Help With Hoyer 5 string (1970s?)
Posted by bobpoole53 in Other 9 days ago

See my review of
Posted by warrenkennisonjr in Other 9 days ago

Frank Lee online banjo gathering this Thursday Dec 1
Posted by allieb in Banjo Lessons 9 days ago

Goat hides with hair on - and more
Posted by jbalch in Other 12 days ago

Vintage GH&S Banjo Uke
Posted by handy in Other 13 days ago

Suwannanoah Tunnel on the French Broad River
Posted by maryzcox in News 14 days ago

Nashville Chawhammer Camp Nov. 2016 - GREAT fun!
Posted by jbalch in Other 15 days ago

Prewar Gibson Banjos are like Gilligan's Island
Posted by Baltimonkey in Commentary/Stories 15 days ago

Happy Thanksgiving!
Posted by BanjoBelle in Banjo Lessons 16 days ago

Happy Thanksgiving!
Posted by BanjoBelle in Banjo Lessons 16 days ago

G.H.. & S. Melody - Uke
Posted by handy in Commentary/Stories 16 days ago

Vitamin D3: I Won't Be Adding It to My Christmas Stocking This Year!
Posted by garfield55 in Other 16 days ago

Gibson Earl Scruggs - D Tuner
Posted by New Player in Commentary/Stories 16 days ago

thank you for letting me join
Posted by aubrie3 in Other 17 days ago

Posted by wesley corbett in Banjo Lessons 17 days ago
Posted by peterzachu in Other 18 days ago

New to the scene
Posted by MinorIntrusion in Commentary/Stories 19 days ago

52 and learning to play banjo
Posted by ladyrider in Banjo Lessons 19 days ago

Christmas seems to start earlier every year....
Posted by JanetB in Commentary/Stories 20 days ago

Lots of thick colorful hair on this one - unlike me ;<(
Posted by jbalch in Other 20 days ago

First Capo
Posted by Roberto Flores in Banjo Lessons 21 days ago

Songs For Singing, Episode 10: "Mountain Dew"
Posted by banjoholic in Banjo Lessons 22 days ago

Goatskin Heads with hair on
Posted by jbalch in Other 22 days ago

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