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Playing Since: 1973

Experience Level: Expert/Professional

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Age: 63

My Instruments:
Vega Tubaphone, Rickard 12" Dobson Spunover, Frost Gourd Banjo, Ken Bloom fretless neck nylon strung openback, Deering Tubaphone (my daughter has this one & my Stew Mac open back). , Romero 12" slot head

Favorite Bands/Musicians:
Banjo guys still with us: Chris Coole, Walt Koken, Frank Evans,Adam Hurt, Bob Carlin,Dan Gellert,Steve Arkin,Chris Quinn,Cathy Fink and some more plus a ghostly host of dead people I really admire.

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Created 2/5/2007
Last Visit 2/23/2017


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 arnie replied to topic 'The 17th annual Banjo Special & Guelph Banjofest' 2/9/2017 8:11:35 AM

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 arnie added a blog entry 'The 17th Annual Banjo Festival' 1/24/2017 5:51:48 PM

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 arnie posted forum topic 'The 17th annual Banjo Special & Guelph Banjofest' 1/24/2017 5:23:56 PM

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 arnie replied to topic 'Best streaming service for old-time/folk music?' 1/4/2017 1:01:42 PM

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 arnie replied to topic 'Top 10 solo banjo albums?' 1/3/2017 11:24:48 AM

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 arnie replied to topic 'Top 10 solo banjo albums?' 1/3/2017 11:23:07 AM

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 arnie posted forum topic 'Bill Rickard in BNL' 1/3/2017 11:18:32 AM

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 arnie added a blog entry 'The Scolding Wife - from Spencer & Rains' 1/3/2017 8:22:34 AM

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 arnie uploaded a video 'The Scolding Wife - Arnie Naiman on Clawhammer Banjo' 1/3/2017 8:20:20 AM

Latest Blog Entry

The 17th Annual Banjo Festival

Tuesday, January 24, 2017 @5:51:48 PM

A presentation of the banjo in all its glory.

Advanced tickets can be purchased online here:
$20.00 admission - doors open 7:30 show starts at 8:00p.m. Sunday February 12th. We are back at the Tranzac Club!

The Banjo Special, once again and for the 17th year, brings together 4 of Canada’s top players to celebrate this wonderful instrument. Come and join Chris Coole, Arnie Naiman, Brian Taheny, and Chris Quinn, and our special guests, as we present an evening of songs and tunes with banjos at the heart of it all. There will be; breakdowns and marches, picks and bare fingers, songs new and old, tubaphones and flatheads, Vegas and Gibsons. And, it will all be handled with flair, fun, and big style. 

Join us as we and our special guests bring fiddles, guitars, ukuleles, mandolins, basses and voices to rally ‘round the banjo; raising it up for all to hear. 

Meet the banjo pickers.

Across Canada and the United States, Chris Coole has become as much of a household name on the claw-hammer banjo as one can become. As a teacher, composer, and performer; he has plied his trade professionally for more than 30 years. Today, Chris is one of the most respected names in the business. He has recorded on more than 100 CDs as a sideman or featured artist. His compositions are performed by other pros. With his vast experience and great musical sense, Chris is often sought after to produce studio recordings for others. 

Arnie Naiman is a unique banjo player for his claw-hammer and fingerpicking styles. He was influenced by folk music of the 60’s and 70’s as well as by the music of pre-war artists such as Uncle Dave Macon, Charlie Poole, and The Carter Family to name only a few: Arnie is a very fine interpreter of these old songs and tunes. Arnie’s own banjo compositions are various; some joyous and celebratory, others haunting and dark. Arnie currently performs with Hannah Shira Naiman, Ragged But Right, and also in the Virginia based old-time String Band, Albemarle Ramblers. Arnie has recently released his solo CD, My Lucky Stars. 

From Sligo, Ireland Brian Taheny covers the jigs and reels on the tenor banjo. Brian was originally inspired to take up the banjo through the recordings of The Dubliners with the late Barney McKenna on the banjo. Brian is a wonderful multi-instrumentalist who is often called upon to play mandolin, guitar, bass, fiddle, and banjo. Brian brings this overarching musicality to his approach to the banjo. Brian has recorded extensively and is a fixture on the traditional Celtic scene in Canada and Ireland. 

Chris Quinn began his Scruggs style bluegrass odyssey in 1979. Having performed on over 100 CDs as a sideman or featured artist, Quinn is a central figure on the bluegrass scene in Canada and abroad. Chris has become renowned for his solid timing, his sense of taste and tone, and his creative back-up playing. A sought after teacher, Chris has taught hundreds of people at camps and workshops; from Quebec to Tennessee, from BC to Asia. As younger players have come along to join the professional scene, Chris has been a mentor to many of them. Today, some of Chris’ former students have gone on to professional careers in music too.

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