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Playing Since: 1958

Experience Level: Expert/Professional

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Occupation: Book Publishing--Mktg Director

Gender: Male

Age: 70

My Instruments:
For old-time: Two Kevin Enochs and a Cole Eclipse
For Bluegrass: Gibson Mastertone and one I built

Favorite Bands/Musicians:
Dead Guys: Ed Haley, Luther Strong, Fred Cockerham, Bill Stepp, Marcus Martin, Leonard Rutherford, Tommy Jarrell, Edden Hammons, Emmet Lundy, Hobart Smith, Walter Williams, Kyle Creed, Marion Reese, Wade Ward, P.T. Bell, J.W. Day, Eck Robertson, Clarence Ashley, Lowe Stokes, Emory Bailey, Esker Hutchens, Robert Sykes, Clyde Davenport, John Salyer..

Pre-dead guys: Dan Gellert, Bruce Greene, Dirk Powell, Rafe Stefanini, John Hermann, Joe Newberry, Jody Stecher, Palmer Loux, John Hoffman, Suzy Thompson, Chirps Smith, Beverly Smith, Geoff Seitz, Bruce Molsky, Walt Koken, Mark Simos, Clare Milliner, Rick Martin, Reyna Gellert, Dave Howard, Adam Hurt, Paula Bradley, Brad Leftwich, Tom Sauber, Rusty and Nancy Neithammer, Brendan Doyle, Cathy Mason, Pete Peterson,Kellie Allen, Paul Brown, Gil Sayre, Beth Hartness, Mike Seeger, Rhys Jones, Erynn Marshall, Emily Schaad, Chance McCoy, and many others.

Bluegrass Favorites: Bill Monroe, Earl Scruggs, Stanley Brothers, Jim & Jesse, Bill Keith, Tony Trischka, Marty Cutler, Allen Shelton, Don Stover, Stuart Duncan, Bobby Hicks, etc.

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Created 3/6/2006
Last Visit 8/28/2014


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 Steve Arkin uploaded a video 'Red Steer' 8/14/2014 2:24:06 PM

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 Steve Arkin uploaded a video 'Pete's High D (Pete Vigour, Steve Arkin, Ellen Vigour, Susan Miley Nelson, and Dan Rublee' 6/9/2014 10:59:33 AM

Latest Blog Entry

Banjo Camp North- May 16 - 18

Wednesday, May 07, 2014 @9:21:40 AM

This is going to be a great Banjo Camp North this year.  I'll be teaching both old-time and bluegrass classes (see my class list below).  And fellow staff members include the great Tom Adams, three-time IBMA banjo player of the year, and the legendary Paul Brown.  There are still a few spots available--sign up now and tell them I sent you!

My classes:

Steve Arkin

1.      Cool Melodic Blues Licks to Spice Up Your BG Solos - Hot, bluesy, and little-known licks invented by Steve or learned from such friends as Bill Keith, Allen Shelton, Bobby Thompson, Marty Cutler, and Pete Wernick. This class will show you how to do them—and when to use them. (A)

2.      Quirky First-Position Bluegrass Licks to liven up your rhythm and boost your drive—a grab bag of short, punchy and little-known Scruggs-style licks, tags, fills, and endings from Allen Shelton, J.D. Crowe, Lamar Grier, Bill Keith, Steve, and others (I)

3.      The Square Lick - Connective Tissue of Scruggs Style. Also known as “alternating rolls”, these 4-4 right-hand patterns are necessary for playing such tunes as Shucking the Corn, Doing My Time, Old Joe Clark, Old Hickory, Dixie Breakdown, Cripple Creek, etc. They also provide transitions from one lick to the next and a are a necessary antidote to the relentless Scruggs rhumba (3-3-2) rhythm. (All)

4.      Nimble Clawhammer Phrasing – staying with the beat and the tempo are important tasks for playing with a fiddle, but matching the phrasing of the fiddler you’re playing with is essential to really locking in. We’ll talk about finding exactly where to put those key melody notes so that they mesh with a fiddler’s version of a tune—and strategies for adapting your phrasing to match another fiddler or another version. With Kaufman (A)

  1. String Band Workshop - Where does the old time banjo fit into a string band?  How do you play effectively with a variety of fiddle styles and a variety of songs and tunes? Three consummate stringband musicians, experienced in several styles, will help you through this fascinating workshop, exploring careful listening, tunings, styles, techniques, phrasing and noting.  Open new vistas in your playing and thinking about the banjo through this exciting session. With McMurray & Brown (All)

6.      Basics of Fingerstyle Old-Time Banjo - Despite the popularity of clawhammer styles among old-time players, the vast majority of historic old-time recordings feature two or three-finger banjo styles. And two and three-finger banjo styles have become the new rage. This class will focus on a number of these styles—with special emphasis on fingerstyle banjo in a string band context. (I)

  1. Coaching Session



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