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(report bad link) Best Practice: BestPractice is a musician's practice tool, to slow down or speed up music, either from an MP3 file or directly from a CD. Very comparable to ASD without the price.

(report bad link) Chronotron: free slow down plug-in for Media Player 9 / Winamp 3

(report bad link) Instrument String Tension Calculator: This tool is designed to calculate string tension (individual and total) exerted on an instrument by a specific set of strings. String gauges and materials can be alterered, as can scale length etc.

(report bad link) Kristal Audio Engine: Multitrack recording software (Freeware)

(report bad link) scorio: Free web based notation software including over 3,000 scores library.

(report bad link) Shareware Music Machine: Tons of shareware music software

Editing Studios

(report bad link) Audacity: Free Audio Editor and Recorder: Audio recording, editing, and analysis

(report bad link) AudioShapers Studio: High end online audio post production studio. We offer world class services for mixing, mastering, editing, game sound design, music compositions and podcasts. Reasonable rates and a very friendly ser

(report bad link) Cakewalk Pro Audio: one of the standards in audio editting software

(report bad link) FlexiMusic Audio Editor: FlexiMusic turns your home PC into a complete music studio. You will find FlexiMusic products to be fun, easy to use and economical.

(report bad link) Pro Tools Free: A free multi-track, professional level version of Pro Tools--industry standard software used in many recording studios.

(report bad link) The Free, Cross-Platform Sound Editor: Audio editing, multi-track recording, loop player, slow-downer and much more for Windows, Linux and Mac (free)

Learning Tools

(report bad link) mTrax for Windows: Slow Downer, Looper, Speed Trainer: Slow down your songs, audio exercises and favorite riffs with mTrax and reach your musical goals faster!

(report bad link) ZEPP Country Music, Inc: Reseller of Transkriber(tm) Software

(report bad link) 4 String Chords: For 5 string banjo, just enter tuning for strings 1-4.

(report bad link) Banjo Fretboard Scales Widget: From the Bishline Banjofans Website

(report bad link) Banjo Rolls Trainer App for Mac OSX: Banjo Rolls Trainer is a library, a player and a maker of five-string banjo rolls which will help you practice your right hand technique and improve your performance.

(report bad link) Banjo Scale and Chord Finder: find any 5-string scale or chord shape in any tuning

(report bad link) Banjo Tuner: Free Online Banjo Tuner to help you tune by ear

(report bad link) Bluegrass Songbook for iPad: Bluegrass Songbook is a great application for all bluegrass, folk and old-time lovers, players or singers.

(report bad link) chordAlchemy: Chord, Scale and Reverse Lookup for Guitar, Banjo, Mandolin, Bass, Ukulele and More!

(report bad link) ChordGenie: Banjo chord finder, tuner and metronome for your cell phone - 1,000s of chords in any tuning

(report bad link) Free Suite of Music Tools & Downloads: A website with free mobile-friendly music tools and resources such as a metronome and 'Music Research Engine' the first web-app in the world to combine YouTube and Wikipedia for music research.

(report bad link) Fretsoft Banjo Learning Software: Maker of 'Understanding the 5 String Banjo Neck' software

(report bad link) Gootar Chords Generator: Display or print a list of ukulele, mandolin, banjo chords in any tuning

(report bad link) Key Swithc Song Transposer: Instantly transposes songs into any key

(report bad link) Listen & Learn: Banjo: Learn Banjo By Ear!

(report bad link) Listen & Learn: Banjo iPad App: Learn music by ear with this unique learning tool. For intermediate players.

(report bad link) MadForTrad: Your home for Irish music on the web. Instructional CD ROMs for a range of instruments including Irish Tenor Banjo

(report bad link) Musicopedia: user friendly chords, scales, keys, modes, for most string instruments

(report bad link) The Old-Time Jam: Repository of backup tracks for old-time tunes

(report bad link) Theo's Chord Generator: This tool displays chord position diagrams for stringed instruments such as the banjo, mandolin, guitar etc. It supports any tuning.

(report bad link) VLC Media Player: Freeware Audio / Video Play-Convert-Save for media files.

Sound Players

(report bad link) ChordPulse: A virtual backing band with over 50 music styles to practice, improvise and compose.

(report bad link) FlexiMusic Wave Editor: Audio Editor to Create, record, edit, draw, add effects & play MP3/audio files.

(report bad link) MIDI Made Music: Free MIDI Player (speed adjustment capabilities)

(report bad link) MIDI Made Music Jukebox: A MIDI player that allows you to change the tempo without changing keys!

(report bad link) Myspace Music: Create your own unique Myspace MP3 players at Profile Pitstop - we have all the best Myspace tools in one place.

(report bad link) Real Player: a free real-audio/mp3 player

(report bad link) Shareware Music Machine: Audio Players: Shareware audio players

(report bad link) Download their puny player and listen to great streaming audio channels!

(report bad link) TableEdit: Software for playing music files in the Tabledit format.

(report bad link) Transkriber, from Reed Kotler Systems: Allows you to slow down those MIDIS!

(report bad link) Winamp MP3 Player: A free, quality MP3 player so that you can get in on the action!

Tablature Editors/Viewers

(report bad link) banjobits: Free web browser based banjo tab viewer and player.

(report bad link) Chords Notes Player for Macs: songs and follow them while practicing or jamming.

(report bad link) Forte Music Notation Software: Creating Sheet Music Has Never Been Easier! Created by musicians for musicians, Forte is a unique and easy to use score writing software for everyday musicians, teachers and choir leaders.

(report bad link) Guitar Pro: Tablature system for Windows and Macs.

(report bad link) Guitar Pro to Tabledit Convertor: Use this simple utility to convert Guitar-Pro tabs to Tabledit

(report bad link) Guitar tab to notes converter: Convert guitar, bass or even banjo tabs to finger positions on the fretboard.

(report bad link) Lilypond: Lilypond is a free notation program that produces beautiful sheet music. It is available for Windows, Linux and MacOSX.

(report bad link) MusEdit: The homepage for this powerful, multi-track tablature editting software

(report bad link) MusEdit Viewer (free): Download the free viewer for MusEdit (*.med) files

(report bad link) Power Tab: Freeware tab program

(report bad link) Shareware Music Machine: Notation: Shareware music notation programs

(report bad link) Tab Composer: A free, online, easy to use tab editor that has a professional look

(report bad link) Tabledit: A full-featured, well-developed and popular tab editor.

(report bad link) Tabledit Viewer - TEFview (free): A free viewer for Tabledit files, for PC and Mac

(report bad link) TabRITE 4.3 Full Version: Download the full version of TabRITE 4.3, which is used for many banjo tabs

(report bad link) TabRITE 4.3 Manual: This is the Help manual for the TabRITE 4.3 software.

(report bad link) TuxGuitar: An open-source tab editor for Windows, Mac, and Linux. Works great for banjo!

Tuners and Metronomes

(report bad link) Banjo Tuner-Fish: A simple online and downloadable banjo tuner (free).

(report bad link) Best Metronome: Different Metronomes online. Simple - classic style. Advanced,...

(report bad link) DrummaTicks: Master the Beat with a Metronome on Steroids!: Why just TicTacTacTacTic when you could also speed train and easily create your own drum patterns?

(report bad link) Enable Tuner: For $20, it's a nice tuner program

(report bad link) Free Online Banjo Tuner: Free online banjo tuner that changes to new and interesting tunings from time to time

(report bad link) Get Tuned - Online Banjo Tuner: A quick and easy way to tune your banjo online, using our online banjo tuner.

(report bad link) In-Tune Multi-Instrument Tuner

(report bad link) Musicmaker's Online Piano & Tuner: Online Tuner - Use to tune or to determine head note.

(report bad link) Online Banjo Tuner: G-D-G-B-D

(report bad link) Shareware Music Machine Metronome Software: A list of metronome programs you can download

(report bad link) Shareware Music Machine Tuner Software: A list of tuner programs you can download

(report bad link) Ultimate Metronome: Ultimate Metronome is a downloadable metronome software with unique features. Speed Drill increases the beat over time to force you to play to your limit and break through to a higher ability every da

(report bad link) Weird Metronome: Free downloadable metronome program

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