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(report bad link) 5 String Banjo Chords: Chord Diagram Chart

(report bad link) 5-String Banjo Tunings: A great reference from Banjo-L

(report bad link) American Banjo Makers List: A list of American banjo makers with brand names, manufacturing dates, etc.

(report bad link) America's Music Bluegrass: Author, Barry Willis chronicles the history of bluegrass through hundreds of photos, stories, anecdotes and interviews.

(report bad link) B&D / BACON BANJO DATABASE: Style, serial number and date of manufacture

(report bad link) Banjo Books List: This is the BIGGEST list of Banjo books I have ever seen in my life.

(report bad link) Banjo Gallery: A huge gallery contains thousands of photos of rare and not-so-rare banjos

(report bad link) Banjo Serial Numbers: A great guide to figuring out what that serial number means!

(report bad link) Banjo Sightings Database: A clearinghouse of information about the early banjo

(report bad link) Banjo Tune Index: Steve Trussel's HUGE index of songs--need to find the book for that one song? Go here! Over 3800!

(report bad link) Bill Palmer's Banjo Setup Pages: Tons of info on setting up your banjo

(report bad link) Bluegrass Museum: In Owensboro, KY. They have the noble goal of being the world's center for the history and culture of bluegrass music.

(report bad link) Chord Finder: Online chord finder for 4-string instruments like banjo, mandolin, ukulele, bouzouki, tenor guitar, pipa, bass.

(report bad link) Classic Banjo: The Classic Banjo Resource

(report bad link) Digital Library of Appalachia: Historic Banjo Audio Reference

(report bad link) Framus Banjos: Determining the date of a Framus Banjo

(report bad link) FretCalc: Free software download calculates fret placement intervals for any scale length or number of frets.

(report bad link) International Bluegrass Music Museum: The Official Museum of Bluegrass Music

(report bad link) Liberty Banjo Company - Quadrille Serial Numbers: Liberty Banjo Company - Quadrille Serial Numbers

(report bad link) List of American Banjo Makers: The definitive list of makers.

(report bad link) Mahogany Folk Blog: Folk Music Blog

(report bad link) Mugwumps Online: Reference for vintage instruments, among other things

(report bad link) Music Books Plus: Music Books Plus is the best source for music & audio books, videos, CD-ROMs, DVDs, software & sheet music.

(report bad link) National Finger Picks Models from Dean Hoffmeyer: A great reference for all those different national pick types...

(report bad link) Plectrum Banjo Chords: Banjo chord charts for 4 string plectrum banjo tuning

(report bad link) Prewar Gibson Banjos: Greg Earnest's site has lots of information and pictures of Gibson banjos, both Mastertones and non-Mastertones, from the pre-World War II period.

(report bad link) Downloadable fretboard templates

(report bad link) The Banjo Glossary Project: A user-driven information site for all things banjo related, from history to parts and components, people, places and a how-to-guide for submissions.

(report bad link) The Guitar Sherpa: Online Stringed Instrument Directory

(report bad link) Thumbnail History of the Banjo: By Bill Reese

(report bad link) Universal String Tension Calculator: Free software download calculates string tension, fret placement, and bridge compensation.

(report bad link) Vintage Banjo Maker: Reference site for 195 makers pre WW2 makers

(report bad link) Vintage Instrument Serial Numbers: From

(report bad link) WinansBanjo: A repository of my articles and other materials about the history of the banjo.

Album Reviews

(report bad link) Fiddlefreak Folk Music Blog: Online reviews, news, and commentary on folk music.

(report bad link)'s CD Reviews: Lots of album reviews from iBluegrass

Song Lyrics

(report bad link) A Traditional Music Library: A large archive of traditional, folk & old music

(report bad link) Barb Diederich's Bluegrass Lyric Index: Offers several links to a ton of bluegrass songs

(report bad link) Lyrics for traditional bluegrass and early country music

(report bad link) Chordie: Online song lyrics and chords with transposer

(report bad link) Cowboy Lyrics: Country Music Lyrics and Tablature

(report bad link) Cowpie: Country and Bluegrass Lyrics and Tabs

(report bad link) Lyrics: Online song lyrics and music news

(report bad link) Lyrics and Music: Get Song Lyrics plus YouTube, Concert Dates, Artwork, Tabs, and Wikipedia results all on one page

(report bad link) Lyrics Search: Lyrics for all genres

(report bad link) Lyrics to Traditional Bluegrass Songs

(report bad link) Music Lyrics: Offers reviews, critiques, news, opinion and information regarding lyrics.

(report bad link) My Lyrics Central: My Lyrics Central has a comprehensive all singers list of music artists and your favorite lyrics from genres of modern rock, rap and hip hop music, love songs, r & b and soul, and including the most w

(report bad link) NoMoreLyrics: lyrics database of all music genres and a lot of soundtrack lyrics

(report bad link) US Civil Wars songs with lyrics, notation, and sound files.: The Project Gutenberg

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