5th String Capo: Installing and using a 5th string capo
Frank Ford

5th String Spikes: Installing spikes is less intrusive than a capo--our online luthier shows us how
Frank Ford

Adding a 23rd Fret: How to add a 23rd fret--illustrated
Frank Ford

Adjusting the Truss Rod: Checking and adjusting the truss rod
Lee Kaufmann

Adjusting Truss Rods: How to adjust your Truss Rod
Frank Ford

Banjo 5th String Nuts: How to adjust the 5th string nut
Frank Ford

Banjo Coordinating Rods: Coordinating rods adjust the neck's angle--here's how to deal with them
Frank Ford

Banjo Practice Mutes: Discusses different ways to mute your banjo while practicing. Great photos!
Frank Ford

Basics of Bluegrass Banjo Setup Ben Freed

Checking Nut Action: Is your nut action to low or high? Frank Ford helps you find out.
Frank Ford

Guide to Banjo Set Up Lee Kaufmann

How to Install a Calf Skin Banjo Head

How To Know If The Bridge Is In The Right Location. Warren Yates

How to Put a Head on a Banjo: From an 1887 S.S. Steward publication
S.S. Steward

How to Replace a Plastic Banjo Head: A nice guide with photos, illustrated using a 1916 Fairbanks by Vega with tubaphone

Installing A New Head Lee Kaufmann

Installing Strap Buttons: Need to install a strap button? Luthier Frank Ford shows how.
Frank Ford

Mounting Skin Banjo Heads: How to replace your banjo head--something every banjo player should know how to do.
S.S. Stewart

Reducing String Breakage At the Saddle: Problems with strings breaking? Frank Ford gives some great insight and advice that may ease your woes.
Frank Ford

Replacing the Bridge: Placing the bridge and setting intonation
Lee Kaufmann

Restringing Clinic: How to restring your banjo, from a real live luthier!
Frank Ford

Setup and Anatomy of a 5-String Banjo: Some basic setup tips for each part of the banjo.
Penson String Werks

Setup Quick Tricks: Frank for passes on some great setup tricks to prolong and enhance your banjo's sound!
Frank Ford

Stelling Banjo Set-Up System: A guide to proper banjo setup (not just for Stelling banjos)

Tuning the Head Lee Kaufmann

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