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4/16/1850 James Ashborn of Wolcotville, CT receives the first known U.S. patent applicable to the a banjo: a movable capo. Read more.... schlange
9/21/1852 James Ashborn of Wolcotville, CT receives a patent for an improved friction tuning peg, equivalent to about a 2:1 ratio. Read more.... davidppp
10/18/1859 Stephen F. Hagan of Albany, NY receives a patent on a 7-string instrument with a guitar neck and a banjo body. Read more.... schlange
10/29/1860 Joel Walker Sweeney, the first popularizer of the banjo, born around 1810, dies in Appomattox, Virginia, at the age of 50. Read more.... schlange
4/8/1862 George Teed of New York, NY receives a patent on for placing a sound board between the banjo head and rim, "the object being to give a more powerful and finer tone to the instrument." Read more.... schlange
8/15/1865 Frederick W. Harlass of New York, NY receives a patent for placing the head tensioning hardware inside the rim instead of outside, "so that the appearance of the banjo shall be much handsomer than heretofore." Read more.... schlange
10/17/1865 Levi Brown of Baltimore, MD receives a patent for a guitar-banjo which uses a thin piece of wood instead of a flesh head "which invariably slackens in damp weather and injures the tone of the instrument to a very great extent." Read more.... schlange
4/24/1866 William B. Tilton of New York, NY receives a patent for a new way of securing and adjusting a banjo head using two rings. Read more.... schlange
10/7/1870 Uncle Dave Macon, "The Dixie Dewdrop," is born in Smart Station, TN. Read more.... schlange
6/6/1891 Doctor Leonard Duncan Albert "Doc" Hussey OBE. English meteorologist, archeologist, explorer and banjo player on Sir Ernest Shackleton's Imperial Trans-Antarctic Expedition born. Read more.... Banjo Bones
3/22/1892 Charlie Poole is born in Spray, North Carolina. Read more.... schlange
2/19/1902 Eddie Peabody is born in Reading, Massachusetts. schlange
10/10/1902 Orville Gibson starts up the Gibson Mandolin-Guitar Manufacturing Company, Ltd. At first, Orville made high-end arch-topped mandolins and the occasional guitar. Investors eventually took over his company and he was ousted, never to return. schlange
9/27/1903 The speeding "Old 97" mail train goes off the rails at the Stillhouse Trestle near Danville, VA, killing all who stayed on board and inspiring the famous tune "Wreck of the Old 97" (written by people who witnessed the accident). Read more.... schlange
10/27/1908 DeWitt "Snuffy" Jenkins is born in Harris, North Carolina. Read more.... schlange
9/5/1912 Roscoe Holcomb is born in Daisy, Kentucky. Read more.... schlange
10/20/1913 Grandpa Jones Born in Niagara, Kentucky. Read more.... schlange
6/19/1914 Lester Flatt, Earl Scruggs' band partner from 1948-1969, is born in Duncan's Chapel, Tennessee. Read more.... schlange
2/21/1916 First banjo in Antartica. Meteorologist Doctor Leonard "Doc" Hussey took his 5 string banjo on Sir Ernest Shackleton's Imperial Trans-Antarctic Expedition to reach the South Pole. On 21 February 1915 the Endurance reached it's southern most point but got trapped in the pack ice. The banjo was rescued from the Endurance, despite its 12lb weight, as Shackleton decreed it was "vital mental medicine". Read more.... Banjo Bones
7/4/1916 David Akeman, aka "Stringbean" is born in Annville, KY. As a banjo player and comedy musician he is best known for his role on Hee Haw and as a member of the Grand Ole Opry. Read more.... schlange
5/3/1919 Pete Seeger is born in Patterson, NY. Read more.... schlange
12/1/1920 Maurice Bolyer known as “Canada's King of the Banjo” is born in Edmundston, New Brunswick, Canada. Read more.... schlange
1/6/1924 The great Earl Scruggs is born in the Flint Hill community of Cleveland County, North Carolina. Read more.... schlange
2/21/1927 Don Reno is born in Buffalo, SC. Read more.... schlange
2/25/1927 Ralph Stanley is born in Bloorie, Virginia. Read more.... schlange
10/9/1927 Curtis McPeake born in Scotts Hill, TN. Read more.... schlange
3/6/1928 Don Stover born in Artie, West Virginia. Read more.... schlange
1/13/1930 Rual Yarbrough born in Lawrence County, TN. Read more.... schlange
8/29/1930 Roger Sprung born in New York City, NY. Read more.... schlange
3/21/1931 Charlie Poole dies. Read more.... schlange
4/15/1933 Roy Clark is born in Meherrin, Virginia. Read more.... schlange
8/15/1933 Mike Seeger is born in New York City, NY. Read more.... schlange
10/19/1933 Don Parmley born in Monticello, KY. Read more.... schlange
4/17/1934 Porter Church born in Bristol, TN. schlange
3/17/1936 Rudy Lyle born in Rocky Mount, VA. Read more.... schlange
3/18/1936 Walter Hensley born in Grundy, VA. Read more.... schlange
7/2/1936 Allen Shelton born near Reidsville, NC. Read more.... schlange
3/6/1937 Doug Dillard is born in Salem, Missouri. Read more.... schlange
7/5/1937 Bobby Thompson born in Converse, SD. Read more.... schlange
8/27/1937 James Dee "J.D" Crowe born in Lexington, Kentucky. Read more.... schlange
10/29/1937 Sonny Osborne born in Hyden, Kentucky. Read more.... schlange
12/30/1937 John Cowan Hartford born in New York City, NY. Read more.... schlange
1/22/1938 Bill Emerson born in Washington, D.C. Read more.... schlange
2/17/1938 Charles Wilburn "Buck" Trent is born in Spartanburg, South Carolina. schlange
4/15/1938 Lamar Grier born in Washington, D.C. Read more.... schlange
6/21/1938 Eddie Adcock was born in Scottsville, Virginia. Read more.... schlange
8/15/1938 Ben Eldridge born in Richmond, VA. Read more.... schlange
10/19/1938 Vic Jordan born in Washington, D.C. Read more.... schlange
3/15/1939 Raymond Fairchild born in Cherokee, NC. Read more.... schlange
8/16/1939 Eric Weissberg (best known for playing "Dueling Banjos" in the movie Deliverance) born in New York City, NY. Read more.... schlange
12/20/1939 Courtney Johnson born in Barren County, KY. Read more.... schlange
12/20/1939 Bill Keith, melodic banjo pioneer, is born in Boston, MA. Read more.... schlange
9/4/1940 Fred Geiger born in Philadelphia, PA. schlange
2/24/1942 "Little Roy" Lewis born in Lincolnton, GA. Read more.... schlange
4/28/1942 Gene Parker born in Ferrum, VA. schlange
5/17/1942 Taj Mahal is born Henry Saint Clair Fredericks in Harlem, NY. Read more.... schlange
10/7/1942 John Hickman born in Hilliard, OH. Read more.... schlange
10/4/1943 Dick Smith born in Syracuse, NY. schlange
4/27/1944 Herb Pederson born in Berkeley, CA. Read more.... schlange
8/14/1945 Steve Martin, actor, comedian, author, playwright, producer and banjo player is born in Waco, TX. schlange
9/14/1945 Fred Sokolow born in Los Angeles, CA. Read more.... schlange
12/8/1945 Earl Scruggs' first performance with Bill Monroe at the Ryman, Nashville. schlange
12/19/1945 John McEuen is born in Oakland, California. Read more.... schlange
2/25/1946 Pete Wernick, aka "Dr. Banjo" is born in New York City. Read more.... schlange
9/16/1946 Scruggs made his first recording with Bill Monroe, “Heavy Traffic Ahead.” Read more.... schlange
11/4/1946 Alan Munde Born in Norman, Oklahoma. Read more.... schlange
12/26/1946 The Stanley Brothers the band began performing at radio station WCYB in Bristol, Tennessee. Read more.... schlange
7/19/1947 Bernard Mathew "Bernie" Leadon, III is born in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Read more.... schlange
1/3/1948 Larry McNeely born in Lafayette, IN. Read more.... schlange
4/18/1948 Earl Scruggs marries Louise Certain. Louise would go on to help guide Earl's career for more than a half century. schlange
6/4/1948 Marty Cutler born in Brooklyn, NY. schlange
6/19/1948 Bill Knopf born in Bakersfield, CA. Read more.... schlange
10/8/1948 Lynn Morris born in San Antonio, TX. Read more.... schlange
11/25/1948 D.W. Griffiths born in Long Branch, NJ. schlange
12/16/1948 Jean Marie Redon born in Neuilly, France. Read more.... schlange
1/16/1949 Tony Trischka is born in Syracuse, NY. Read more.... schlange
5/12/1949 Joseph C. "Butch" Robins was born in Lebanon, Virginia. Read more.... 72rcgrad
5/24/1949 Mike Lilly born in Harlan, KY. schlange
6/14/1949 Bob Black born in Des Moines, IA. Read more.... schlange
11/20/1949 Vincent Sadovsky born in Hearst, Ontario, Canada. Read more.... schlange
7/24/1950 Dave Evans born in Portsmouth, OH. Read more.... schlange
12/23/1950 Pat Cloud born in Los Angeles, CA. Read more.... schlange
8/19/1951 Mark Pruett born in Waynesville, NC. Read more.... schlange
3/22/1952 "The Dixie Dewdrop" Uncle Dave Macon dies in Murfreesboro, TN. His funeral was visited by more than five thousand people and his pallbearers include Roy Acuff and Bill Monroe. Read more.... schlange
5/18/1952 Murphy Henry born in Spartanburg, SC. She will go on to teach many banjo players using her "Murphy Method" of ear-training. Read more.... schlange
6/11/1952 Jimmy Arnold born in Galax, VA. schlange
8/19/1952 Kenny Ingram born in Nashville, TN. schlange
9/18/1952 Carl Jackson born in Louisville, MS. Read more.... schlange
10/6/1952 Terry Baucom born in Monroe, NC. schlange
11/6/1953 Osborne Brothers first performance WROL radio in Knoxville, Tennessee. Read more.... schlange
12/18/1953 Raymond McLain born in Chapel Hill, NC. Read more.... schlange
7/5/1954 Paul Silvius born in Melrose, MA. schlange
12/26/1955 Alan O'Bryant born in Reidsville, NC. Read more.... schlange
5/20/1956 Cynthia Nan Sayer is born in Waltham, Massachusetts. Read more.... schlange
7/14/1956 Richard Underwood born in Washington, D.C. schlange
9/2/1956 Bill Evans born in Norfolk, VA. Read more.... schlange
10/8/1956 Blake Williams born in Sparta, TN. schlange
12/1/1956 J.D. Crowe records his first album with Jimmy Martin. schlange
7/10/1957 Flatt and Scruggs release their first full album, "Foggy Mountain Jamboree." Tracks include Flint Hill Special; Some Old Day; Earl's Breakdown; Jimmy Brown The Newsboy; Foggy Mountain Special; It Won't Be Long; Shuckin' The Corn; Blue Ridge Cabin Home; Randy Lynn Rag; Your Love Is Like A Flower; Foggy Mountain Chimes; Reunion In Heaven. schlange
7/10/1958 Bela Fleck is born in New York City, NY. He will go on to be acknowledged as one of the world's most innovative and technically proficient banjo players. Read more.... schlange
8/2/1961 Wynn Osborne born in Dayton, OH. schlange
9/11/1961 Richard Bailey born in Memphis, TN. schlange
3/19/1962 Philippe Bourgeois born in "a little town in the east of France." Read more.... schlange
8/7/1962 Alison Brown is born in Hartford, CT. Read more.... schlange
9/24/1962 Singer Jerry Scoggins, Lester Flatt, and Earl Scruggs record "The Ballad of Jed Clampett" which provides the back story for the TV show The Beverly Hillbillies. The song becomes an immediate country music hit and is played at the beginning and end of each episode. Read more.... schlange
10/12/1962 "The Ballad of Jed Clampett" (featuring singer Jerry Scoggins, guitarist Lester Flatt, and Earl Scruggs on banjo) is released and becomes an immediate country music hit. Read more.... schlange
1/19/1963 The Ballad of Jed Clampett tops the Billboard Hot Country singles chart. schlange
3/18/1963 The Dillards first appear as The Darlings on the Andy Griffith Show. Read more.... schlange
9/12/1963 Jimmy Henley born in Lovington, NM. Read more.... schlange
7/30/1964 Ron Block, "spiritual touchstone of Alison Krauss and Union Station," born in Inglewood, CA. Read more.... schlange
12/18/1966 James "Jim" Mills born. Read more.... schlange
10/18/1967 Tony Furtado is born in Pleasanton, CA. Read more.... schlange
2/29/1968 John Hartford wins the Grammy for Best Folk Performance for the song Gentle On My Mind. schlange
2/22/1969 Lester Flatt & Earl Scruggs make their final public appearance on the Grand Ole Opry. schlange
3/12/1969 Flatt and Scruggs win a Grammy Award for Scruggs' instrumental "Foggy Mountain Breakdown." Read more.... schlange
11/15/1969 Earl Scruggs plays his Grammy-winning "Foggy Mountain Breakdown" on an open-air stage in Washington, D.C., at the Moratorium to End the War in Vietnam, becoming one of the very few bluegrass or country-western artists to give support to the anti-war movement. Read more.... schlange
11/7/1970 Eddie Peabody dies. Read more.... schlange
9/16/1972 The first "Walnut Valley Festival" is held in Winfield, KS. Known to most as "Winfield" it will evolve into a four-day festival with contests playing a major part, including the National Bluegrass Banjo contest. Read more.... schlange
9/21/1972 Lynn Morris from Colorado wins 1st place at Winfield's first National Bluegrass Banjo contest. She will win it again in 1981. Read more.... schlange
1/13/1973 Dueling Banjos hits #2 on the Billboard Top 100 Chart. schlange
1/23/1973 A tribute concert is held for Earl Scruggs in Manhattan, Kansas. Performers include Doc Watson, Joan Baez, Nitty Gritty Dirt Band, Ramblin' Jack Elliott, Tracy Nelson and Mother Earth, David Bromberg, The Byrds, and The Earl Scruggs Revue. The concert is filmed and turned into the 1975 documentary film Banjoman. Read more.... schlange
11/10/1973 David Akeman, aka "Stringbean" and his wife are murdered by burglars at their rural Tennessee home. Read more.... schlange
1/6/1974 Greg and Janet Deering are married. Within 2 years they launched the Deering Banjo company. Read more.... schlange
9/29/1975 Earl Scruggs suffers head injuries, facial cuts, a broken nose and broken ankle when the plane he is piloting crashes while landing in East Nashville. schlange
6/19/1976 Scott Avette of The Avett Brothers is born in Cheyenne, WY. Read more.... schlange
11/10/1977 Abigail Washburn, clawhammer banjo player and singer, is born in Evanston, IL. Read more.... schlange
5/9/1979 Eric Schlange is born in Mariposa, CA. Read more.... schlange
5/11/1979 Lester Flatt, Earl Scruggs' band partner from 1948-1969, dies at 64 years of age. Read more.... schlange
3/30/1980 Ryan Cavanaugh is born. schlange
2/1/1981 Roscoe Holcom, suffering from asthma and emphysema as a result of working in coal mines, dies at the age of 68. Read more.... schlange
2/27/1981 Noam Pikelny born in Chicago, Illinois. Read more.... schlange
10/16/1984 Don Reno dies and is buried in Spring Hill Cemetery, Lynchburg, Virginia. schlange
2/11/1985 Rudy Lyle dies. Read more.... schlange
4/29/1990 Snuffy Jenkins dies in Columbia, South Carolina. Read more.... schlange
9/26/1991 Earl Scruggs in an inaugural inductee into the International Bluegrass Music Hall of Honor along with Bill Monroe and Lester Flatt. Read more.... schlange
2/19/1998 Grandpa Jones dies in Nashville, Tennessee. schlange
12/25/1999 Monica Schlange, wife of Eric Schlange, gives him his first banjo for Christmas. The low-end convertible "Tempo" was originally her father's. This gift led to the launch of the Banjo Hangout two weeks later. schlange
1/6/2000 Eric Schlange launches the website from his college dorm room in Peoria, IL. schlange
12/22/2000 The film "O Brother, Where Art Thou?" is released, opening up old-time music to a new audience of fans. It features Ralph Stanley's singing and a band called "The Soggy Bottom" boys in tribute to Flatt & Scruggs' "Foggy Mountain Boys." Read more.... schlange
6/4/2001 John Cowan Hartford dies in Nashville, Tennessee. Read more.... schlange
8/7/2001 Ron Block's album "Faraway Land" is released on Rounder Records. Read more.... schlange
2/27/2002 Earl Scruggs wins a second Grammy award for the 2001 recording of "Foggy Mountain Breakdown." Read more.... schlange
11/21/2002 Acutab releases "First Position Backup for Bluegrass Banjo - Power Pickin, Vol 2" instructional DVD featuring John Lawless. Read more.... schlange
2/13/2003 Earl Scruggs receives a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Read more.... schlange
2/21/2003 Earl Scruggs and Lester Flatt are ranked No. 24 on CMT's 40 Greatest Men of Country Music. schlange
3/24/2003 Acutab releases "Power Pickin' Vol. I Up the Neck Backup for Bluegrass Banjo" featuring Bill Evans. Read more.... schlange
3/27/2003 Acutab releases the "Killer Tone" banjo setup instructional DVD featuring Steve Huber. Read more.... schlange
1/6/2004 Earl Scruggs turns 80 and is still picking. At his birthday party country singer Porter Wagoner says, "Earl is to the five-string banjo what Babe Ruth was to baseball. He is the best there ever was, and the best there ever will be." Read more.... schlange
7/20/2004 Noam Pikelny's "In the Maze" album is released by Compass Records. schlange
5/18/2005 Bobby Thompson dies. Read more.... schlange
12/19/2005 Acutab releases "Jim Mills - A Winning Banjo Style" instructional DVD. Read more.... schlange
2/2/2006 Louise Scruggs, Earl's wife and manager, dies, aged 78, at Nashville's Baptist Hospital following a lengthy illness. Louise guided Earl's career for more than a half century and was the first female to become an artist booking agent in Nashville. Read more.... schlange
8/1/2006 Ricky Skaggs and Kentucky Thunder release their "Instrumentals" album which will win the group the Grammy Award for Best Bluegrass Album in 2007. Read more.... schlange
9/13/2006 Earl Scruggs is honored at Turner Field in Atlanta as part of the pre-game show for an Atlanta Braves home game. Organizers set a world record for the most banjo players (239) playing one tune together (Scruggs' "Foggy Mountain Breakdown"). Read more.... schlange
11/13/2006 Noted luthier, setup man, and banjo builder Arthur Hatfield is seriously injured in a shop fire. He will go on to recuperate and continue to build banjos. Read more.... schlange
5/12/2007 The Avett Brothers make their national television debut on Late Night with Conan O'Brien where they performed "Paranoia in B-Flat Major." Read more.... schlange
5/15/2007 The Avett Brothers release "Emotionalism" which debutes at the top of the Billboard Top Heatseekers Albums chart, No. 134 on the Billboard Top 200 and No. 13 on the Independent Artist Chart. Read more.... schlange
6/19/2007 Ron Block's album "DoorWay" is released on Rounder Records. Read more.... schlange
10/2/2007 Acutab releases "Power Pickin, Vol 3" instructional DVD featuring Bill Evans. Read more.... schlange
10/2/2007 Acutab releases "Bluegrass Banjo Master Class - Power Pickin, Vol 4" featuring Bill Evans. Read more.... schlange
11/1/2007 The Avett Brothers win the Americana Music Association Duo/Group of the Year and New/Emerging Artist of the Year awards. Read more.... schlange
2/10/2008 Earl Scruggs is awarded the Lifetime Achievement Award at the 50th Annual Grammy Awards. Read more.... schlange
3/25/2008 Ricky Skaggs & Kentucky Thunder release "Honoring the Fathers of Bluegrass - Tribute to 1946 and 1947". In 2009, the album wins the group the Grammy Award for Best Bluegrass Album. Read more.... schlange
7/22/2008 The Avett Brothers release their "The Second Gleam" EP. Read more.... schlange
9/29/2008 89-year-old singer-activist Pete Seeger, once banned from commercial TV, makes a rare national TV appearance on the Late Show with David Letterman, singing "Take It From Dr. King". Read more.... schlange
2/2/2009 Acutab releases "A Fresh Look At Bluegrass Banjo" instructional DVD featuring Ron Block. Read more.... schlange
8/7/2009 Mike Seeger dies in Lexington, Virginia. Read more.... schlange
9/29/2009 The Avett Brothers' "I and Love and You" is released, peaking at No. 16 on the Billboard 200 best selling albums, No. 8 in best selling digital albums, No. 7 in rock albums, and No. 1 in folk albums. Read more.... schlange
10/3/2009 Earl Scruggs is inducted into the North Carolina Music Hall of Fame. Read more.... schlange
10/5/2009 Mumford & Sons' debut album "Sigh No More" is released. Read more.... schlange
1/31/2010 Steve Martin's "The Crow" album wins a Grammy Award for Best Bluegrass Album at the 52nd Grammy Awards. This was Martin's first album featuring him as a musician. Read more.... schlange
2/17/2010 In their first performance on US network television, Mumford & Sons plays "Little Lion Man" on CBS's Late Show with David Letterman. Read more.... schlange
5/18/2010 Acutab releases "Ron Stewart: a Bluegrass Banjo Professional" instructional DVD. Read more.... schlange
8/31/2010 Acutab releases "Bluegrass Jamming Essentials" instructional DVD. Read more.... schlange
11/4/2010 Noam Pikelny wins the Steve Martin Prize for Excellence in Banjo and Bluegrass. Read more.... schlange
2/13/2011 Mumford & Sons performs their single "The Cave" at the Grammy ceremony. Read more.... schlange
2/13/2011 The Avett Brothers appear at the 53rd Grammy Awards, playing "Head Full of Doubt/Road Full of Promise" before joining Mumford and Sons and Bob Dylan for a performance of "Maggie's Farm." Read more.... schlange
2/15/2011 Acutab releases "Sammy Shelor: A Demonstration & Analysis of an Award-Winning Style" instructional DVD. Read more.... schlange
5/22/2011 Mumford & Sons wins Top Rock Album, Top Alternative Album, and Top Alternative Artist at the 2011 Billboard Music Awards. They were also nominated for four other awards. Read more.... schlange
10/25/2011 Noam Pikelny's "Beat the Devil and Carry A Rail" is released by Compass Records. Read more.... schlange
11/3/2011 Sammy Shelor wins the Steve Martin Prize for Excellence in Banjo and Bluegrass. Read more.... schlange
3/28/2012 The great Earl Scruggs dies from natural causes in a Nashville hospital. His funeral is held at the Ryman Auditorium and he is buried at Spring Hill Cemetery in a private service. Read more.... schlange
4/1/2012 Earl Scruggs' funeral is held at the Ryman Auditorium, former home of the Grand Ole Opry in Nashville, Tennessee, at 2pm. Read more.... schlange
5/16/2012 Doug Dillard dies. schlange
9/11/2012 The Avett Brothers release their sixth album "The Carpenter" which debutes at number 4 on the Billboard Top 200. Read more.... schlange
9/24/2012 Mark Johnson wins the Steve Martin Prize for Excellence in Banjo and Bluegrass. Read more.... schlange
9/24/2012 Mumford & Sons releases their second full-length album, "Babel". It debutes at number one on the UK Albums Chart and the US Billboard 200 and becomes the fastest-selling album of 2012 in the UK, selling over 158,000 copies in its first week. It is also the biggest selling debut of any album in 2012 in the US, selling 600,000 in its first week, and over a million worldwide. Read more.... schlange
2/10/2013 Mumford & Sons' album "Babel" wins a Grammy for "Album of the Year". They also win "Best Long Form Music Video" for "Big Easy Express". Read more.... schlange
4/23/2013 Rounder Records releases the "Love Has Come For You" album from Steve Martin and Edie Brickell. Read more.... schlange
5/19/2013 Abigail Washburn (wife of Bela Fleck) gives birth in Nashville to their baby, a boy named Juno Fleck. He is destined for banjo greatness. Read more.... schlange
7/16/2013 Jonas Friddle & The Majority release "Use Your Voice." Read more.... schlange
8/6/2013 Classic Banjo from Smithsonian Folkways is released. The album is compiled by ethnomusicologist Greg Adams and archivist Jeff Place from over 300 albums in the Smithsonian Folkways collection. schlange
8/20/2013 Ricky Skaggs & Bruce Hornsby's live album "Cluck Ol' Hen" released. The recording includes the fine banjo playing of Kentucky Thunder banjoist Jim Mills. Read more.... schlange
8/27/2013 Rebel Records releases Chris Jones & The Night Drivers "Lonely Comes Easy" featuring the fine picking of Ned Luberecki. Read more.... schlange
9/6/2013 Jens Kruger is named as the 2013 recipient of the Steve Martin Prize for Excellence in Banjo and Bluegrass Music. Read more.... schlange
9/10/2013 Steep Canyon Rangers release "Tell the Ones I Love," the follow-up to 2012’s Grammy-winning "Nobody Knows You." Read more.... schlange
9/24/2013 Alan Jackson releases "The Bluegrass Album." Read more.... schlange
10/1/2013 Noam Pikelny's album "Noam Pikelny Plays Kenny Baker Players Bill Monroe" is released on Compass Records. schlange
1/27/2014 Pete Seeger dies of natural causes. Read more.... schlange
10/23/2015 Bill Keith passes away following a battle with cancer. He was elected just weeks before to the International Bluegrass Music Hall of Fame. schlange
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1/1/1687 c1687 Hans Sloane observes "banza" being played in Haiti. Read more....
1/1/1830 Joel Walker Sweeney (1810 – October 29, 1860) claimed to have learned to play the banjo from local African-Americans and is the earliest documented white banjo player Read more....
1/1/1840 The banjo is introduced to Britain by Joel Walker Sweeney's (1810 – October 29, 1860), group, the American Virginia Minstrels, in the 1840s, and became very popular in music halls. Read more....
1/1/1855 Briggs' Banjo Instructor by Thomas F. Briggs, the first complete banjo method, is published in 1855 by Oliver Ditson of Boston. Read more....
1/1/1855 Samuel Swain (SS) Stewart was born in Philadelphia sometime in 1855. He died in 1898. Read more....
5/14/1878 Henry C. Dobson received a patent for the Silver Bell tone ring. Reference?
10/12/1893 First recordings by Less Ossman (August 21, 1868 – December 7, 1923) a leading 5-string banjoist and popular recording artist of the early 20th century. Read more....
11/7/1910 Freddy Morgan, tenor virtuoso and comedian with Spike Jones' band, born
7/1/1956 The Beatles John Lennon forms first group The Quarrymen with Rod Davis on banjo, who is still in the band today. Read more....
2/25/1964 Doctor Leonard Duncan Albert "Doc" Hussey OBE. English meteorologist, archeologist, explorer and banjo player on Sir Ernest Shackleton's Imperial Trans-Antarctic Expedition dies. Read more....
12/21/1970 Freddy Morgan dies
1/1/1972 Will the Circle Be Unbroken album is released, introducing many folk and rock fans to bluegrass and country greats such as Doc Watson, Earl Scruggs, and Vassar Clements. Indeed, many hear a banjo for the first time. Release Date is approximate. It is listed as 1972.
1/1/1985 Flat and Scruggs inducted together into the Country Music Hall of Fame. Need to get date.
1/6/1997 Carl Hunt dies in Charlotte, NC at 56

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