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tbbanjo - Posted - 11/03/2011:  06:57:44

I recently picked up a Dobson style banjo from Bernunzios that has a name plate - "made by David Large". I have been trying to find out some info on Mr. Large as this is one great banjo. But there doesn't seem to be anything out there.... Is anyone familiar with his instruments or even where he is located.

Thanks for your help...

beegee - Posted - 11/03/2011:  07:33:55

he's a member here:

tbbanjo - Posted - 11/03/2011:  08:43:47

Thank you - I will contact David thru your link

GSCarson - Posted - 11/03/2011:  08:45:47

Dave is located in Ironton, Ohio.  He's a great guy and musician, and has one of the funniest senses of humor at times of anyone I've met.  Really enjoy spending time and  playing music with him, and always spend as much time as possible at Clifftop with him as I can each year.   Dave hasn't been building many banjos in the past two years or so, but he is a terrific craftsman and woodworker. His uncle (Bill) was a very well known builder of muzzle loaders and barrels that some of you might be familiar with.   Dave is also known for building some neat six string banjos for Kentucky player Jimmy McCown in particular.  He has also constructed a number of openbacks with persimmon  tone sections grown on his farm and may have been the first to do so.   I've done a number of barters with him and have built several banjos that he roughed out the block rim and neck for that turned out great including an openback that my son plays.  Enjoy your Large banjar!  Glenn C.


Castania - Posted - 11/03/2011:  13:50:50

Don't own a Dave Large banjo, but know him well.  As Glen says, he's a great fellow and always enjoyable to be around.

His banjos are well built.  The one's I've played have thick necks and tall bridges, and they feel quite sturdy.  I think he also has dabbled in guitar making.



Clawdan - Posted - 11/09/2011:  06:01:59

As Glenn said. Dave is a great guy and wonderful builder. He has never built many instruments but they are solid and well made. Had several great sessions at his place with Jimmy M when I have been at my eastern place.

Play Nice on that Large banjo!


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