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 ARCHIVED TOPIC: Forever And A Day (Kruger Brothers) Lyrics & Chords

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nuka - Posted - 08/11/2011:  13:11:22

Hi folks,

Heres my take on the lyrics and chords for this wonderful song.... I wanted to post it in a previous topic about this song but it was unfortunately locked...

Capo on 3rd fret (Bb) then play in G chord with the guitar...

Please see the attachment...
(lyrics highlighted in yellow are sung as harmonies & all chords are also highlighted in yellow)

I set this up so all you have to do is print it out then if you like cut the A4 right through the middle to have then two A5 sheets for adding to a small songbook...

Edited by - nuka on 08/11/2011 13:16:09

Kruger Brothers - Forever & A Day Lyrics/Chords


chickenpickin - Posted - 08/11/2011:  13:39:23

Thanks, Nuka! Haven't heard from you in a while.  I love this song. Though the song refers to a mother being away, I listened to it almost everyday while my youngest Son was fighting in Afghanistan.

I learned it the hard way by watching and listening to the video over and over again. I tune the banjo to Bb. I'd like to figure out some back up for it though.



nuka - Posted - 08/11/2011:  13:49:13


I know what you mean...I also learned it the hard way...just watched the youtube video of it very many times with headphones on and listening very close...

chickenpickin - Posted - 08/11/2011:  14:17:47

I've still got your hand written tab for Whoa Mule......and still haven't learned that one.....I finally just made up my own


nuka - Posted - 08/11/2011:  15:38:16

Yeah Chickenpicken, sometimes thats just the best way to go... just use the tune you want to learn as a reference then play it  your own way...

BigRed_Gibson_Fan - Posted - 08/11/2011:  15:40:31

Now that is one great song and ya can't beat Jens Kruger's arrangement on this one.

nuka - Posted - 08/12/2011:  03:05:29

BigRed_Gibson_Fan I agree completely

dpetervan - Posted - 08/12/2011:  10:24:17

Here is a Tabledit version you might enjoy!


Peter Van



dpetervan - Posted - 08/12/2011:  20:05:32

I just corrected the tab is better now.

dpetervan - Posted - 08/13/2011:  03:25:29

This is the corrected link to the corrected tab.....


Peter Van

piscesgrrl - Posted - 08/13/2011:  03:49:39

Thank you for this in PDF form. I can't open any Tabledit documents. As soon as my boyfriend wakes up I'm going to go play!

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