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 ARCHIVED TOPIC: George Washburn 5-String Banjo

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HendersonvilleGuitarRepair - Posted - 12/19/2010:  14:47:27

I run a gutiar repair shop and I must admit that my knowledge of vintage banjos is lacking. I came across this and thought it was well-built, so I bought it. Neither the seller nor myself could identify it. I, after removing the head, found "George Washburn" and "2212" branded inside.

Do any of you banjo gurus know what year or model this might be? Any idea as to value? Thanks!

Slingerland - Posted - 12/19/2010:  17:38:35

Nice looking banjo. The resonator is not original. Washburn was Lyon & Healy's upper end line. Ebay value as is, I'd say about $200 and maybe higher.

Edited by - Slingerland on 12/19/2010 17:39:26

blm10jn - Posted - 12/19/2010:  17:48:22

too effed up, missing much to many original brackets. to many mismatched parts. Cheap Champions used to replace the original molded celluloid friction pegs. Any collector with knowledge would stay away from it

Slingerland - Posted - 12/19/2010:  18:46:47

The hooks/nuts are relatively cheap to find vintage replacements for. Generally speaking, this really isn't a "collector's instrument" to begin with. I think you'd have an easy time getting $200 for it here on BHO or on eBay.

Edited by - Slingerland on 12/19/2010 18:47:06

dculgan - Posted - 12/21/2010:  04:50:39

To me, it looks like someone maybe added the mismatched hardware (every other shoe, hook, and nut). My George Washburn has 16 sets, this one has 32. I wonder if this is even the original pot as I thought these models were all spun-over german silver construction. One thing I like about these old Washburns is the thick slab of ebony used for the fingerboard. Since all my other banjos are gut or nylon, I keep this one with steel strings. D. Culgan

ktbown - Posted - 12/21/2010:  05:10:44

I had an old washburn with the spunover rim many years ago... thick fret board ... really nice tone ... should have kept that one..

Slingerland - Posted - 01/09/2011:  15:25:06

I guess I was right.

It is fun to see your thoughts being played out.

blm10jn - Posted - 01/09/2011:  15:42:37

1895-1910 but it is missing many original parts and seriously devalued. $200 would be a generous price.

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