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 ARCHIVED TOPIC: Learn Praise and Gospel Banjo - and a little more

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ButchBost - Posted - 08/26/2010:  18:13:48

My blog has free videos and tablature to help you learn praise banjo, gospel banjo, bluegrass banjo, and praise guitar. I don't actually teach, except on a couple videos about music theory. I mostly just play the songs slowly with a close-up of my left hand so that you can learn by watching.

Butch Bost

Banjophobic - Posted - 08/26/2010:  20:25:27

Thanks for sharing Butch. Its always worth it to give back-

Norwegianplayer - Posted - 08/27/2010:  09:21:08

Nice web site! Thank's. You sing and play well. Keep up your good work!

kboone - Posted - 08/27/2010:  12:12:56

Thanks so much for posting that. I'm gonna try to figure a few of those out. I really like how you did There is a Fountain. That was really awesome. Its a great song too!
Thanks again!

Edited by - kboone on 08/27/2010 12:13:54

Banjo Tater - Posted - 08/28/2010:  07:14:50

Ive been messing around with an arrangment of Come Thou Fount in open G. It sounds pretty good. I was wondering if you ever thought of doing that one for a video. you make awesome videos. thanks.
Always picking,

ButchBost - Posted - 08/28/2010:  14:06:21

I don't know if you noticed, but I have Come Thou Fount on the guitar page of my blog, playing it the new arrangement by Sufjan Stevens. Is that the version that you want to learn, or are you just looking for the traditional hymn? The melody line is the same for both versions, but the chords are slightly different. Sufjan's version (if you are playing in G) will start each block with a C, while the traditional version of course goes straight to the G.

ButchBost - Posted - 08/29/2010:  12:54:18

I just made some more free instructional videos to upload to my blog at . They are Red Haired Boy (Melodic style), Foggy Mountain Breakdown, Will the Circle Be Unbroken, Blackberry Blossom (Melodic Style), Ballad of Jed Clampett, Cripple Creek, and Cripple Creek - Melodic break. The process to get them off of my camera and into the computer and then to my blog will take me a while, but hopefully they will be there sometime this evening.

Butch Bost

ButchBost - Posted - 08/29/2010:  19:55:45

The new free instructional videos mentioned above are now at (except for Foggy Mountain Breakdown is STILL uploading).
Enjoy! Butch Bost

ButchBost - Posted - 08/31/2010:  14:04:05

The free instructional video for Foggy Mountain Breakdown finally did finish uploading not too long after I entered the above posting on this topic.

Enjoy! Butch Bost

ButchBost - Posted - 09/03/2010:  07:51:33

I have uploaded quite a few more videos to my blog the past few days.

Butch Bost

tombrien - Posted - 09/03/2010:  08:24:29

God bless you my friend , Tom

ButchBost - Posted - 09/04/2010:  04:29:14

My blog at also has some videos with simple explanations of how to find chords on the neck of the banjo. These are on the page called "Some basic music theory." I added 2 more videos to that page this morning.

Butch Bost

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