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childerj - Posted - 04/23/2010:  12:07:22

Does anyone know where I can get a TablEdit file for the Martha White Theme? I love the version here:

but the links to the tabs don't work.


5stringpicker2 - Posted - 04/23/2010:  13:32:18

Sorry, Can't help just yep. Will keep looking for tab. I like that version too.

(I )===='---<::)

jbaker7 - Posted - 04/23/2010:  14:10:58

Hi There,
My server is down for a while. I'm working on getting it up again...The internet is getting too jammed up these days I guess. I am putting a lot of my tabs in the BHO archives although I've never really fooled with Martha's really pretty easy though...I'll get to it soon...Jack Baker NYC

tombriarhopper - Posted - 04/23/2010:  16:10:44

I wish I could tell you, but I play it by ear. Good luck in your search.

benjo75 - Posted - 04/23/2010:  19:12:28

The Martha White Theme Song is in the book [Earl Scruggs and the Five String Banjo] by Earl Scruggs. It is on page 89. It is the same version he played on the Carnegie Hall cd. It is the first half, then the Fiddle takes over.

Pjotor - Posted - 04/24/2010:  01:01:47

Check your local libraries, they may have the Scruggs book. If not, buy it yourself, it's worth every penny (or in your case, every cent).

banjotom2 - Posted - 04/24/2010:  06:47:15

Uploaded to the BHO tab archive...

For many years, I knew 'of' this tune, but had never heard it or couldn't recall it.

I had a few students in the early days that wanted to learn it, but I couldn't help them much...even with tab. It's soooo much easier when you can HEAR the tune...


I listened to a YouTube'd version of Scruggs's great tune as done by Rhonda Vincent and group (without a banjo in it)... I imitated her melody as good as I could on my banjo here at the house and worked out my arrangement from that...

This is not in any way a copy of what is in Earl's black book... I lent my last Earl Scruggs book out 2 years ago...and the critter what bar-ried it, 'ain't brung it back!' (I'm a talkin' to YOU, Ms. Terry Gilmore! (toungue-in-cheek, with a smile))

Enjoy the arrangement.


Edited by - banjotom2 on 04/24/2010 07:22:32

banjotom2 - Posted - 04/24/2010:  07:21:17

Does anyone know who actually wrote the tune?

I listed it on my arrangement as an Earl Scruggs tune...but I don't know who wrote the lyrics...

jbaker7 - Posted - 04/24/2010:  11:55:47

Look in BHO archives, I just put it in the archives . My server is down for's under Martha White Theme...Jack Baker NYC

Edited by - jbaker7 on 04/24/2010 11:57:30

jbaker7 - Posted - 04/24/2010:  11:56:35

Originally posted by jbaker7

Look in BHO archives, I just put it in the archives. My server is down for's under Martha White Theme...Jack Baker NYC

childerj - Posted - 05/10/2010:  18:22:50

Thanks Jack, I did get the tablature and can't wait to start learning it.

Edited by - childerj on 05/10/2010 18:23:37

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