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 ARCHIVED TOPIC: Tab request: Old Spinning Wheel in Clawhammer

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vega long neck - Posted - 12/27/2009:  07:01:33

Greetings , I'm looking for "The Old Spinning Wheel" in either C or double C. I've cruised through about 8 different books I have available and haven't found it. I did find a BG version in the BHO Tab file but no CH.


chip arnold - Posted - 12/27/2009:  08:12:12

I have a 2-finger tab for OSW which I'll send you if you want it. All but a couple of measures can be played clawhammer style and you can adapt those easily. If you want it, you'll have to send me your email as I can't send an attachment through the Hangout email.

vega long neck - Posted - 12/27/2009:  09:01:53

Thanks Chip. I'm The offer still stands to visit our neck of the woods too!

chip arnold - Posted - 12/27/2009:  09:26:45

Check your mail :-)

janolov - Posted - 12/27/2009:  11:58:17

I have a clawhammer version of Old Spinning Wheel in my computer. It is made by Hugh Strawn, one of the OT columnist in Banjo Newsletter, and I don't remember how or where I got it. If Eric's new BHO technology is working, the tab is attached to this post, I hope.

Old Spinning Wheel


chip arnold - Posted - 12/27/2009:  12:34:50

Hugh Strawn used to post here but I haven't seen him around in a while. His tab which janolov posted is probably a lot better than mine for initially learning the tune as it's pretty much just the bare bones melody with bum-ditties. My tab is an "arrangement" and could be coufusing to someone not already familiar with the tune. Actually, OSW is a song and has great words.

jamesd - Posted - 12/27/2009:  13:27:39

I love this tune, but did not know there were words for it. Can anyone direct me to the words? The clawhammer tab was in the Banjo newsletter a few months ago.
Thank, James

Kitt - Posted - 12/27/2009:  13:42:42

Here's Hugh Strawn's mp3 of Old Spinning Wheel. It's on the Banjo Newsletter website.

Kitt - Posted - 12/27/2009:  13:57:19

According to this Banjo Newsletter link, Hugh Strawn's tablature of Old Spinning Wheel is in the May 2007 issue. That issue, and most others, can be ordered from Banjo Newsletter.

chip arnold - Posted - 12/27/2009:  14:03:22

Lyrics here:

jamesd - Posted - 12/27/2009:  14:38:25

Thanks Chip, that made my day.

chip arnold - Posted - 12/27/2009:  14:55:00

:-) In the singing I've heard, "soft and low" is rendered "Old Black Joe" which I think is the origional.

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