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 ARCHIVED TOPIC: tackhead banjo

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clendarrow - Posted - 09/29/2009:  07:14:05

any suggestions out there for a good begginers book for playing a tackhead?
i just ordered a prust with flush frets and position markers real sweet, should
get it on friday. thanks all

tramp - Posted - 09/29/2009:  07:55:00

Nice one on getting the prust.Have you checked out old cremona on this site ?he`s a God !!

trapdoor2 - Posted - 09/29/2009:  08:00:43

Welcome to the hangout, Chris!

If you want to learn the "original style" for a tackhead, Bob Flesher's books are pretty much where its at. Go here: and get the "Learning Minstrel Banjo" book. Also, come visit us at the Minstrel Banjo Forum on ning.

If you want basic Clawhammer instruction, there are a slew of other books as well as a bunch of online guides to get you there. Probably the best thing to do is find a local teacher though...very hard to beat personal instruction, esp. at the very beginning.

Many ways to skin that cat...gonna be confusing at first! Personally, unless you are doing the tackhead thing for historical reenactment (or simply because you love the tunes of the period), I would suggest starting with beginning Clawhammer instruction.


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Voyageur - Posted - 09/29/2009:  17:02:14

Congrats on the Prust. It's a sweet banjo. I don't do any minstrel style, just regular clawhammer, although I did put Nylgut Minstrel strings on so I could tune it lower. Love that deep growly sound! Have fun, and welcome to the BHO!


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LEUllman - Posted - 09/29/2009:  18:02:41

+1 on Flesher's "Minstrel Stroke Style" book. Pure musical fun on a Prust tackhead with minstrel-weight nylguts tuned low. In fact, I'm playing exactly that right now.

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clendarrow - Posted - 09/30/2009:  08:15:58

thanks yall, good tips and gives me a good place to start, sure do look forward to that first pick!!!

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