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 ARCHIVED TOPIC: Folding Banjos for travel

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Greenmeat - Posted - 08/30/2009:  12:27:40

Tony, there have been many patents taken out for banjos that fold in one way or another. Vinnie Mondello has a Parker Packer made by Alf Parker who is no longer with us, but he use to own an apartment store in southern England and he made these on the top floor of his store. I'll try to explain mine and then I'll try to answer any questions. I'm sure many others on the Hangout also know of folding banjos? Eddy

Greenmeat - Posted - 08/30/2009:  12:29:14

The banjos in the "Wild Man Blues" film and the older videos are one of two Omes that Fold for traveling. They work on a tongue and groove principal that I developed and a friend of mine built for me. The head stocks were cut in half by Bob Woodmansee. The reason was so they would fit into a 17" brief case. They work great. They look like they are short necks, but they are full 19 frets. (By the way I would sell them) since I'm getting older and don't play them now that I've gotten Tanya and Chuck to make me two custom 17 fret necks on which I put 12" rims with NO tone rings. I love them and the tone is full and loud. One of them I converted into a fold up for traveling. This time I designed a hinge where the neck and the body come together. I use only the bottom lag bolt with a thumb screw. Carlo Greco did the work for me. I had him cut the rim from the outside into the hole for the bottom lag screw making a slot that the lag bolt goes in and out of so that the neck just folds on the hinge and the neck swings up over the head. I had Chuck put no-knot tailpieces on both of them which allows for everything to be loose and the lows and highs just flow out. Now on the fold up one I took off the tailpiece and just drilled 4 small holes in the rim where the strings slide thru. This way I put a capo on the strings up at the nut before I fold the neck and the strings just stay flopped loose on the head. I had Colorado Case Company make me a small little bag and the thing has gotten the name "The Turtle" because of it's looks. Eddy

NYCJazz - Posted - 09/02/2009:  07:14:54

Vinnie Mondello has one listed on eBay right now:


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diarmaid - Posted - 09/02/2009:  09:02:06

thats cool Nathan! Tommy Cussen makes something similar

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