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kmrbanjo - Posted - 08/24/2008:  08:43:56

Hi. Can anyone provide any insight into a Conrad 4-string banjo? Is it a quality instrument?

beegee - Posted - 08/24/2008:  11:36:04

Conrad banjos are entry-level to intermediate quality, Asian imports from the 70's-early 80's.

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banjonz - Posted - 08/24/2008:  12:29:43

Beegee is right. Asian entry level import 70's - 80's period.

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RacingStude - Posted - 08/24/2008:  17:13:57

Originally posted by kmrbanjo

Hi. Can anyone provide any insight into a Conrad 4-string banjo? Is it a quality instrument?

The Conrad may be a vintage Asian import, but do NOT let that discourage ya kmrbanjo. I'm sorry for the less than enthusiastic welcome. It isn't the norm here....

Welcome to the BHO! I checked the Asian banjo list here and the Conrad wasn't on it.

However, as you probably don't know, there were some REAL nice banjos from Asia back then, usually by just a few makers. We would really need more information and/or pictures with the resonator off to be of more help.

No matter WHAT banjo you have or are coonsidering, you WILL find plenty of great people and lots of help here. The BHO is just like any place, sometimes it takes a bit of time to meet the right people. It's WELL worth your time to try on the BHO!!!

Once again, Welcome to the BHO!!! Lookin' forward to seeing/hearing more about that Conrad.


Mumble Peg - Posted - 08/24/2008:  17:25:11

Go back to the Asian banjo list and click on Entry Level. It is listed but no info.

banjonz - Posted - 08/24/2008:  17:25:34

Sonny is right. We were a little remiss not to welcome you here. I normally do express a welcome to new folks. Guess I missed it. Apologies!! There is nothing wrong with Asian banjos if they are playable. Some folks make disparaging comments about them, but without Asian instruments, many of us may not have started learning. It is all to do with affordability.

New Zealand

I pick; therefore I is!

kmrbanjo - Posted - 08/25/2008:  08:43:41

Thank you all for the warm welcome.

Have played guitar all my life but have always wanted a banjo. My wife and kids love the sound of one.

The banjo is currently for sale at a local thrift shop and I am sure they will part with it for under $75. Since it will be my first banjo $75 sounds just about right plus the funds go to support local charities.

Thanks again for all of the replies.

1four5 - Posted - 08/25/2008:  12:10:13

I just spied a conrad at Goodwill

If it's anything like this one, yes it's a cheapo, but could be made to play ok. If you are not mechanically inclined or pay other people to work on stuff... I wouldn't touch it. If you like tweeking things, offer them $25, and maybe they'll meet ya at $50.


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